Pace Edwards Jackrabbit Problems (Common Causes And Fixes)

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The Pace Edwards jackrabbit retractable tonneau cover is simple to install and does an excellent job of keeping cargo dry in bed. But, you may experience some pace Edwards jackrabbit problems, especially due to a lack of awareness. 

That’s why we have listed some of the most common Pace Edwards jackrabbit problems to inform you and encourage appropriate installation and operation.

Pace Edwards Jackrabbit Tonneau Cover

Pace Edwards is one of the leading brands in the retracting tonneau cover industry, with tough quality and high-end service. This jackrabbit tonneau cover is sleek, strong, and remains securely with the truck bed. 

Pace Edwards Jackrabbit Problems

According to its users, the pace Edwards retracting tonneau cover is easy to drop into pickup beds in no time and they enjoy its reliable weather sealing.

This tonneau cover is made of thick aluminum panels with a powder-coated finish and is weather-sealed to offer watertight protection. 

The truck bed cover also offers a low profile look, while its latch-n-Lock Handle System and continuous tension spring ensure smooth and secure operation.

Still, some customers get a bad experience with this tonneau cover. You should be aware of this before going out shopping.

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Pace Edwards Jackrabbit Problems

Following a few errors side of Pace Edwards Jackrabbit tonneau cover is listed based on the experience of the real users.

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Poor functionally

According to the report of a customer, the rube of this tonneau cover gets mushed in the vehicle continuously. Therefore, the tonneau cover doesn’t slide smoothly. And he feels it is a painful situation to handle frequently.

This can happen due to inaccurate rail installation. To fix it, open the rail box towards the length of the box after purchasing it. Pull the rails out to prevent scratching the surface of the rail on the package staples. If you notice protective paper underneath the rails, remove it.

Then slide the rails through the attached blanket guide found on the canister to install the rails. Then thread the blanket through the rails and slide it into the rail grips inside of the canister.

After that, slide the rails towards the truck cab to engage both of the rail grips. Finally, install the hardware, including the lock washer, and bolt to secure the rails.

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The canister cover doesn’t fit properly

Pace Edwards Jackrabbit tonneau cover has a strong reputation as it fits perfectly and ensures optimum protection.

Still, some customers complain that they need to adjust the rail frame to fit this canister cover. The shims that came with the tonneau cover are worthless and they need to make their own. 

According to their experience, there is a need to shim out the rails at the canister over ¾ inches per side. They had to use a bar clamp to keep the canister sides close enough to catch the wings of the cover.

The most potential reason for this hassle is getting an inappropriate tonneau for the make and model of the truck. 

To avoid this difficulty, double-check the compatibility before hitting the buy now button and ask for a change if you get the wrong product. The customer service of Pace Edward is also fast and reliable.

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Flaps around on the highway

This tonneau cover can flap around near the tailgate while driving at full speed on the highway. To solve this problem, re-attach the top cover and Velcro using a 4″ Velcro strip and 2 black top cover screws.

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Water leakage

Like other typical tonneau covers, this item can also leak some water. Even though it has a water train tube, the tonneau leaks where the cover meets the tailgate. So you have to be careful using this tonneau during rain. 

Apart from that, you can check whether the washer is in place on the tube end where it was inserted into the canister.

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Final words

This PACE Edwards Jackrabbit tonneau cover is easy to install, though it takes a bit of time. It has sturdy construction and plenty of safety features to guard the bed and loads from nature and bad hands. 

Still, you may face some pace Edwards jackrabbit problems due to incorrect installation or rough use without maintenance. So take your time and read the brief instructions that come with the tonneau cover to avoid these hassles.

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