7 Best Weather Stripping For Tonneau Cover In 2024

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Weather stripping is a smart choice to seal the tiniest gap between the tailgate and tonneau for complete protection.

But if you fail to pick the best weather stripping for tonneau cover, it can bring extra difficulties. A poor seal can cause noise and extra vibration and make the truck bed dirty and wet. 

Thus, we have come up with some of the best weather strippings to seal any parts of the vehicle with a different surface for complete protection.

Quick comparison

NameKey Features

★ Our Overall #1 Choice ★

ESI Ultimate Tailgate Seal for Tonneau Covers
✓ Seals the tailgate gap and sidewalls tightly.
✓ Suitable for all surface finishes.
✓ Reduces tailgate vibration.
✓ Takes only 30 minutes to install.
★ Best Alternative ★

CloudBuyer Auto Rubber Weather Draft Seal Strip
✓ 33 feet long weather stripping.
✓ Has high strength adhesive.
✓ Suitable for a range of applications.
✓ Enhance driving comfort.
Tintvent Camper Shell Seal for Tonneau Cover✓ Made of tough EPDM rubber materials.
✓ Construct with double-bulb tailgate seal.
✓ Prevent scuff and rust damage.
✓ Very easy to install.
MYFAMIREA Adhesive Tailgate Seal ✓ Heat and cold resistant.
✓ Reduce the noise of the wind.
✓ Suitable for versatile use.
✓ Prevent dust, raindrops, and Fog.
Access Cover Element Seal✓ Keep the cargo safe and dry.
✓ Gas extremely sticky adhesive.
✓ Make the tonneau completely waterproof.
✓ Perfect for sealing under the cover’s front bar.
TruXseal Universal Tailgate Seal ✓ Offer long-term durability.
✓ Universally compatible with tonneau and truck.
✓ All-weather resistant.
✓ Prevent dirt, dust, and moisture.
TRIM-LOK Trim Seal for Tonneau Cover✓ Made of flexible PVC plastic trim.
✓ Offer protection against heat, weather, and water.
✓ Offer a durable finished edge seal.
✓ Suitable for quicker use.

Best Weather Stripping For Tonneau Cover

Best Weather Stripping For Tonneau Cover

1. ESI Ultimate Tailgate Seal for Tonneau Covers. Best Weather Stripping For Tonneau Cover

Note: Install the weather stripping when the air and ground temperature is between 55° – 104°F 

Many truck caps are cushioned by a low-density rubber seal, foam, or sponge, and these squeeze and worsen the inferior seal down. If you want to protect your cargo and truck bed from weather elements due to a damaged seal, you must use top-quality EPDM rubber seals on the vehicle cap. 

This is where the ESI Ultimate Tailgate Seal plays its role. This weather stripping seal prevents the tonneau from scratching, vibration, and rust damage and lets the tonneau do its job.

Unique design

This original and patented tailgate seal comes with a taper seal. Both are made of EPDM rubber and have a high quality adhesive to keep the fumes, dust, and water away.

Ease of installation

This weather stripping takes no time to install and protects the inside of the truck bed and loads. The manufacturer also offers a user-friendly instruction guide for perfect operation.

Universally compatible

The adhesive of the stropping works well for overall surface finishes. It is also compatible with spray-on bed liners. The stripping greatly reduces the tailgate vibration.


  • Only takes 30 minutes to install.
  • Suitable for all surface finishes.
  • Protect from all-weather elements.
  • Quality construction.


  • The paint may start to lift if you try to peel the seal back.


How long is the whole roll?

It is 8′ long and about 1″ wide.

Is this seal compatible with the truck?


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2. CloudBuyer Auto Rubber Weather Draft Seal Strip. Best Weather Stripping For Tonneau Cover

Note: Includes adhesive tape to offer better results if you find the weatherstripping are less sticky.

This CloudBuyer Universal Self Adhesive Auto Rubber Weather Seal is the best budget weather stripping for tonneau on our list. The weather seal has a high strength adhesive to protect the truck door, back case cover, and engine cover. 

More importantly, these direct replacement tapes will offer a hassle-free installation while being a perfect replacement for various types of stripes. With a combination of sticky adhesive and a strong rubber seal, this weather stripping will take some strength to rip off.

