Tonneau Cover Fit Guide 2022 | How To Choose The Right One?

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Tonneau covers are a blessing for pickup truck owners due to their high-class advantages. But you can simply choose any of the tonneau covers since they vary in size, style, and purpose. So, reading this tonneau cover fit guide will let you make the right decision to enjoy its advantages.

Throughout the guide, we will discuss plenty of factors related to tonneau cover, including how to pick the right fit tonneau cover and different types of tonneau and their purposes.

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Tonneau Cover Fit Guide

Is the tonneau cover fit for any truck?

In short, no tonneau cover comes with specific measurements that will fit a certain type of truck. Naturally, all pick-up trucks aren’t equal in dimensions. So, different trucks require different sizes of the tonneau cover.

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However, some third-party manufacturers provide tonneaus that properly fit with given trucks of certain years. This way, you can ensure the perfect fit tonneau cover for your truck bed.

For example, you can find a customized and pre-fitted tonneau cover for your Ford F-150 for the 2012 model year. Tonneau covers aren’t a universal fit, but picking the right one according to the truck model and year can help you enjoy the perfect one without hassle.

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How to pick the perfect fit tonneau cover?

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Picking the right tonneau cover depends on some crucial considerations. Firstly, determine the security level you want and how much space you can compromise from the truck bed.

Apart from these, the budget and the purpose of buying the tonneau are also important to remember. The following features are also essential to remember to ensure the right tonneau cover for the truck:

  • Durability
  • Ease of use
  • Scratch-resistant
  • Weatherproofing
  • User-friendly
  • Price
  • Styling

Fixing the purpose is a must as each tonneau cover comes with a unique purpose. It’s good to begin by deciding between soft and hard tonneau covers.

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Hard vs. Soft Covers

Tonneau covers come in many shapes, styles, and dimensions. These are constructed with top-class materials ranging from reinforced fiberglass, synthetic fabrics, to titanium. These are the main styles of tonneau:

  • Soft Covers
  • Hard Covers
  • The Toolbox covers

The first two types of tonneau will fit effortlessly, while toolbox covers need to be customized.

Hard Covers

Hard tonneau covers are heavier, stronger, and more secure for carrying cargo. These covers are the sleeker option and are appropriate for the truck owner who is looking for more of an OEM aesthetic.

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Soft Covers

Conversely, soft tonneau is cheaper, lighter, and easier to install. The materials used to make soft tonneau aren’t very secure and waterproof. Soft tonneau is made of vinyl materials, while the hardcover is constructed of fiberglass or heavy-duty ABS plastic.

The Toolbox covers

This is a special type of tonneau that is designated for a toolbox. It usually fits around the toolbox site behind the cabin of the pickup.

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Finding a Tonneau Cover that Works Best for You


To fulfill the challenging demands of customers, tonneau covers are available in a range of types. Some common tonneau cover types are:

The Secure Folding Cover

This tonneau cover is made of larger sectional parts that can be folded towards the partition. It normally comes in a tri-fold configuration which can be either soft or hard.

The user can remove its panel cover, but it can be difficult due to the tonneau size and heft. Hard panel folding tonneau covers are more secure compared to their softer counterparts.

The User-Friendly Roll-Up Cover

The roll-up tonneau is affordable and the most commonly used. These come in soft and feature interlocking aluminum slats under a solid vinyl material. A hard roll-up tonneau is also affordable and is made of titanium slats. This type of tonneau cover is popular due to its lightweight design and user-friendly installation process.

The Convenient Retractable Cover

This tonneau cover retracts into a canister that rests on the vehicle’s bed behind the cabin. A retractable tonneau is the most convenient and secure option available on the market.

Plus, these are easily accessible and allow you to lock into a different position. This type of tonneau is a permanent option which is a bit costlier and requires some truck bed space.

The Sleek Hinged Cover

This tonneau is also called a one-piece tonneau cover that rests atop the truck bed. The user can easily transport cargo by lifting the cover and mounting it on hinges. It comes with an over-the-rail design.

This sleek hinged tonneau cover offers a clean look and optimum weather protection. However, it doesn’t allow the driver to drive with an open cover.

The style and type we have mentioned above are available in specific dimensions. So you can choose any of them considering your truck’s make, model, and year.

Why Getting the Right Dimensions Is Important?

To ensure the proper fit, measure your truck bed correctly. It’s important to enjoy the right-fitting tonneau to get the most out of the tonneau. Firstly, measure the inside of the bulkhead to the tailgate inside the bed.

A proper fit tonneau should fit within 2″ of the dimensions from the supplier list. Once you know the truck bed dimension, the style between soft and hard is based on your requirements.

However, you won’t find every style of tonneau following the truck bed. The reason is that it’s difficult to find the right fitted tonneau for older models due to a lack of consumer demand.

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Still, is the tonneau cover worthwhile?

Of course, the truck owner should invest in a tonneau cover for plenty of reasons. A tonneau cover boosts the style of the truck, improves its security and functionality, and allows it to handle the carrying task in any harsh conditions.

Some research proves that a tonneau cover can improve gas mileage as it makes the truck more aerodynamic. Third-party manufacturers of tonneau covers are also careful about their advantages. Thus, the truck owner can find custom-designed tonneau covers for their model, make, and years.

Overall, tonneau covers aren’t universally fitted, but based on model, years, and make, the truck owner can find the fit easily. Despite the visible advantage of the tonneau cover, it can improve a pickup’s aesthetic.

So if the truck bed has serious wear and tear, using a sleek matte black tonneau cover, the owner will have an elegant-looking truck.


1. How Do You Know The Required Size Of The Tonneau Cover?

Simply extend the measuring tape from the floor to the bulkhead of the truck and measure at the end of the floor bed where the cap is situated. If you measure the length in inches, divide it by 12 to convert it into feet and you will have the required size of the tonneau cover.

2. Do All Tonneau Covers Fit On Any Trucks?

Tonneau covers don’t come in universally fitted sizes. It is designed in a specific size to fit a certain type of truck and its model. So it won’t be universally fit, but by choosing according to the specific make, model, and year, you will get the right one.

3. Is It Tough To Install A Tonneau Cover?

Tonneau covers may handle lots of tough jobs, but they are extremely easy to install. Following some installation methods, like temporary clamping, retractable tonneau covers, semi-permanent clamping, or hinged lid tonneau covers, you can install most of the tonneau covers.

Final words

There are numerous advantages to the tonneau cover. For example, these can protect the cargo effectively, offer a stylish look, and improve gas mileage. But enjoying the benefits of a tonneau largely depends on the right fit.

If you don’t install the properly fitted one, it will become a hassle for you. Throughout the tonneau cover fit guide, we have shared plenty of tips. Hopefully, by following the guide, you will find a properly fitted tonneau cover to enjoy its advantages.

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