Does Toyota Make A Tonneau Cover In 2022?

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Considering the overall structure of a Toyota vehicle, the tonneau cover plays a significant role.

From the beginning of its journey, Toyota has been trying to manufacture all the equipment for its users. But somehow in terms of Tonneau covers, you have to rely on other companies. 


Though once there was a time when quality tonneau covers were tough to find, the best ones are now available in many stores and obviously on the online stores. 

Does Toyota make a tonneau cover?

No, Toyota doesn’t manufacture tonneau covers. However, you will get good tonneau covers for Toyota made by various kinds of companies specifically. For example, we can talk about Gator ETX, BAK BAKFlip MX4, and many more. 

Finding the best brand tonneau cover for your Toyota might take time. But you have to do your own research.

Things that you may consider are:

  • Size of your truck
  • Price and durability of the tonneau cover
  • Weather conditions at your area
  • Usability of the tonneau cover

Why It’s Essential To Carry A Tonneau Cover? 

Your Toyota truck helps you in so many ways in your journey on the road. The last thing you would want is your vehicle being affected because you didn’t install a tonneau cover.

A tonneau cover helps your truck in so many ways. 

Know about some of the basic needs of a tonneau cover. Let’s dive in.

The protection issue

The first thing a tonneau cover will do is protect the equipment that you have loaded on your truck. 

Bad weather conditions, rain, snow, dust anything; your tonneau cover will save your truck bed from almost all. But it depends on what type of cover you are using.

Moreover, if you live in an area where the weather is unfriendly, man you really need to get that truck a tonneau cover.

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Give your Truck a Good look

No matter whether it’s a car or a truck, good looks matter a lot. We know you bought the truck for carrying different things.

But tonneau cover comes into use when you want to make your truck look more appealing. 

They come in different colors as well. Not only that if you are a style freak, you can paint your cover in your own favorite color to match the car.

Does Toyota Make A Tonneau Cover

The security issue

Yes, it will make your truck more secure. Though other security options are available in the truck, the tonneau cover will play a significant role.

One thing a tonneau cover does best is hide your equipment that are on your truck bed. What’s hidden is hard to steal. 

Installing a tonneau cover will be a great decision for theft protection.

Improve Gas Mileage

Now how does that work?

Well, here’s how. 

Think of you driving your truck without a tonneau cover. What will happen is as you speed up, your ‘open’ truck bed will face more aerodynamic friction.
Quite obviously this will make it harder for your truck engine to move forward.

As a result it has to use more gas per mile.

Now think that your truck bed is covered with a nicely installed tonneau cover. This will significantly reduce the aerodynamic friction.
Making the surface smoother for the air to move away.

Your truck will “run faster”.

So these are the reasons why you should use a tonneau cover in your truck. Hopefully, these are enough for you to get influenced. 

Different Brands of Tonneau Cover For Toyota

We want to introduce you to various kinds of tonneau covers that are available in the market. So better we start sharing the details of them- 

Tyger Auto T3 TG-BC3T1530 

Made in the USA, this comes in as leather and vinyl.

This type of cover was introduced to ensure more customer satisfaction. 

This cover is made of high grade materials. Also makes your truck look good.

Its cover is dual-coated. Not just that, you will get a quality aluminum frame on this cover. 

Installation process of this cover can be done in minutes.

Gator ETX 59410 

Best Value Tacoma Tonneau Cover- While talking about this cover, we have to share the design details.

First, it comes with a very sleek design to use with enough satisfaction. Apart from that, its aluminum frame is best than any other ones. 

Though we can’t assure you about the waterproof issue but fits in your truck quite perfectly, in addition, you will get a quality cover once you buy it.

Good news is Gator ETX comes with life-time warranty. It has to be one of the best purchases you can make for your truck.

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Maximize TCT371030 

Here comes the most attractive cover for you. Once you buy it, you will get the horizontal crossbar in the assembled format.

Apart from that, The steel camps are made so that you get the best possible service. 

Not just those, the covers are 100% waterproof. If you somehow need to fold it up, you can easily fold it up.

Though it has a drawback, you should not use this cover if you are a speed lover while driving. 

BAK BAKFlip MX4 448427

While talking about this cover, we would like to say this comes with a buckle system that is totally integrated and perfectly made. Apart from that, You will get a matte finish perfectly done. 

BAK BAKFlip MX4 448427 also comes with a durable and stylish design. However, it is also not 100% waterproof.

Although, this tonneau cover comes with a high price. But we can assure you that this might be a great option in terms of quality and performance.

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TruXedo TruXsport 256001

It has crossbar bows for your better comfort. The Leather material is made with high-quality leather. 

While talking about the benefits, we would like to add that you can easily unlock the entire cover within a short period. But while buying it, make sure the cover fits with your truck. 

Gator ETX 53412

Starting with latching, the cover is made to tolerate the weight in its cover. So you don’t have to worry while carrying anything heavy.

We also would like to add that it comes with a totally adjustable tension control. Though this cover also doesn’t fit in all kinds of trucks. Better you read the details and then buy it. 

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Is Tonneau Cover Waterproof?

Usually, a tonneau comes with a waterproof benefit. But some tonneau’s are not waterproof. So for getting that benefit, please make sure you talk with the store manager. Or it would help if you read the description of the product. 

What Is The Most Secure Tonneau Cover?

Though almost every cover are well secured but still painted one-piece tonneau covers are the best secured one. These are well designed, and most importantly, the security specs are many to describe. 

Does A Tonneau Cover Keep The Bed Dry?

The tonneau cover will keep your truck bed dry. As the cover fills the entire bed, raindrops or any water can’t reach the truck quickly. Thus, the bed remains dry.

Are Tonneau Covers Worth It?

These covers come with a lot of benefits. First, it will keep your truck’s bed dry 24/1. Not just that, once you will start using it, the look of your vehicle will change within a moment.
Lastly, it will secure your car for sure. SO undoubtedly, these covers are worth using.

Final words 

Does Toyota make a tonneau cover” is a question that demands a brief answer. Though we tried to uphold all the necessary data in front of you.

Toyota trucks are the best ones if you are searching for a vehicle. It becomes a beast when you include a tonneau cover on it. So we hope you will be a regular user of  Tonneau covers.

Consider the above information before buying a tonneau cover for your beloved Toyota truck.

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