Highly flexible

Along with a tonneau cover, this weather stripping is suitable for a large range of applications. So you can use this seal as an automotive door seal, a boat hatch seal, a toolbox seal, and more.

Efficient operation

This low-cost weather stripping improves the driving comfort on the highway. It absorbs both sound and vibration to keep the environment quiet.

Improves the performance

This weather stripping boosts the truck’s heating and cooling power. With some extensions, this rubber seal also reduces fuel consumption.


  • Extra-large weather stripping.
  • Highly sticky adhesive.
  • Suitable for a wide range of surfaces.
  • Low-cost solution.


  • The weather stripping is slightly thinner.


Does this weather stripping work in highly humid conditions?


Can I use this weather stripping over the metal surface?

It works on aluminum.

3. Tintvent Camper Shell Seal for Tonneau Cover. Best Weather Stripping For Tonneau Cover

Note: You may need to apply extra adhesive to get sticky performance. 

This Tintvent Camper Shell Seal is another best weather stripping for tonneau covers on the market. The fact that makes it more superior than typical is its improved design. This weather stripping is designed with a double-bulb tailgate seal. 

This feature will let you close the door more tightly to improve the leakproofness. The function also prevents rust damage, scuffs, and vibration to give you the most out of your tonneau.

Solid quality

This weather stripping is made of top-class EPDM rubber materials to seal the tonneau with toughness. The rubber is also sticky to keep the seal in place.

Ease of installation

With a camper shell gasket, this weather stripping is very easy to install. The seal also comes with step-by-step instructions to apply the seal appropriately.


You can use this rubber seal on a car door, storage container, and toolbox along with a tonneau. This 26-foot tonneau will serve you well for a variety of purposes thanks to its versatile length.


  • Enhances the leakproofness of the vehicle.
  • Perfect for straight applications.
  • Suitable for versatile use.
  • Batter than the typical type of stripe.


  • It’s a bit tough to seal the corner with this weather stripping.


How long is this seal?

26 ft

Where is this weather stripping made of?


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4. MYFAMIREA Adhesive Tailgate Seal. Best Weather Stripping For Tonneau Cover

Note:  Professional installation is preferable over PVC/foam seals.

If you are looking for a safe weather stripping to seal the challenging zone of your tonneau cover, try this MYFAMIREA Adhesive Tailgate Seal. This tailgate seal is made of native rubber and thus doesn’t produce any harmful odor. 

Despite this, the weather stripping has a strong tensile strength to effectively seal the topper’s tonneaus and lids. More importantly, you can apply this weather stripping to any truck to keep its bed and loads dirty and clean.

All-around protection

This tailgate seal has high heat and cold resistance. So the seal will protect the bed and its contents from water, wind, dust, and snow throughout the years.

Upgraded design

With a combination of strong tensile strength and closely integrated adhesive, this seal is the best soundproofing insulation. It also keeps the door closed tightly to allow you to drive the car at a high speed without causing sound pollution.

Easy to apply

This direct replacement tape won’t cause any hassle while installing. All you have to do is push the stripping foam on the sealant over the installed place.


  • Suitable for sealing tight zones.
  • Fits well with various vehicles and bed covers.
  • Heat and cold resistant.
  • Don’t produce any harmful odors.


  • Some parts may require extra super glue to get them to stick.


What is the dimension of this seal?

24.5 fit long, 2″ wide and 3/8 inch thick.

Is this weather stripping heavy-duty?

Yes, it’s built to last.

5. Access Cover Element Seal. Best Weather Stripping For Tonneau Cover

Note: The seal isn’t much wider to see but stops the rain.

With decades of experience, Access Cover is a well-renowned truck cover manufacturer in the market. They also produce this weather stripping to boost the performance of the tonneau cover and protect the bed. 

This weatherstripping fits all pickups to protect the cargo and keep it safe. An impressive feature is that you can seal under the tonneau cover’s front bar with this seal.

Straightforward installation

This weather stripping is the perfect choice for a novice user. It only requires three quick steps, including cutting, peeling, and sticking.


The tailgate seal is a highly effective item to make the tonneau cover completely waterproof.

Heavy duty

This weather stripping is almost impossible to lift off. Many users mark this extremely sticky feature as a downfall.


  • Keep the cargo safe and dry.
  • Suitable for sealing under the covers front bar.
  • Comes at a decent price.
  • Fit perfectly and works effectively.


