9 Best Full Size Truck Toolbox | Complete Guide For 2024

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Reliable storage space is a must to keep the wrenches, hammers, and bolts well organized and protected from wild weather and bad guys.

In this case, picking the best full size truck toolbox is a handy solution. But if you are worried about finding a solid full-size toolbox with superior security for efficient use, check out our well-researched reviews.

Comparison chart

Product nameKey Features
★ Our Overall #1 Choice ★

TYFYB Pick-Up Full Size Truck Tool Box
✓ Has an over-hanging lip door.
✓ Space-saving design.
✓ Constructed of heavy-duty textured aluminum.
✓ Fitted with a built-in security lock.
★ Best Premium Choice ★

UWS EC10611 Full Size Truck Tool Box
✓ Made of patented RigidCore technology.
✓ Its low-profile lid offers a better view.
✓ Has stainless steel pull handles.
✓ Includes tool tray and built-in screwdriver holders.
★ Best Alternative Choice ★

TruXedo TL – TonneauMate Full Size Truck Tool Box
✓ Design with elevated mounting system.
✓ Hold up to 200 lbs of cargo.
✓ Fits on most full-sized trucks.
✓ Offer 2 years warranty.
★ Best Value For The Money

Lund Full Size Truck Tool Box
✓ It’s a low profile cross bed truck toolbox.
✓ Rust-resistant design.
✓ Offer extra secure storage.
✓ Construct with sturdy aluminum with a black finish.
Buyers Products Underbody Full-Size Truck Tool Box✓ Corrosion-resistant truck box.
✓ Made of thick diamond tread aluminum.
✓ Has to die cast, and a compression latch system.
✓ Has a flush T handle.
LucaSng Pick Up Truck Bed Tool Box ✓ Made of tough textured aluminum.
✓ Has an over-hanging lip door.
✓ Has a built-in lock.
✓ Offer full access.
Better Built Crn Chest 60 Full Size Truck Tool Box✓ Made of brite Aluminum.
✓ Gas stainless steel handle.
✓ Self-adjusting strikers.
✓ Ensure weather protection.
Dee Zee Topsider Full Size Truck Tool Box✓ Has a lockable handle.
✓ Has water resistant C-channel.
✓ Includes drop down doors.
✓ Design with safety chains for support.
Weather Guard Topside Full Size Truck Tool Box✓ Has drill-resistant lock core.
✓ Includes latch mechanism D-handle.
✓ Made of aluminum.

Best Full Size Truck Toolbox

Best Full Size Truck Toolbox

1. TYFYB Pick-Up Full Size Truck Tool Box

Note: The sides are riveted in the cutouts on both sides and will need weather seal to make them suitable for outdoor use.

While researching, we found this TYFYB Tool Box to be the best full size truck toolbox not only for the price but also in every aspect. It’s an extremely versatile truck toolbox and is made of durable construction with a secure locking mechanism.

This truck toolbox offers sufficient storage to store both large and small accessories safely in a truck or at home.

TYFYB Pick-Up Full Size Truck Tool Box

Durable construction

This truck toolbox is made of heavy-duty textured aluminum with a 5 bar tread pattern. It is also finished with a black powder coat. Combining these features, it’s an extremely durable, corrosion and weather-resistant and lightweight truck toolbox that offers a longer lifespan.


This truck toolbox comes in a space-saving design and will offer extra storage space to keep the essentials well organized, thanks to its convenient mounting ability. 

Despite this, it has an overhanging lip to resist water entry from inside. Another impressive feature includes a fold-up door for easy access to the box to ensure efficient operation.


This low-cost truck toolbox protects vital equipment from theft and the elements.It has a built-in lock and two keys to keep the tools safe and secure. The lock is also open to a drop-down to offer full access to the essentials.


  • This versatile toolbox is suitable for trucks, garages, and other purposes.
  • Made of solid construction.
  • Keep the essentials secure from theft and weather.
  • Offer full access to the tools.


  • Don’t come with instructions.


How tall is this toolbox?

10 ” top to bottom.

Is this toolbox waterproof?


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2. UWS EC10611 Full Size Truck Tool Box

Note: To fit this toolbox on your F 100, give a minimum of an inch gap on each side for the j-hooks.

This UWS Truck Tool Box has plenty of exciting features, forcing us to put it at the top of the list for the best full size truck toolbox. With a combination of extra-thick aluminum construction, a RigidCore foam-filled lid, and stainless steel lock handles in multiple sizes and styles, this truck toolbox comes to fulfill your challenging demands. 

