How To Secure Tool Chest To Truck Bed? (Step By Step Guide)

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Do you want to protect your tools from elements and damage while moving? Well, the truck tool chest is the best solution.

But if you don’t connect the tool box in the truck bed, it’ll fall out, and your equipment will end up all over the shoulder. Besides, a displaced tool chest can even cause personal injury to you.

The only way to guarantee the security of your tools and yourself is to lock up your tool chests with the appropriate hardware.

Let me guide you on securing the tool chest to the truck bed.

Why Do You Need a Truck Bed Tool Box?

Carrying and protecting your equipment from the elements is a breeze with a truck tool box built to withstand the elements.

The sturdy build and strong locks will keep your tools secure and close to your hand.

These truck accessories are made to fit snugly in the back of the truck, underneath the rear windshield.

Their placement makes them aerodynamic and allows the truck bed to remain mostly open, which is useful when transporting bulky objects.

How To Secure Tool Chest To Truck Bed

How To Secure Tool Chest To Truck Bed?

Securing a tool chest requires intermediate difficulty. The process shouldn’t be an issue if you have the right tools and review the installation manual.

Most users say it takes less than 2-hours to install a chest toolbox. How cool is that?

Here is the step-by-step guide to securing the tool chest to the truck bed.

1. Choose the correct chest box for your car

Carefully measure the inside of your truck bed and think about your truck’s make and type before shopping for a truck tool box.

Make sure the toolbox you buy is compatible with the make and model of your truck. Before the installation, check that the toolbox fits in the trunk once it arrives.

Keeping your truck’s aesthetic in mind can help guide your shopping. Which finish is best for your car will depend on several factors, including the paint color, bed lining, and trim.

Make a mental note of the storage space, and any compartments or other arranging tools the box may have inside.

When determining which box to purchase, you must consider the size and nature of the products you intend to transport.

2. Find the right location for the attachment

The best way to secure a truck toolbox is to choose the right location for attachment. First, you need to measure the size of the box with a measuring tape.

Also, you should measure the space available in the truck bed before reaching the perfect position.

You need to measure the following.

  • Bed wall height
  • Bed rail distance (interior)
  • Space between the bed rails exterior
  • Wheel wells and the bulkhead distance

In the place you have chosen for attachment, make sure that there is no difficulty in trying to open the lid of the box.

Also, ensure that the lids on your side rails are adequately opened or closed. In other words, it would be better if the place was a little open.

3. Preserve the paint with truck tool box mounting pads

In addition to protecting the truck’s cargo bay against damage, arrange adequate padding to preserve the body paint.

Therefore, it is vital to use rubber foam padding before securing your toolbox.

However, if you have a bed liner in your truck, you do not have to do this because this liner will protect the surface of your truck.

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4. Find the holes

Now you need to find the holes in the cargo bay of your truck. In most cases, these holes are covered with rubber plugs and located on the bottom.

All you have to do is remove the rubber plugs from the holes and attach the box properly. However, it would help if you tried to open the cover so it is easy to match the holes in the box with the truck.

Check the other ways of installing a tool box without drilling.

5. Screw the bolts

To complete the alignment correctly, screw the bolts to their normal position.

Because toolboxes come in various designs, you should perform this before placing the box on the rails.

You may need to use about 6 bolts to make the attachment successful.

6. Attach the tool box with cautions

Remember, no extra force should be applied during the hardening process. This is because the bed rails can be damaged by using excessive force.

On the other hand, if you fit the nuts/bolts lightly. Then there may be loose gaps between the box and the bed, which may cause vibration.

So, the right amount of power is needed to ensure the toolbox is correctly attached to your truck bed.

7. Cross-Check

Once the toolbox is firmly attached to your truck bed, now is the time to cross-check and see if everything is OK.

Make sure everything is in the right place. Also, open the lid of the box and check that it opens appropriately without any obstruction.

You should also check the toolbox for vibration by shaking. If the box is still vibrating, you need to tighten the nuts/bolts again.

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Tools you need to install truck a toolbox

You will need a few specific tools to install a chest box. You can make your DIY truck tool box with those tools.

However, a truck tool box mounting kit will help you choose the right tool. The tools include.

  • Screwdriver
  • Bolt
  • Spanner
  • Nuts
  • Measuring tape
  • Pliers

The sooner you are ready with all the necessary equipment, the sooner you can start your work. Once all the above tools have been collected, you can start working.

Additional Tips

Here we will give you some additional tips that will make your work easier and allow you to complete the work without any hassle.

  • When choosing bolts and nuts, try to find products that can attach to your truck’s rails without hassle. Make your work hassle-free and easy.
  • Do not tighten the bolts and nuts when attaching the bed rail toolbox. Sticking too tight can damage your bed rails.
  • You must inspect your box regularly to ensure it has passed the durability test. Make sure it will serve you well for a long time.

What Truck Toolbox Should I Buy For The Most Secure?

There is no definitive answer to this question, but the best truck toolbox to buy is the one that best fits your needs.

There are many different types and sizes of truck toolboxes. So, choosing the one that will work best for you is crucial.

You will find the following types in the market.

  • Chest-style
  • Crossover
  • High-side
  • Low-side
  • Gull-wing
  • Flatbed

However, some factors to consider when choosing a truck toolbox include the size and the type of tools you need to store. Let me share my list of factors with you.

At last, it is also essential to consider your budget for the purchase.

Truck toolboxes can range in price from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars, so it is crucial to find one that fits your budget.

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How Do You Secure A Tool Chest To A Truck Bed?

There are a few ways to do this, but the most common is to use ratchet straps. First, you’ll want to position the tool chest where you want it in the truck bed. Then, you’ll need to secure the ratchet straps around the tool chest and the truck bed. Ensure the ratchet straps are tight, so the tool chest doesn’t move around.

How Do I Keep My Truck Toolbox From Moving?

There are several ways to keep your truck toolbox from moving. One way is to use bolts to secure the toolbox to the truck’s bed. Another way is to use straps or ratchet straps to secure the toolbox to the truck’s bed.  The last way is to use a truck bed liner. This will help keep the toolbox from sliding around in the truck’s bed.

Final Thoughts

If you want to protect your equipment, you need to take a step to secure your tool chest on your truck bed. After reading this article, we hope you are not concerned about securing your tool chest in the truck bed.

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