  • Comes in a shorter length than its competitors.


How thick is this weather stripping?

Not over 1/2″ thick

How long this seal is?


6. TruXseal Universal Tailgate Seal. Best Weather Stripping For Tonneau Cover

Note: You may require a DIY installer for this weather stripping.

With a combination of long-term durability and all-weather resistance, this TruXseal Universal Tailgate Seal is our next recommendation for the best weather stripping for a tonneau cover. It’s an OE quality bulb seal that keeps the dust and moisture away from the truck bed. 

This weather stripping comes from 3M acrylic foam tape that assures long-term toughness to protect against any weather elements.

Perfect for spray in bed liner

Unlike the typical weather stripping, this seal is a preferable choice for a sprayed-in bed liner. You can also use this seal on a truck to drive on a gravel road as it has a stocky adhesive.

Universally compatible

This weather stripping fits with all the truck and tonneau covers, lids, and toppers. However, the seal is preferable for the Truxedo tonneaumate toolbox.

Solid construction

It’s an OE quality bulb seal and is resistant to weather. The weather also keeps the dust, water, and dirt out.


  • Ensure a tight seal between the truck bed and tailgate.
  • Universally fit with almost all truck bed cover.
  • Comes at a reasonable price.
  • Extremely durable construction.


  • This weather stripping isn’t fit with late-model GM’s trucks.


How thick this seal is?

About ¾

Is this tonneau works with a vertical tailgate gap?


7. TRIM-LOK Trim Seal for Tonneau Cover. Best Weather Stripping For Tonneau Cover

Note: It’s slightly difficult to seal the corner and hatch with this weather stripping.

If you are looking for advanced quality weather stripping for tonneau cover, this Trim-Lok Trim Seal won’t disappoint you. This weather stripping is made of flexible PVC plastic trim and is complete with a sponge rubber bulb. 

Combining these features, this rubber seal will ensure a secure seal for a range of applications. This seal may cost slightly more than typical but is still preferable for versatile use for improved protection.

Superior protection

This weather stripping offers all-around protection from extreme weather damage. It also protects the bed and its contents from water absorption, cold temperatures, and sunlight.

Easy to use

The rubber seal has a gripping tongue, aluminum metal clips, and a strong grip for excellent retention and security.

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Flexible use

Apart from the tonneau cover, this weather stripping works well with RV slides, boat hatches, tool boxes, and lots of home applications.


  • Eliminate vibration and reduce noise.
  • Available in a variety of lengths and thickness.
  • Offer a durable finished edge seal.
  • Excellent for all years of use.


  • More expensive than competitors.


What is the right tool to cut this seal?

Grinder with cutting wheel.

Where this weather stripping is made of?

The USA.

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FAQs: Best Weather Stripping For Tonneau Cover

How do I make my tonneau cover waterproof?

To make your tonneau cover waterproof, you can apply a silicone-based sealant along the seams and edges of the cover. Additionally, installing weather stripping or gaskets can help create a tight seal, preventing water from entering the truck bed.

How do you keep dust out of a truck bed with a tonneau cover?

To keep dust out of a truck bed with a tonneau cover, consider adding a tailgate seal to create a barrier between the cover and the tailgate. You can also install weather stripping along the edges of the tonneau cover to minimize gaps and prevent dust from entering.

How do I stop my tonneau cover from leaking?

To stop your tonneau cover from leaking, first ensure that the cover is properly installed and aligned. If leaks persist, you can use a silicone-based sealant or adhesive to seal any gaps or seams where water may be entering. Additionally, adding weather stripping along the edges and seams can create a tighter seal and prevent water from getting inside the truck bed.

What should I treat my tonneau cover with?

You can treat your tonneau cover with a vinyl protectant or conditioner to keep it in good condition. Make sure to choose a product that is compatible with the material of your tonneau cover, whether it’s vinyl, fabric, or another material, and follow the manufacturer’s instructions for application.

Final words: Best Weather Stripping For Tonneau Cover

The tonneau cover is good enough to protect the truck bed and its cargo. But sometimes harsh weather and wild wind make it difficult to keep them safe from dust and water. This is where weather stripping plays its role and ensures complete protection from the weather. 

However, choosing the best weather stripping for tonneau cover is challenging due to the large variety of choices. But you can complete this journey with ease by picking the preferred one from the list.

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