How To Adjust Tonneau Covers? (Helpful Tips)

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Using the tonneau consistently and carrying different loads, it can get loose and cause inaccurate fitting which needs adjustment. So learning how to adjust the tonneau cover is vital for both maintaining the tonneau properly and carrying the cargo with complete protection.

Following the guide, we will discuss some of the most common tonneau problems and the way of adjusting them for better use.

How To Adjust Tonneau Covers?

The tonneau cover can be adjusted in a different way depending on its problem. Sometimes it is needed to loosen or tighten. That can be done by adjusting the tension block and preventing it from flipping and sagging.

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How To Adjust Tonneau Covers

Different types of tonneau problems and the way of adjusting them

A tonneau cover that doesn’t work properly can serve as complete protection. Adjustment of a tonneau is among the maintenance jobs that can be done even after choosing the right size. A faulty tonneau can flip, leak, and may stick to the pickup bed. Following the section, we will discuss some common problems with the tonneau cover and the easier way of adjusting and fixing it.

How to adjust the tightness of a Roll-up Tonneau Cover

Once installed, a tonneau cover may seem a little tight. Looking across the cover, you will notice the very front is kind of raised. It’s because they pulled so tightly, there’s a lift in the front. To fix the problem, you will have to adjust the tension. Following the process will help you complete the task in the right way:

Roll up the cover

To fix the problem, release the trigger latch, roll it up to the bulkhead and you will find the tension block. It is better if you get the cover all the way up to the front so you can work conveniently. 

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Adjust the tension block

You will find a clip that has to be pulled out and freed up. Then take out the tension block. If it is set at three, turn the tension block around and set it at four and drop it back into a rectangular hole. You’ll notice that now the headrail can slide back towards the tension block. 

That’s going to relieve some of the tension on that cover. Now you can re-install the clip. You have to repeat the method on both sides of the tonneau cover. The tension needs to be the same on the driver’s side and the passenger’s side.

Roll down the tonneau

Once completing the task, roll the cover down to the tailgate. Line it up and lock it down. You will find it definitely much easier to close. Besides, you will feel the cover is nice and tight. The proper tension is set at four, which is the loosest amount of tension. If you need to get tighter, you can go to three, two, or one incrementally to get even tighter.

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How to Stop a Flapping Tonneau Cover?

A truck with a sagging cover is overwhelming. It can cause frustrating sounds and damage the cover permanently. Some tonneau covers include an extra set of tensioner knobs. These are found at space intervals outside of the bed rail cover and are used to cinch down the area.

If you have been using a tonneau cover for five to six years, you should replace the cover. A solid tonneau cover would be a smart decision for a pickup truck that mostly travels on the highway. Though these will cost a bit more, they will offer a lifetime warranty considering the model.

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A flapping tonneau cover can be tightened and you must go if it starts to erode the quality of the vehicle. You can do so by tightening the tension block found under the cover.

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How to adjust the Lund Genesis Roll-Up Tonneau Cover

You will find an adjuster underneath the tonneau to tighten the tunnel. A washer is there and it’s a part of the tightening mechanism. You can get both sides adjusted evenly. You’ll find here a plus and minus, that allows you to both tighten and loosen the tonneau.

All you have to do is move its point to the middle of the next slot. Then you have to do the same thing on the other side. Once tightened, you will have a flat shape and a surface tonneau to protect the stuff.

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Can I shorten a tonneau cover?

Some specific models of tonneau cover allow you to shorten it to fit your shorter needs. Firstly, measure the bed from the tailgate to the toolbox and then shorten both the mounting rails and the tonneau consequently.

Why Does The Tonneau Cover Cause Problems?

The tonneau cover causes problems due to becoming damaged or frequently used for a longer time. Moreover, it can cause problems with wrong fitting and wear out because of age. Using the incorrect size also doesn’t offer complete service to the truck bed and the loads. As a result, it can get a leak, flip and stick in the bed.

Is Soft Tonneau Covers Loud?

A perfectly installed tonneau fits snugly across the truck bed and doesn’t make any noise. Whether it is soft or hard, the tonneau shouldn’t even feel it. Conversely, if you hear the cover flapping while driving down the road, the tonneau might get loose.

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Final Thoughts

As you can see, we have explained plenty of adjusting processes. So, once you learn how to adjust the tonneau cover, hope you can prevent it from flapping or make it flat if it rises due to over-tightening.

Moreover, preventing flopping means you won’t experience any noise while driving, and, of course, it will offer better protection for cargo. Finally, adjusting the tonneau is among the proper maintenance processes which ensure long-lasting and better use of a tonneau cover.

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