10 Best Hard Tonneau Cover For F150 In 2024

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Picking the most compatible tonneau for F150 truck can be a tiresome job, while the option is huge. There are lots of types of truck beds available that are made of various materials and offer different functionality.

Thus, after reviewing dozens of items, we have made a list of the top 10 best tonneau covers for F150. These are multifunctional, solid-designed, and perfectly suited for the F150 model truck. Apart from these, we have included a buying guide that will help you make the choice worthwhile.

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Image Product Key Features Price
61RZUGfQbkL._SS400_ 1. UnderCover Flex Hard Folding Tonneau Cover ✓ Allows driving with the cover in three secure positions.
✓ Has a glossy black finish and lies flush.
✓ Prevent water intrusion.
✓ Allow shutting the tailgate without lifting the cover first.
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71WwvSvGWzS._AC_SL1500_ 2. BAK BAKFlip Hard Folding Tonneau Cover ✓ Remain fully locked once the tailgate is closed.
✓ Protect against marks, scratches, and UV.
✓ Offer a stylish, matte finish.
✓ Its prop rods secure the tonneau in the upright position.
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e03a7d39-c9fa-4ea2-87b1-0b688b0f0e55.9a4d19b8384e31d2ff61a8daa5ff7cf0 3. TruXedo Sentry Hard Rolling Tonneau Cover ✓ Made of leather-grain fabric.
✓ Ensure effortless accessibility.
✓ Includes additional security latch.
✓ Design with Quick-release system.
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Screenshot 2024-01-20 144811 4. DNA Motoring Hard Tri-Fold Tonneau Cover ✓ Has Clamps and Adjustable Tension.
✓ Increases Trucks Aerodynamics.
✓ Comes with Waterproof Strips.
✓ Prevent Scratches and Dents for advanced Protection.
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tonneaucoverguide.com 5. Lyon covers Hard Tri-Fold F150 Tonneau Cover ✓ Protect cargo from the elements and theft.
✓ It is a superior durable tonneau cover.
✓ Withstand all climate conditions.
✓ Design with a water-tight channel hinge system.
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19-23-gm-hard-low-pro-cover1107 6. Xcover Low Profile Hard Folding Tonneau Cover ✓ Comes with Low profile design.
✓ Has Unique Clamping System.
✓ Design with a one-finger release system.
✓ Made of Solid Core Hard Panels.
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Screenshot 2024-01-20 145604 7. LEER HF650M Quad-Folding Tonneau Cover ✓ Design with low-profile design with thinner rails.
✓ Provide ultimate flexibility with four lightweight panels.
✓ Offer more space for cargo.
✓ Easier to install.
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download (9) 8. Gator EFX Hard Tri-Fold Tonneau Cover ✓ Constructed of heavy-duty aluminum panels.
✓ Offer a stylishly low-profile look.
✓ Includes unique seal design channels.
✓ Ensure superior bed protection.
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526219 9. Rugged Liner E-Series Hard Folding Tonneau Cover ✓ Made of aluminum skins & solid cores.
✓ Includes Tailgate lock for additional security.
✓ Improves fuel economy.
✓ Can be drive with the cover in an open or closed position.
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MOSTPLUS-Tri-Fold-5FT-Hard-Truck-Bed-Tonneau-Cover-For-2005-2015-Toyota-Tacoma-On-Top_14ed9d47-fbeb-49ba-9550-3bb1298e9d60.b15cec57e73d1588695c9b06ae2aa0a3 10. MOSTPLUS Tri-Fold Hard Tonneau Cover ✓ Comes with US Patent Design.
✓ Includes Built-in Led Light.
✓ Made of heavy-duty sturdy aluminum.
✓ Waterproof and UV resistant.
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Best Hard Tonneau Cover For F150 Reviews

1. UnderCover Flex Hard Folding Tonneau Cover

This Flex Hard Folding Tonneau Cover by UnderCover is the favorite truck kit among F-150 owners in the US. With a combination of a stylish low-profile design and a glossy black finish, this hard-fold tonneau cover ensures better control and a sleek look for the f150 models.

