Undercover Ultra Flex Tonneau Cover Vs Undercover Armorflex

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UnderCover is a world-class tonneau cover and vehicle accessories brand. The UnderCover Ultra Flex and ArmorFlex are two of the best-selling truck bed cover from the brand.

But the problem arises when a truck owner needs to choose between them. In this case, a debate between UnderCover Ultra Flex tonneau cover vs UnderCover ArmorFlex helps the truck owner to invest in the right one. 

That’s why we prepare this guide with some quick differences and broad comparisons among the features of these bed covers to help you out. 

Undercover Ultra Flex Tonneau Cover Vs Undercover Armorflex

The main difference between Undercover Ultra Flex and Armor Flex is that Armor Flex is thicker and more durable than Undercover Ultra Flex. Also, Armor Flex has a better resistance to wear and tear.

Undercover Ultra Flex Vs Armor Flex

Though both Ultra Flex and ArmorFlex come from the same brand and seem the same at first glance, they have plenty of differences. Before discussing them deeply, let’s take a quick look at their dissimilarities in different aspects:

NameUnderCover Ultra FlexUnderCover ArmorFlex
ExteriorBlackLINE-X Coated
Dimension 28 x 68 x 8 inches82 x 8 x 32 inches
Construction Made of aluminum panels and a matte-black finishMatte-finished aluminum panels
Weight‎70.1 pounds‎59.9 pounds
CapacityAround 400 Lbs of Evenly Distributed Weight onAround 300 Lbs of Evenly Distributed Weight on
Warranty5 Years5 Years
Installation Extremely easy.
Require one person.
Takes around 20 minutes.
Don’t need drilling.
Straight forward.
Require around 17 minutes.
No drill installation.
Design Folds into an upright position.
Has mounted flush to make the bed cover watertight.
Integrated luminous rail light automatic latches lock.
Dual-action tailgate shallow-profile design.
Automatic latching system locks.
Dual-action tailgate seal.
Folds into an upright position.
Low-profile design.
Automatic latching panel.
ResistanceCorrosion and dent resistantDent and scratch-resistant
PriceSlightly lower than UnderCover ArmorFlex (Check Latest Price)A bit higher than UnderCover Ultra Flex (Check Latest Price)

What is the difference between UnderCover Armor Flex and Ultra Flex?

Material Used

Edge: Both

When it comes to hard folding tonneau covers, aluminum is the number one option among manufacturers. This UnderCover ArmorFlex cover is also made of a super-strong matte-finished aluminum panel. 

The panel has LINE-X automotive grade coating to protect the cover from scuffs and dents in hard weather.

Conversely, the UnderCover Ultra Flex is constructed with industrial-grade aluminum panels. The panel is lightweight, durable, and has impact resistance ability.

It also comes with a powder-coated matte finish instead of the LINE-X coating and has carpeted panels. Thus, the cover offers a cool and stylish appearance.

Durability and resistance

Edge: UnderCover ArmorFlex

Durability and Resistance Of UnderCover Armor Flex and Ultra Flex

Ultra Flex is UV-protected and has UV resistance. Thus, the tonneau cover can withstand the damaging effects of UV rays and keep its color for a long time. 

Unlike other tonneau covers, the aluminum panels of this bed cover are corrosion-resistant. But, the cover isn’t completely scratch resistant, and you may see a few scratches on it after a while. But those dents and scratches won’t damage the look. 

Conversely, its distortion-resistant property will ensure longer durability. Armor flex offers advanced protection from scratches, dents, and scuffs. The heavy-duty aluminum panel and Line-X automotive coating help the tonneau endure in extreme environments.

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Strength and weight capacity

Edge: UnderCover ArmorFlex

UnderCover Armor Flex and Ultra Flex Strength and Weight Capacity

Both the undercover tonneau covers are stronger and hold heavier weights thanks to their aluminum panels. So the tonneau covers are impact-resistant and can withstand thrashing without getting damaged. 

The UnderCover Flex and the Armor Flex can both support 300 and 400 pounds of evenly distributed weight. So you can carry anything on the top of these tonneau covers.


