UnderCover Armor Flex Problems (Main Causes & Fixes)

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Do you want to be aware of undercover armor flex tonneau cover problems before investing in it? Consider the negative and positive. It is a good idea to make the purchase worthwhile.

But finding the actual undercover armor flex problems isn’t as simple as checking the positives advertised by the manufacturer. 

You can be aware of the original experiences by talking with the real users or checking their verified feedback on different online platforms.

Luckily, you can shorten your time, effort, and awareness of the real experiences of the users simply by reading the guide that we prepared after extensive research. 

UnderCover ArmorFlex Hard Folding Tonneau Cover

UnderCover ArmorFlex Problems 

This ArmorFlex Hard Folding Tonneau Cover is an upgraded item from the UnderCover brand to deliver premium protection while improving style and retaining durability.

Whether you live in a desert state like Arizona or California, or in a rainy state like Hawaii, you can use this tonneau anywhere in the United States at any time. 

This truck bed cover will protect your load and truck bed from dents, dings, or other extreme weather elements, thanks to its matte-finished aluminum panels and patented LINE-X coating.

You can also lock each of the panels in three places to get the required bed access and release them from either side without lifting the cover first. 

An attractive feature includes universal tailgate protection. It means you can close the tailgate with the last panel up or down.

It is available in three different colors, three different sizes, and is compatible with a wide range of models, making it a highly versatile tonneau cover in the hard folding class.

Undercover Armor Flex Ultra Flex & Flex Tonneau Cover Reviews

UnderCover ArmorFlex Problems 

Rails drop down

The aluminum panels of this UnderCover ArmorFlex are highly convenient to secure in place to get access to the complete bed or desired portions.

All it needs is to pull the cable latch under every section of the cover to release it from the rails. 

But sometimes the rails can drop down into the middle of the truck and prevent it from latching. It can happen due to frequent use of the tonneau cover or loosened clamps.

To fix this issue, loosen the clamps and move the bed rails to a flat position. Check whether the clamps remain aligned and then tighten the clamps gently.

Make sure the back of the clamp remains high so it can go on the truck rail and hold it up while tightening.

Gator EFX Hard Fold Tonneau Cover Reviews

Installation problems

This undercover armor flex tonneau cover comes with easy-to-read instructions and is very simple to install by one person. Still, some owners mess up and start struggling.

One of these armor flex customers reports that it’s hard to fit the cover between the rails. He tried to fit the individual sections by twisting the rails, but was unsuccessful.

This can happen if you don’t read the instructions thoroughly before starting the installation. The problem can occur if you swap the side rails to the wrong side or mount them incorrectly.

When it comes to attaching the side mounting rails, you should first check the specific notes regarding the make and model of your vehicle. Then follow the instructions in the guide and you will get the tonneau super-fit without any hassle.

Roll N Lock Bed Cover Problems And Solutions

Improvement need in undercover armor flex

Poor functioning prop rod

It’s a bit difficult to remove the prop rod on one side, and it can come off if you become unaware. So you should take the time to remove the prop rod. If it comes off, you can have a tough time attaching it to the ball stud. 

You cannot reuse the screws as the hole may strip out. In this case, some fatter screws and glue can come in handy to hold the rod in place.

Undercover Ultra Flex Tonneau Cover Vs Undercover Armorflex

Unclear instruction

The instructions that come with this truck bed cover are to make the process longer instead of shorter. The instruction only includes some little pieces and images.

It doesn’t mention the tools list needed for the installation and doesn’t have an instructional video for certain models.

How To Fix Tonneau Cover Latch? 3 Simple And Easy Steps

Final words

Undercover armor flex is an awesome tonneau cover that is easy to install, operate and remove. It also guards against any weather elements, especially water and bad hands.

Still, it’s not all-around perfect, and it’s worth checking some undercover armor flex problems. But it’s the latest model from the brand, so you can’t say much about the experience of this tonneau.

We have listed some errors side and weak points of this tonneau to be aware of and make a wise decision.

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