It’s a tri-fold design elegant tonneau cover that features tough aluminum side rails, an easy-to-use latch system, and exclusively weatherproofs mounting hardware. 

Combining all these features, it’s the best hard tonneau cover for f 150 that ensures 100% secure and watertight protection for the Ford 150 model truck bed and its contents. Finally, it’s a budget-friendly trifold hard tonneau cover that is easy to use and maintain.

2. BAK BAKFlip MX4 Hard Folding Tonneau Cover

With this BAK BAKFlip MX4 Hard Folding Tonneau Cover, you will have unchallenged supremacy over the typical tonneau cover. This Hard Folding Tonneau Cover can secure and haul up to 400 lbs of cargo while ensuring exceptional protection from water, UV, and theft.

It is easier to install, but you need someone’s help for the initial lifting and positioning of the tonneau cover. An impressive feature includes its black matte heavy-duty sandwich panels, which are made of aircraft-grade aluminum for optimal durability.

The features have made this hard-folding tonneau a popular choice among F150 truck owners in recent years. With easier clamp-on installation and 100% bed access, the tonneau cover ensures impressive service. 

3. TruXedo Sentry Hard Rolling Tonneau Cover

This TruXedo Sentry Hard Rolling Tonneau Cover will be suitable for long bed sizes f 150 trucks. It is the best aluminum roll-up tonneau cover that is made of leather-grain fabric while pressure bonded to heavy-duty aluminum slats.

Combining these features, this roll-up tonneau cover ensures reliable bed protection from weather and debris and is a durable and long-lasting investment. An impressive feature includes this hard tonneau cover for the F150, which is extremely easy to install and takes only 30 minutes. 

But the cover doesn’t sit flush on one side after being unrolled. So it may require a bit of influence to ensure the seat is flush with the track. For better security with a budget, the manufacturer adds an extra security latch placed towards the center.

4. DNA Motoring Hard Tri-Fold Tonneau Cover

Looking for a hard tonneau cover for your F150 model truck with a short body? Try this DNA Motoring Tri-Fold Tonneau Cover. This tonneau cover is available at a significantly lower cost and is made of black powder-coated aluminum plating with a strong frame.

Not only that, the tonneau has Double Layer PVC and UV Protection, making it stable and capable of holding up to 350 lbs. 

More importantly, it is the best waterproof tonneau cover that includes clamps and adjustable tension to ensure hassle-free installation with a perfect fit. It’s a multi-usable hard tonneau cover that comes in a trifold style, so you can open one panel or get the entire bed access following the requirements.

5. Lyon covers Hard Tri-Fold F150 Tonneau Cover

This Lyon Covers Hard Tri-Fold F150 Tonneau Cover comes in a pack of features and is available at a considerably lower price. The tonneau includes an installation guide and doesn’t require drilling, making it ideal for easy installation and removal. 

However, you may need to remove the clamp handles to fold the tonneau cover. It will take some seconds but can cause the loss of the clamps. So if you don’t need to fold the cover often, this Lyon Cover Hard Tri-Fold F150 Tonneau Cover is highly recommended for you.

6. Xcover Low Profile Hard Folding Tonneau Cover

This Xcover Hard Folding Tonneau Cover is another best hard tonneau cover that has a unique clamping system and tough design. This hard tonneau is designed with Durable Solid Core Hard Panels that can handle a max of 500 lbs of evenly distributed weight.

Another exclusive feature includes a patent-pending rail and latches design. The feature allows the F150 owner to open and lock the tonneau cover with a single-finger release. 

More importantly, its hard panel is scratch-resistant and ensures improved protection from theft. Available at a reasonable price, this Hard Folding Tonneau Cover F150 is highly effective and offers a low-profile and stylish look.