At an affordable price, this full size truck toolbox will let you enjoy double-time the toolbox’s security and convenience.

Tough construction

This heavy-duty truck toolbox is made of extra-thick aluminum and equipped with stainless steel pull handles. It also has a foam-filled lid to offer a solid structure, preventing bending and wrapping due to extreme pressure.

UWS EC10611 Full Size Truck Tool Box

Improve convenience

An impressive advantage of buying this UWS Truck Tool Box is enjoying easier organization of both small and large tools. This toolbox has a screw driver holder and a sliding tray to keep the tools separate to get quick access whenever they are needed.

Highly secure storage

Designed with dual locking twist handles, this toolbox allows for keeping the locks in unison or individually. It also has an interior connecting rod to maximize security. However, you can use its integrated rail on top of the lid as an anchor to haul cargo.


  • Includes pre-drilled mounting slots and tools for easy installation.
  • Offer low profile top.
  • Ensure dependable security.
  • Comes in multiple styles.


  • Comes with only 2 cutouts for j-hooks.


How much weight is this toolbox?

‎59 pounds.

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3. TruXedo TL – TonneauMate Full Size Truck Tool Box

Note: Some truck models may need an additional clamp or hardware kit to install this full truck toolbox.

Due to its high-end quality products and universal compatibility, TruXedo is a well-renowned brand in the truck accessories industry. This TruXedo TL-TonneauMate also fits almost all the full-size trucks to keep the tools safe and organized. 

Despite this, this truck toolbox can hold up to 200 lbs of cargo, thanks to its durable construction. The toolbox also comes at a considerably lower price than competitors while offering a 2-year hassle-free warranty.

Expandable storage

You can use this versatile toolbox as a container, a cooler, or a mounted box, thanks to its functional design. It also has an elevated mounting system that allows use of the whole truck bed floor after installing this toolbox.

TruXedo TL - TonneauMate Full Size Truck Tool Box

Strong security

This toolbox is designed with a lock and key mechanism on top of it to keep the valuables secure. You can also mount this box on top of the side rails of the truck bed using aluminum clamps to prevent theft.

Durable construction

Construct with tough-grade aluminum, this toolbox will hold all your essentials that are currently rolling around in the truck bed.


  • Suitable to install anywhere in the truck bed.
  • Hold up to 200 lbs load.
  • Comes with a 2-year warranty.
  • Keep all the tools safe and secure.


  • Takes a bit long time to install.


Us this truck toolbox comes with installation clamps?


Is the top of this toolbox come off completely?


4. Lund Full Size Truck Tool Box

Note: This lightweight full size truck toolbox gets hot due to direct sunlight

If you are looking for the best budget full-size truck toolbox for light use, try this Lund Single Lid Truck Tool Box. With a combination of solid aluminum and a black coat, this toolbox is superb for use as a storage lock or utility box for an SUV. 

More importantly, it is constructed with a diamond-tread finish to endure incredible beatings, rust, and water. This low-cost truck toolbox will always look clean while protecting the essentials from weather and theft.

Durable construction

Made of thicker aluminum, this full-sized truck toolbox has a diamond-plated black finish. Combining these features, this toolbox will endure, rust, water, and scratches to ensure optimum performance for years.

Lund Full Size Truck Tool Box

Optimum security

This cheap full-size toolbox has plenty of functions to ensure superior protection for your valuable equipment.  It has lockable, strong paddle T handles to protect your valuables.

User-friendly design

Suitable for mounting at the side rail, this toolbox will offer easy access to all your essentials. Plus, the toolbox doesn’t block the view of the road and offers a clean look to the truck.


  • Rust and scratch-resistant design.
  • Low-cost solution.
  • Offer a limited lifetime warranty.
  • Ideal for giving extra secure storage.


  • This toolbox doesn’t come with any hardware kit or instructions for installation.


What the width of this toolbox?

60 inches.

What gauge is this toolbox?

Roughly 16 gauges.

5. Buyers Products Underbody Full Size Truck Tool Box

Note: You’ll need to buy a mounting bucket separately to mount this full truck box on a flat surface.

In contrast to the previous one, this Buyers Products Truck Box is an advanced quality full size truck toolbox in the list. Its Diamond Tread Aluminum Underbody is built too large to make each penny worth it. 

Despite its, die-cast compression latch system and reinforced, recessed drop door, it will offer unbeatable protection against harsh weather and theft.

