What Size Toolbox For Toyota Tacoma? (Calculated For You)

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Owning a tool box for a Toyota Tacoma is a top solution to keep the gear secure, well organized, and easy to access. But if you don’t know what size the toolbox is for Toyota Tacoma, you won’t get the right fit for proper installation. 

Toyota Tacoma comes in two different bed sizes, the standard bed, and the long bed. Both offer the same height and width: 19.1 inches and 41.5 inches.

What Size Toolbox For Toyota Tacoma?

The dimensions of the standard size of truck tool boxes for the Toyota Tacoma are 62-inch length x 18-inch width x 12-inch height. But the tool box size Toyota Tacoma truck can vary depending on the model of the Toyota Tacoma.

SizeTruck LengthFull ToolboxSide Toolbox
Standard60.5”Better Built Truck Tool BoxUnderCover Toyota Tacoma Passenger Side Storage Box
Long70.7”UWS 63-Inch Truck Tool Boxmunirater Box Toolbox Lockable Storage Box

What Size Toolbox For Toyota Tacoma? Measuring right toolbox for a Toyota Tacoma

What Size Toolbox For Toyota Tacoma?

To measure a Toyota Tacoma, you will require a measurement tape, pencil, and note. Then follow the given guidelines and note the dimensions of your vehicle carefully.

Measure the distance between the bed rails

Place the starting end of the measurement tape at the lower end of the cargo end. Then enlarge the tape through the other corner and write the length. Measure the bed rails as well, especially if you want to add the tool box at the side.

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Height of bed wall

Now, measure from the lower end to the upper to find out the actual height of the bed rails wall. Then deduct around two to three inches from the overall height to get the right measurement for the lower part of the tool box.

For example, if your Toyota Tacoma has a 12-inch high bed wall, then the length of the toolbox should be 8 or 9 inches.

After that, deduct 1.5 to 2 inches from the deducted value for the cover or lid. But if you wish for a toolbox on the higher side, then deduct 2.5 inches from the overall length. This method is acceptable for both short and long bed Tacoma.

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Measure the width

The best way to discover the width of the Tacoma tool box is to measure the width of the bed. After measuring the whole bed of your Toyota Tacoma, divide the value into four or five sections, and you will get the right width for the toolbox.

If you want to add the tool box to the backside of the seat, then you should choose an 18 to 22 inch wide tool box.

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How long should a toolbox be for a Toyota Tacoma?

The size of a tool box for the Toyota Tacoma varies from model to model. It means the size of the truck tools box will be smaller or larger based on the size of the Toyota Tacoma truck.

The dimension of most Toyota Tacoma trucks is 62 inches long, 18 inches wide, and 12 inches high. To find the right size tool box for your Toyota Tacoma, you can do two things.

After measuring the truck, you can either try to find the right size online or order it directly from the manufacturer for the tool box.

What Size Toolbox For Toyota Tacoma
Image credit: www.tacomaworld.com

Other things to check while choosing the best toolbox for Toyota Tacoma

Below is a list of a few factors to check while choosing the right size toolbox for your Toyota Tacoma:


Some toolboxes come in stunning and in-plane looks to offer beautiful appearances and make the value worth it. The toolbox for Toyota Tacoma also comes in the wider top and lower side styles.


Toolboxes are exposed continuously in the open air and in a tough environment. So it should be made of tough material to withstand any difficulties.

A toolbox made of iron and steel will be a heavyweight item to endure harsh conditions, enabling you to put an extra-long line on the bed.

Compared to steel, the iron toolbox may rust soon. Except for these two, you can also choose an aluminum tool box, as these are lightweight and hold a large weight without bending or folding.

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Consider how convenient the toolbox will be after installing it to your cargo bed as you need something relaxing and comfortable.  


Toolboxes are always presented in an open area,  so they should make of water-resistant material. The feature will protect the toolbox from snowfall, heavy rain, or other tough conditions.

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FAQs: What Size Toolbox For Toyota Tacoma?

What Are The Benefits Of Installing A Toolbox In A Toyota Tacoma?

Installing a toolbox offers extra storage for the Tacoma, allowing you to keep the tools and accessories well organized. It also protects the tools from the weather, thieves while ensuring easy excess and use. Installing a toolbox in the Toyota Tacoma increases its overall value.

How To Properly Use A Toolbox In A Toyota Tacoma?

Firstly attach a toolbox organizer and then store the tools one by one in the toolbox. After putting the tools in their respective drawer you can attach a sticker to mention the tool for easier access. Some Toyota Tacoma owners also make a list of tools stored in the toolbox so they can check and prevent loss.

What Is The Most Reliable Toolbox Brand For The Toyota Tacoma?

A massive number of brands out there that offer an amazing toolbox for Tacoma. Among them, Weather Guard is one of the more experienced brands.
You can also trust some brands like Dewalt, UWS toolboxes, and Deflecta-shield. Along with relying on a reliable brand, don’t forget to check the customer’s feedback to get the most appropriate toolbox for Tacoma.

Final words: What Size Toolbox For Toyota Tacoma?

Knowing what size toolbox for Toyota Tacoma is vital for perfect installation and proper safety of tools. The size tool box for Toyota Tacoma may come in different styles, designs, and shapes.

So when you are in the market, choose the one that goes with your certain model and allows you to use it conveniently and size tool box fits to your truck. Finally, the installation process of a toolbox may seem daunting at first, so it’s better to leave the task to the experts.

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