7. LEER HF650M Quad-Folding Tonneau Cover

If you have a sufficient budget, you can try this LEER HF650M Quad-Folding Tonneau Cover for your F-150 truck. Installing this advanced quality truck cover on your Ford F150 model truck will give you optimal functionality with ease of use.

The tonneau is designed with a CYNC latching system that lets the truck owner open the cover with two fingers. A key feature includes a sleek and low-profile design with thinner rails that offer more cargo space with a true flush mount.

More importantly, this f150 tonneau has four flexible and lightweight panels that are constructed with fiberglass reinforced plastic polymer for maximum visibility and offer optimum cargo protection.

8. Gator EFX Hard Tri-Fold Tonneau Cover

This Gator EFX Hard Tri-Fold Tonneau Cover features a modern and flush-mount design with heavy-duty aluminum panels. So, by installing it on your Ford F-150 model truck, you will have a sleek look with solid protection.

Not only that, this tri-fold Gator EFX Tonneau Cover has rubber seals and drains tubes that prevent water from getting into the truck bed and ensure dry and secure loads. 

An impressive feature includes convenient bed aces. Thus, the driver can drive the vehicle while keeping the bed in an open or closed position while hauling large cargo. Lastly, this hard tonneau cover for the F150 is available at a reasonable price with a 3-year warranty.

9. Rugged Liner E-Series Hard Folding Tonneau Cover

This Rugged Liner E-Series Hard Folding Tonneau Cover is designed with a Tailgate lock mechanism for extra security. Besides, it offers a sleek look that also helps improve fuel economy.

It means that by purchasing this Hard Folding Tonneau Cover, Ford F150 owners will benefit from superior protection as well as fuel savings. The tonneau cover is also constructed with aluminum skins and solid cores with a powder-coated frame. 

When these features are combined, the truck bed can withstand any harsh conditions while ensuring wear and tear protection. If you have a Ford F150 truck investing in this tonneau will give you tension-free service for three years due to its three-year warranty.

10. MOSTPLUS Tri-Fold Hard Tonneau Cover

This is the last recommendation for the hard tonneau cover for the Ford F150. It’s an affordable quality Tri-Fold Hard Tonneau Cover that has a Patented Clamp-On Lock, thick sturdy Aluminum with Powder Coated Frames.

So, after installing it effortlessly, the F150 truck owner will have optimum durability with higher loading capacity. A unique feature includes the tonneau, which has a built-in LED light to improve visibility in any condition.

More importantly, this tri-fold tonneau is easy to maintain and allows you to wash it with soapy water, keeping the inside stuff dry. Finally, this tri-fold hard tonneau cover is available at an affordable price.

How To Choose The Best Hard Tonneau Cover For F150

Choosing the tonneau cover for the F150 isn’t an instant decision. The buyer should consider at least some key factors so he can get the most desired tonneau within budget.

Despite this, checking some reviews and feedback can help the buyer get the practical result of a certain tonneau cover. The following are some key features that the buyer should check before making a final decision:


Opt for a hard tonneau cover that is made of either fiberglass or aluminum to get a long-lasting and durable one. Even comparing these two, aluminum will be more preferable for a hard tonneau cover as it is sturdy yet lightweight.

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While searching for a tonneau cover for your F 150 vehicle, checking the track user manual will be a smart decision. It will let you know the f 150 dimensions as well as the manufacturer’s special requirements if any.

Best Hard Tonneau Cover For F150

The intention is to ensure a compatible tonneau cover for the F 150 vehicles, while some are specially designed for certain truck beds. Learning the requirements of the F 150 vehicles will lead you to the best tonneau cover for your vehicle.

Ease of use

Whatever the quality is, all the tonneau covers require minimum maintenance. Still, you should go for the tonneau cover that requires less maintenance and is easier to use compared to the typical tonneau cover.