Invincible construction

Made of .100 inch thick corrosion-resistant diamond tread aluminum, this heavy-duty truck toolbox with withstands any extreme weather conditions.

Buyers Products Underbody Full Size Truck Tool Box

Tough design

It has a die-cast compression latch system. This toolbox will make it highly challenging for thieves to steal your essentials. It is also designed for the long haul with aircraft-grade cables.

Ease of use

This under-bed truck box protects the equipment for the long haul for improved convenience. The truck tool box also doesn’t take much time and attempt to install.


  • Corrosion-resistant truck box.
  • Has to die-cast compression latch system.
  • Ensure easy access to the job site.
  • Made of durable diamond tread aluminum.


  • The logo on this truck toolbox may come off easily.


What is the exact height of this truck toolbox?

14 inches.

Does this toolbox come with a 3-point locking system?


6. LucaSng Pick up Truck Bed Tool Box

Note: You’ll need to hire a professional to install this full truck toolbox.

If you are on an extremely low budget and still want a full truck toolbox to protect your valuables, try this LucaSng pickup truck tool box. This LucaSng may compromise on budget, but they don’t compromise on quality, even the least amount. 

So buying this truck toolbox won’t disappoint you, especially when made of heavy-duty textured aluminum. It also has a door with an over-hanging lip to resist water from the inside, keeping everything wet. You can use this low-cost truck toolbox both on your vehicle and at home.

Universal fit

Apart from a wide range of truck beds, this too box fits on the different corners of the truck bed. This means you can mount this toolbox on the hitch rack, camper, and rear of the RV.

Extra security

This affordable full size truck toolbox has plenty of locking functions to protect essentials from theft and weather. With a combination of an over-hanging lip door and a built-in lock, this toolbox will save you from bigger losses due to the environment and humans.

LucaSng Pick up Truck Bed Tool Box

Convenient design

This truck toolbox comes in a space-saving and lightweight design, so you can use its extra storage space for various purposes. It also has a hydraulic lift to open the lip for easy access.


  • Has powder coated black surface.
  • Design with fold-up door for easy access.
  • Safe essentials with built-in lock.
  • A low-cost full truck toolbox.


  • Don’t come with installation instruction.


What is the dimension of this toolbox?

61 x 13.5 x 10.5 inches.

Does this toolbox come with keys?

Yes, it includes a set of 2 Keys.

7. Better Built Crn Chest 60 Full Size Truck Tool Box

Note: Opening and closing the door may seem a bit hard for the first couple of times.

With a combination of a diamond-tread aluminum body and SS lockable paddle handles, this full truck toolbox is built to last. Apart from maximum durability, this toolbox also offers improved visibility to the rear of the vehicle as it fits below the bed rails. 

This toolbox comes at a decent price and also allows you to open the lid nearly 90 degrees, thanks to its offset hinges.

Optimum security

Along with lockable paddle handles, this full-sized truck toolbox is constructed with full seal weather stripping and self-adjusting strikers. It means the weather can’t enter the box and the theft will face a hard time beating this toolbox.

Ease of operation

A unique feature includes auto-lift self-rising shocks to allow for single-handed entry into the box.

Extremely durable

Apart from the Diamond Tread aluminum body and SS paddle handles, this full truck toolbox also has a system that protects the rod to prevent damage due to harsh use.


  • Sits under the bed rails.
  • Highly compatible with tonneau covers.
  • Design with fully welded seams.
  • Has lockable paddle handles.


  • The shipping service is horrible. So check the toolbox after receive.


What is the weight of this toolbox?

38 pounds.

Where is this truck toolbox made of?


8. Dee Zee Topsider Full Size Truck Tool Box

Note: The handles latches will need to adjust

In contrast to the Better Built, Dee Zee gets fantastic reliability among customers with its superior customer service. Most customers receive their Dee Zee full-size truck toolbox in perfect condition. 

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However, the toolbox is slightly heavy to list and may take around 1 hour to install. But after installation, you will only have durable service, optimum security, and protection with ease of operation.

Suitable for larger tools

This full-size toolbox is quite taller and deeper than a typical toolbox. Its small toy can easily fit on its larger tools, small compressor, totes, and other necessities.

Dee Zee Topsider Full Size Truck Tool Box

Solid construction

Made of Brite-Tread aluminum, this full-size toolbox has Stainless Steel T-Handle Latches. The toolbox also has a water-resistant C-Channel and is finished with a bulb seal to offer a longer lifespan enduring rough use.

