5 Best Retractable Tonneau Cover For Ram 1500 In 2024

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Installing a retractable tonneau cover on the Ram 1500 truck will turn the beast into an armored truck. But finding the most compatible truck cover for a certain model with all the desired functionalities is a tiresome job.

Following the guide, we have made a shortlist of some of the best retractable tonneau covers that are perfectly compatible with the Ram 1500 model and include all the possible quality and functionalities, and fit exclusively within the budget.

Apart from this, we have included a buying guide and some installing tips for retractable covers for a better experience.

Quick Comparison

Image Product Name Key Features Price
9da2c1fca69d26ced9af9a1ecf542a6a ★ Overall #1 Choice ★

1. Gator Recoil Retractable Tonneau Cover
✓ Design with aluminum slats and a matte black powder-coat finish.
✓ Provides custom locking capabilities.
✓ Offer to drill-free installation using common tools.
✓ UV and Scratch Resistant materials.
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RNL_A-Series_20GMC-Sierra_GIF ★ Best Alternative Choice

2. Roll N Lock A-Series Retractable Tonneau Cover
✓ Comes with a contoured hinge design with a frictionless operation.
✓ All-aluminum construction with powder-coated finish.
✓ It has the most compact canister housing.
✓ Design with a Four-point locking system for improved security.
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tc-r-v2-f150 (1) 3. Syneticusa Retractable Tonneau Cover ✓ Lockable in any position.
✓ Made of Heavy Duty Aluminum Slats with textured black finish.
✓ Design with a unique spiral track system.
✓ Construct with dust and waterproof.
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s-l1200 (10) 4. RetraxONE Retractable Tonneau Cover  ✓ Extremely easier to use with sealed ball bearings.
✓ Key lockable in any position.
✓ Ensure unlimited hauling flexibility.
✓ Rigid polycarbonate construction.
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1333774_retrax-powertraxpro-mx-retractable-tonneau-cover 5. PowertraxPRO MX Retractable Tonneau Cover  ✓ Electric remote control retractable. Tonneau.
✓ Made of toughest quality aluminum.
✓ Offer ultimate cargo protection.
✓ Includes built-in LED.
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Best Retractable Tonneau Cover For Ram 1500

Best Retractable Tonneau Cover For Ram 1500

1. Gator Recoil Retractable Tonneau Cover

This Gator Recoil Retractable Tonneau Cover is one of the best retractable tonneau covers for ram1500 in terms of customizable protection and solid construction.

The aluminum slats and black textured powder-coat finish construction make the tonneau heavy-duty with a stylish appearance. The material itself ensures a significant amount of shield from the elements and climate. 

Furthermore, these materials will effectively keep the truck bed from scratching and corrosion. Improved functionality is another shiny point of this retractable tonneau cover. It has custom locking capabilities that allow you to securely lock and stop the tonneau at any point on the truck bed rails.

Thus, the Ram 1500 user will have an opportunity to carry different-sized cargo safely by installing this retractable tonneau cover.


This gator retractable tonneau cover will be the overall best truck cover for the Ram 1500 with its strong construction and versatile cargo hauling. But it allows you to install the cover without drilling and using special tools for half an hour and includes a 2-year warranty.


Its rubber piece clips over the flap edge, resulting in the tailgate cover coming off.

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2. Roll N Lock A-Series Retractable Tonneau Cover for Ram 1500

If you want to have the most leftover space after installing a tonneau cover on your Ram 1500, try this Roll N Lock A-Series Retractable Tonneau Cover.

With powder-coated aluminum construction, this retractable tonneau cover ensures improved protection from UV and scratches. An impressive feature includes a contoured hinge design. 

In particular, the feature will offer frictionless rotation with a secure operation. More importantly, this Roll N Lock retractable tonneau has the most compact canister housing and takes up a smaller footprint compared to its other retractable counterparts.

It means installing this retractable tonneau on your Ram 1500 means you will have the most valuable space for carrying different-sized cargo.

However, this roll-n-lock tonneau is far more expensive than its competitors, preventing the Ram 1500 owner on a tight budget from taking advantage of its superior functionality.


These trucks cover offers advanced-level protection with a four-point locking system. Then it left a smaller footprint and allowed different sie cargo safely from theft and weather, and it includes a 3-year warranty.


It’s a pricy retractable tonneau cover and the packaging is horrible.

3. Syneticusa Retractable Tonneau Cover

This Syneticusa Tonneau Cover comes in a greater balance of cost and quality. So, if you’re looking for a functional and tough retractable tonneau for your Ram 1500 that’s also affordable, this is the one to get.

With a low profile design and aluminum slats with a powder-coated black finish, this truck cover will keep the loads safe in any weather while offering a scratch-free stylish appearance. 

More importantly, this tonneau can be locked open in any position for optimum cargo protection, thanks to its secure key-lock system. After being installed on the Ram 1500, this tonneau will consistently stay flush to the rail, creating a reliable seal and protecting the contents from dust and water.

Finally, the tonneau includes plenty of hardware for easier installation and doesn’t need much maintenance while being easier to use.


This budget-friendly retractable tonneau cover comes with plenty of accessories to make the installation process easier while its tough design ensures long-lasting service. Besides this, this multi-functional tonneau can be locked in any position.


 The installation guide included isn’t supportive enough 

4. RetraxONE Retractable Tonneau Cover

Looking for an extremely user-friendly retractable tonneau cover with rugged protection? You won’t disappoint using this RetraxONE Retractable Tonneau Cover, especially the tonneau cover design with a sealed ball bearing system for easier opening and closing for an effortless experience.