In this case, retractable covers can be a consideration as they are designed for remote control for better ease of use. However, consider your requirements, whether they are roll-up or trifold types.

Finally, pick a tonneau cover for your F150 that is easier to install and remove so you can maintain the cover effortlessly.


Getting improved protection from the tonneau is a key consideration. It will be a waste of investment if the tonneau cover protects the cargo or contents from weather, theft, and other difficulties.

So don’t be afraid to spend a bit if the quality of the tonneau cover is a bit costly, as the investment will be worthwhile in the end.


Despite offering better protection, many tonneau covers come with an aesthetic design to boost the truck’s overall appearance. So why not upgrade the car with an elegant-looking tonneau cover while ensuring better protection for its staff?

Roll-up vs tri-fold tonneau cover: which is more ideal for the F 150?

Both the roll-up and tri-fold tonneau covers are functional and increase productivity. But comparing these two types will let you find the most preferable tonneau for your f150.

Roll-up tonneau covers

The roll-up tonneau cover has a simple appearance and is easier to operate compared to its tri-fold counterparts. This tonneau will protect the cargo immediately. Just roll the cover out. Apart from these, roll-up tonneau covers are compact yet lightweight and allow you to leave them open while driving.

Another advantage of using a roll-up tonneau cover is that it allows the use of large items like furniture without removing the cover completely. You can roll the tonneau up and transport large things, and it greatly saves valuable time.

Installing a roll-up tonneau cover is also straightforward thanks to its clamp design, which keeps you from drilling. The roll-up tonneau cover is available at a cheap rate and is exclusively compatible with older and rare trucks.

Tri-Fold tonneau covers

This tri-fold tonneau cover is famous for its durability and is available in two subcategories, including soft and hard. The hard tri-fold is heavy-duty, durable, and features a firm frame, while the soft tri-fold is lightweight. Apart from these, the soft one is easier to install and remove.

Tri-fold tonneau covers are usually designed with two parts: a tough vinyl-made outer top part and a rigid fiberglass-made inner part. When these two parts are combined, a tri-fold tonneau cover is strong enough to transport cargo and other heavy loads effectively.

Although it offers better security compared to a roll-up tonneau cover, you still need to open the tailgate first to open the cover. It remains a bit high above the bed rails, which may irritate some pickup truck owners. Lastly, the tri-fold tonneau cover offers a solid and bold appearance but doesn’t offer full access to the cargo.

So the bottom line is that you have plenty of consideration to choose between these two top-class tonneau covers. Give priority to your unique purpose in choosing the desired hard tonneau cover for your F150 vehicles.

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How to open the Ford F-150 tonneau cover?

The opening process of the tonneau cover on the f 150 models usually depends on the model and type of tonneau you are using. Some hard tonneaus include pulling cables that are accessible after opening the tailgate.

Then it needs to fold its panels one by one through the front of the bed and fix those using latches and straps. Even some retractable hard tonneaus can be opened up using a handle.

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What Is The Best Tonneau Cover For The F-150?

Considering overall quality for the price, UnderCover Flex Hard Folding Tonneau Cover is the best tonneau cover for the F-150.  Even you can opt for the MOSTPLUS Tri-Fold Hard Tonneau Cover if the budget is the main concern.

Is An F-250 Tonneau Cover Compatible With The F-150? 

No, the F-250 tonneau cover will not fit on the F150. The reason is that both the models of the truck come with different truck bed sizes. F150 trucks require a 5’5′′ or 6’5″ size tonneau cover, while the F-250 tonneau cover comes with a 6’75″.

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Final words

Now you have some pieces of the best hard tonneau cover for f150 truck. These are compatible with Ford F150 models with a range of truck bed sizes.

So measure your truck bed properly and choose the compatible hard tonneau type from the list we have mentioned above. Considering the budget, all the tonneau covers listed above offer reliable protection and an elegant look while being a long-lasting investment.

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