Edge: UnderCover Ultra Flex 

Both the tonneau cover and the bed offer a sleek and aerodynamic appearance to the truck with their low-profile designs. Low profiles are beneficial as they hardly sacrifice the factory look while improving gas mileage and reducing wind drag.

Between them, Ultra-Flex comes with an ultra-low profile and lies flusher. It also remains seamless with the truck bed rails. So Ultra Flex is preferable for an extremely low-profile design.

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Water resistance

Edge: Both

UnderCover Armor Flex and Ultra Flex Water Resistance

Honestly, no tonneau cover is 100% waterproof. But these UnderCover tonneau covers are highly water-resistant.

The Ultra Flex has rubber seals all around to prevent water and other road elements from entering the bed. Its tailgate also has a seal to ensure better protection against water.

Both tonneau covers have rail mounting systems to channel water into the drainage tubes to carry it out of the truck. Thus, the cover remains dry and you may hardly notice a few drops of rainwater during heavy rain. 

Even though the cover remains watertight during a high-pressure car wash, you won’t notice a single drop of water in the bed.

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Edge: Both

UnderCover Armor Flex and Ultra Flex Security

You can lock the UnderCover Ultra Flex with the tailgate, and it doesn’t have separate locks. Instead, the tonneau cover has deadbolt locking rails, and these interlock with each other.

This way, the Ultra Flex cover offers the most security and protects the stuff from theft. It also relieves the stress of a rusted lock since the operator doesn’t have to carry different keys for the cover and tailgate.

Conversely, the automatic latching system of the armor flex locks every panel in place securely. The dual-action tailgate seal of the cover allows the user to close the tailgate without lifting the cover. So if anyone tries to open the bed cover without ripping it, he has to open the tailgate first.

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Included accessories

Edge: UnderCover Ultra Flex

A tonneau cover doesn’t need extra accessories and can operate on its own. Still, some accessories can enhance the efficiency and the user experience of the tonneau cover. 

Even though armor flex doesn’t include any accessories, UnderCover Ultra Flex has an integrated LED rail lighting system. This feature will not only illuminate the entire truck bed but also ensure cargo accessibility in the dark.

Dual-action tailgate

Edge: Both

Both the UnderCover Ultra Flex and the armor Flex have an edge, especially when it comes to operating the tailgate. They both have dual-action tailgate seals to allow the user to open and close the tailgate while keeping the tonneau open or closed. 

This way, the undercover tonneau cover ensures improved convenience and ease of operation. As a hard folding tonneau cover, both the truck bed and the trailer bed allow you to fold in different positions and provide bed access.

Thanks to their prop rods, even the truck owner won’t experience any wind noise during riding with these tonneau covers.

Installation and removal

Edge: Both

UnderCover Armor Flex and Ultra Flex Installation and Removal

Both of the truck bed covers are straightforward to install and take only about 20 minutes. Neither of these truck beds requires drilling. But, you may need to use the drill for installing the drainage system and a 1/2″ socket wrench for installation. 

These tonneau covers aren’t too heavy, and you can handle the installation process alone. Both the bed covers have a clamp-on system, and you’ll only have to tighten them.

But, the UnderCover Ultra Flex features a quick-release system that allows you to remove the bed cover quickly without using any tools.

Warranty Policy

Edge: Both

Both ArmorFlex and UltraFlex from the UnderCover brand offer a five-year hassle-free guarantee. It means if you find any defects in craftsmanship and materials during this period, the manufacturer will replace them. This UnderCover brand also has a reputation for offering quality customer service.

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Final words

I Hope, you find this UnderCover Ultra Flex tonneau cover vs UnderCover ArmorFlex helpful enough to decide between the two.

Both the tonneau covers are pretty much the same as each other except for their minor changes, and that affects the budget. 

Thousand dollar tonneau covers with a hundred dollar difference! In short, if you prefer resistance or weight capacity over low profile or enhanced visibility, go for the UnderCover ArmorFlex tonneau cover. Otherwise, both bed covers are the same in design, security, durability, and ease of operation.

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