Another unique feature includes one-piece rigid polycarbonate sheet construction without hinges, joints, or a moving system. 

Thus, by installing this retractable truck cover on your Ram 1500, you will not only have ultimate UV protection with improved impact resistance, but also dust, wear, or freeze-free using experience.

Not only that, this Ram 1500 tonneau cover has a secure key-lock system that ensures ultimate hauling flexibility with superior protection. Finally, its low-profile design offers a reliable seal and enhances the truck’s overall appearance.


This RetraxONE Retractable Tonneau Cover is user-friendly, durable, and ideal for having better truck bed protection. It keeps the load secure while improving the truck’s overall performance and appearance with its low-profile design and secure key-lock system.


Some owners experience the waves up and down at highway speeds.

5. PowertraxPRO MX Retractable Tonneau Cover

With remote powered operation and a tough quality aluminum panel, this PowertraxPRO MX Retractable Tonneau Cover will take your tonneau using experience to the next level.

It can be an expensive truck cover compared to the competitors, but the advanced quality and functionality of the tonneau make it worthwhile. It’s an electric retractable tonneau cover that offers optimum cargo protection with a hand-free operation. 

Although this clamp-on tonneau is very easy to install using a basic hand tool, its adjustable mounting system ensures a hassle-free perfect fit. Then its toughest aluminum with a superior matte finish offers a scratch-resistant, stylish look.

Another impressive feature includes a built-in cargo light for increased visibility under the tonneau. Still, if you are looking for more, this electric retractable tonneau can be used via a wireless key knob for effortless operation. 


It’s a heavy-duty and advanced-quality electric tonneau cover that ensures ultimate protection for the cargo and truck bed without compromising the weather or theft. Besides this is the most secure tonneau cover that allows operating without a hand while being extremely easy to install with a proper fit. The tonneau also includes a 3-year warranty with a built-in light.


It’s an expensive tonneau cover and still isn’t completely watertight.

Features to consider while buying the best retractable tonneau cover for the Ram 1500


The type of cover determines how much protection you will get when it comes to applying a tonneau cover. Therefore, learning about a different types of tonneau cover is important. For instance, a soft tonneau cover may be better for weather protection but not protect the bed and loads from theft. 

For retractable tonneau covers, their material plays a vital role. A retractable tonneau that is made of tough materials like aluminum and steel offers the best performance. Even combined with vinyl padding, it delivers additional weather protection as well.

Locking mechanism

A tonneau with locking mechanisms keeps people away from the truck bed. Some brands offer heavy-duty locks with their tonneaus that need access from the retractable tonneau top section. This is the most convenient way to access the bed quickly while protecting it from the weather and other people. 

Conversely, some designs have a latch that is covered by the tailgate. Installing such a retractable tonneau on your Ram 1500 vehicle can keep the tonneau locked and closed without using extra hardware.


Weather resistance is the area where many retractable tonneaus suffer the most. Though most tonneaus are element resistant, it can be tough for them to keep the moisture away from the bed in harsh weather. Thus, a retractable tonneau must have good weather sealing around the corners and edges.

Truck bed size

A tonneau cover, whether retractable, roll-up, or other, must fit the truck bed. Thus, the manufacturer produces different sizes of tonneau covers that are specifically compatible with certain makes and models, like the Ram 1500, Chevy Silverados, and Ford F-150s.

Before going for the retractable tonneau cover, measure your Ram 1500’s bed size properly, including width. Even bed liners are considerable for proper fit.

Other accessories

Some tonneau covers don’t fit well if the truck bed has accessories like ladder racks. Despite this, accessories like stake pockets may cause compatibility issues by sitting above the bed rails while some may have a tiny profile to allow room.

Some crucial tips to remember before installing a retractable tonneau cover on the Ram 1500

Read the installation guide before you install a retractable tonneau on your Ram 1500 vehicle. It will boost the installation process if you learn the exact process and the ideal tools to apply.

Usually, a retractable tonneau takes some room in the vehicle bed. While finding how much room will be left after keeping the tonneau in the open position, measure the housing depth. This housing generally takes the most room.

To install a retractable tonneau on a Ram 1500 on the first try requires some accurate measurements. Apart from these, the rails on the sides should be perpendicular properly for smooth installation. Sp takes some measurements and double-checks them before fastening everything.

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FAQs About Retractable Tonneau Cover For Ram 1500

Which Retractable Tonneau Cover Is Best?

The Gator Recoil Retractable Tonneau Cover is the overall best retractable tonneau cover that is durable, multi-functional, and fits within the budget. Besides, it is easy to install and use while offering a stylish look with better security.

Is Retractable Tonneau Covers Worth Of Investment?

A retractable tonneau provides tough protection to avoid or slow down thieves. Despite this, hard retractable tonneau covers provide better weather protection, including protection from snow and rain. Offering quick access to the bed, this truck cover maintains a good balance between bed access and protection.

Do Retractable Bed Covers Leak?

Due to the design feature, some retractable tonneau covers may blow water and let the dust in. To reduce drag while driving, some tonneau tailgates bleed off air. This feature lets water and dust enter the bed.

Final words

Hopefully now, choosing the best retractable tonneau cover for your Ram 1500 isn’t a tough task for you. Since you have the best retractable truck bed that is compatible with the Ram 1500 truck and an informed buying guide, you can easily pick the most suited one from the list, even from a wide market. 

But don’t forget to measure your Ram 1500 truck bed dimensions properly to ensure a hassle-free buying and using experience. Finally, you can go for the retractable tonneau that has a warranty and offers supportive customer care for better maintenance and long-lasting service.

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