Secure design

Its drop-down door has a safety chain, and the T-Handle Latches are lockable. The toolbox also has a neoprene rubber bulb seal to ensure complete protection against any weather elements and experienced theft.


  • Offer extra storage space.
  • Latches and locks work well.
  • Comes in a leak-proof design.
  • Heavy-duty construction.


  • This truck toolbox can take up to 1.5 hours to install.


Does this toolbox include the mounting hardware?


Is there a gas kit available for this toolbox?


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9. Weather Guard Topside Full Size Truck Tool Box

Note: You’ll require professional help to install this toolbox

Our last recommendation for the best full size truck toolbox is this Topside Truck Box. It’s one of the most advanced quality tools boxes available on the market that will also cost slightly more than competitors. 

The most impressive thing about this Topside Truck Box is its mounting style. After buying, you can apply neither the Clamp-On nor the Bolt-On style to mount this full-size toolbox.

Heavy-duty material

The body and cover of this top-class truck toolbox are made of solid aluminum. It means the toolbox will ensure durability from both sides to keep the valuables safe from theft and wild nature.

Weather Guard Topside Full Size Truck Tool Box

Exclusive features

This full-size truck toolbox comes with some exciting features, including a 3-Point Latching System Resists and a Drill-Resistant Lock Core. So you won’t need to damage your vehicle to ensure the maximum safety of your essentials.

Efficient use

The truck toolbox has D handles and offers more storage space than standard models to store and use more tools whenever required.


  • Has a non-adjustable double lid.
  • Offer deeper storage space.
  • Made of strong aluminum.
  • Weather-resistant design.


  • The price is slightly high.


What is the dimension of this toolbox?

65 x 14 x 16 inches.

Where is this toolbox made of?

United States.

Full Size Truck Tool Box Buying Guide

Full Size Truck Tool Box Buying Guide

The truck toolbox offers safe and stable storage for accessories and tools during driving or parking the truck in a remote place.

These are a great choice to keep the equipment well organized, even if the vehicle has an extended cab. But choosing the best full size truck toolbox needs to track some must-have aspects.


Unfortunately, there is no completely theft-proof toolbox. Still, you should choose a well-designed truck box that makes it challenging for theft to conquer its locking system. The toolbox should also be difficult to remove.

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Material and durability

You can choose between a metal or plastic truck toolbox. While steel will be durable yet heavy, the plastic toolbox will be lightweight and less durable. You can also opt for an aluminum full-size truck box to have medium-level durability. 

Despite this, it should be able to withstand harsh weather conditions, local temperatures, and the pressure of a work pickup.

Weather resistance

Extreme heat or cold weather can shorten the toolbox’s lifespan. Apart from these, rain is also the biggest threat to the toolbox. In this case, a weather-resistant toolbox with drainage holes will help the toolbox handle all those challenges and retain longevity.

Storage space

Storage space

Full-size truck toolboxes may seem pretty much the same in size, but their storage capacity varies. To fit all your larger and smaller tools, pick a toolbox with adjustable compartments.

Lid position

Don’t underrate the opening direction and lid position of a truck toolbox. These features will give you easier access to the toolbox and keep you satisfied after frequent use.

Detachable or fixed

Again, if accessibility and portability are your top priorities, look for a detachable truck toolbox. However, attaching the truck toolbox adds extra durability and increases security as it is installed rigidly. If you are largely worried about theft, a tamper-resistant truck toolbox can reassure you.

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FAQs About Full-Size Truck Tool Box

How To Measure A Truck For A Toolbox?

Measure the distance between the bed rails from the outside of the first and second rails. Remember, the widest part of the box sits on top of the bed rails.
This is the maximum width measurement that you have to consider while buying a truck toolbox. Then determine the height of the bed walls; that will be the depth of your toolbox.

How To Secure The Truck Toolbox?

Most truck toolboxes come with an integrated locking system. If your item has, check the toolbox’s manufacturer guidelines to secure it.
Some toolboxes include a hook instead of an integrated locking system, and there is a need to attach a padlock to it to secure the toolbox.

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Final words

A truck toolbox is the best way to keep the toolset and supplies well organized during driving and parking the truck in a remote place. 

In this case, picking any of the best full size truck tools boxes from the above-mentioned list will ensure optimum security and offer longer service life.

So, measure your truck bed and consider the budget and preference to avoid frustration during a long run or while you are outdoor.

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