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Tonneau Covers may improve gas mileage up to 10%

Studies show the average truck owner drives 18,000 miles per year. At 15mpg that comes to 1,200 gallons of gas. At a minimum of 10% savings, you would save around an estimated 120 gallons a year.

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You can see why it would not take too many months to have your new tonneau cover pay for itself.

** Savings may vary and are not guaranteed.

There are several tonneau covers that can improve gas mileage. And one of the top-rated truck bed cover brands is Tyger. They claimed several times that their Tonneau Covers (check them HERE) improve up to 13% gas mileage.

Tonneau Cover Gas Savings Calculator

Car owners and buyers are always looking for ways to save on gas. In fact, one quick Google search turned up more than 1 million results related to fuel savings – a testament that this is a hot topic. One of the most popular ways to save at the pump is by making little adjustments here and there within the car itself.

Many people have started using fuel economy devices or gizmos as they’re commonly called. These devices include fuel-saving gadgets such as solar vehicle batteries, portable GPS navigation systems, and even vehicles themselves! All these external enhancements may come with an initial cost but will eventually pay for themselves in terms of gas savings over time.

The Tonneau Cover has been verified by actual customers who used it on their trucks. They all claim to have saved fuel of an average of 5%. This may not seem like much but it can actually add up if you use your truck a lot.

The problem with the tonneau cover products in the market today is that they do not provide accurate data regarding what they are designed to save and how much money will be saved from using them. This Tonneau Cover Gas Savings Calculator computes exactly how much gas has been saved by using a tonneau cover.

This calculator is very simple to use, just input the details about your truck below then press enter or go! The results will show you exactly how much money and gas your truck could save every year by installing a Tonneau Truck Bed Cover.

Results are approximate. These calculations are based on the following assumptions:

You drive 18,000 miles a year.

Your truck gets 15 miles to the gallon of gas.

The average cost per gallon is $2.79

Gas prices will increase by 3% each year over the next 5 years.

The cost of installing a Tonneau Cover Gas Saving Product range from $200 to $800 dollars depending on where you buy them but the possibilities are endless as far as savings are concerned. Just think, with 120 gallons costing almost $335 in the first year alone, you are already saving a lot of money. How much are you going to save? Just input the details in our calculator and find out.

By using this tool, you will know exactly how much gas is being saved each time you use your truck. For frequent travelers like truck drivers and delivery men, this is very useful information, especially for people who drive long distances every day just to deliver goods from one place to another.

A tonneau cover adds protection to your cargo in case there would be any damage on your way to your destination or if you plan on resting on the road with an emergency break down as well.

A study in 2007 by SEMA, the Specialty Equipment Marketers Association, tested the aerodynamics of pickup trucks. The test took place at AeroDyne Wind Tunnel LLC in Moorseville, NC. The site is often used by NASCAR.

If you’re asking yourself “do bed covers increase gas mileage” the answer is yes. We’ve seen many people try to disprove the claim of increased gas mileage and even some tonneau cover gas mileage Mythbusters are floating around the internet, however, most of them are false.

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