How To Fix Tonneau Cover Latch? 3 Simple And Easy Steps

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How To Fix Tonneau Cover Latch? In short, to fix a tonneau cover latch that is not working properly, first, inspect the latch mechanism for any visible damage or debris that may be obstructing its function. If you find damage or debris, clean it and, if necessary, replace any broken parts. If the latch is still not functioning correctly, it may be best to consult the manufacturer’s instructions or seek professional assistance to avoid further damage or misalignment.

Once getting damaged or stuck, the tonneau cover can’t offer the required protection and can even become a headache.

Among the different parts, the latch is the most crucial, which can cause problems more often. Learning how to fix a tonneau cover latch is an integral part of maintenance that assures long-lasting quality service.

Despite the way of fixing the latch, we will discuss several common problems that occur with the tonneau as well as its solution so the truck owner can prolong its service life.

How To Fix Tonneau Cover Latch?

The experiment I have done on my 2017 Tacoma and I’m sure this applies to others as well. I have got a tri-folding tonneau cover for my vehicle for transporting purposes. But the problem I have faced, like many car owners, is its latch.

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How To Fix Tonneau Cover Latch

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Once pulled, it’s supposed to actuate both sides and unlock the cover. But from day one, it was really hard. I had to pull this latch really hard just to get the other side of the latch. And even then, it would stick.

So what I did was unfold the tonneau cover and found its cable sitting straight. I thought if I could introduce a little deflection in that cable, it’d effectively shorten the length of the cable and enable that fire latch to unlatch quicker.

So what I did was I took a little saw blade on the multi-tool. Then cut behind the screw a little deeper so the cable can sit here and the cover can hold it in place behind the screw. Finally, I covered the cable section and screwed it.

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The verdict is that the latch fixes work well. It just opens up perfectly. There are no issues I am facing and now it’s working well. And if you’re facing trouble with the latch opening, go ahead and try that out.

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Some common problems with tonneau covers and solutions

Despite the latch, using a tonneau cover may cause several problems. The following are some of the common issues that can happen using a tonneau cover and the way of fixing them.

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The Cover Doesn’t Fit Right

Each tonneau cover varies in different sizes and shapes, so they can fit certain types of vehicles perfectly. Thus, it is essential to measure the vehicle properly to ensure the right tonneau for the pickup bed.

If you find a fitting problem even after choosing the right size, consider the installation process. Sometimes, the seal and hardware are also responsible for improper fitting.

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More importantly, check the tonneau carefully while receiving whether the supplier sent a damaged or faulty product or not! A defect can pull the tonneau away from a certain truck bed area.

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Defective or Missing Seal

If you find the seal of the tonneau is damaged or missing, replace the tonneau if it is covered by the warranty policy. If it’s not, then repair the tonneau to prevent the amount of damage.

A damaged seal can allow air, water, and dust to penetrate and cause damage to both the cover itself and the contents.

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The Cover Won’t Open

The Cover Won’t Open

A tonneau cover should slide smoothly while you open and close it. But practicing extensively can get stuck over time. The rust in the mechanism is responsible for making the tonneau harder to use.

As a basic treatment, apply some lubrication to the suspicious region. The tonneau cover can lose its performance due to its age and broad use.

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FAQs: How To Fix Tonneau Cover Latch?

1. Why does my tonneau cover keep popping up?

The tonneau cover can keep popping up if the latch isn’t locked properly. If you experience it, then press down on the tonneau cover so the latch can lock completely.

2. How Tight Should The Tonneau Cover Be?

Tighten the tonneau cover until you find no sagging between the bows. To adjust the tonneau, roll the cover open so you can get access to the tension adjuster. Now turn both the tension adjusters anti-clockwise to tighten and clockwise to loosen. 

3. Is It Hard To Install A Tonneau Cover?

The hard tonneau cover is a bit harder to install than the soft tonneau cover. You can install a soft tonneau cover within an hour, even without the aid of experts. Conversely, the tonneau cover is heavier and requires two or more people to install.

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Final Words: How To Fix Tonneau Cover Latch?

The tonneau cover is a handy shield for the truck bed and load as it protects the environment and dirty people effectively.

But you will experience all the advantages if it performs properly and you are completely fit. The latch is one of the most critical mechanisms of the tonneau that allows the top to open and close the cover properly and causes problems more than other parts. 

The way we have to teach you how to fix the tonneau cover latch is straightforward and does not require much skill. I hope the tips will work for you and save you time and money. If it’s not, don’t hesitate to consult with experts.

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