Tyger Auto T3 Problems (Main Causes & Possible Fixes)

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 If you are willing to buy a Tyger auto t3 soft roll up tonneau cover, it will be better to familiarize yourself with its positives and negatives before making the final call.

Though the positives are very easy to get, understanding the real Tyger auto t3 problems is quite tricky. 

In this case, reading this single post will make you aware of all the common problems experienced by users and help them avoid them before they happen.

Tyger Auto T3 Soft Tri-Fold Tonneau Cover

If you are looking for a completely assembled and easy-to-access soft tonneau cover for your light-duty needs, this Tyger Auto T3 truck bed cover will be your right choice.

Tyger Auto T3 Problems

This tonneau cover also offers speedy access to the truck bed, while its customized design enhances the truck’s appearance. The tonneau mounts on top of the bed rails give a sleek look and increase gas savings.

Constructed with a combination of an aircraft-grade aluminum frame and 24oz marine-grade vinyl, this tear-resistant soft roll-up tonneau cover also offers reliable protection against weather and unwanted hands. 

Multiple exciting features include clamps with stainless steel rods and weathertight sealing. Combining these features, this tonneau cover remains secured to the truck bed and protects the valuables from rain, sun rays, and snow.

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Tyger Auto T3 Problems

The gap between cover and truck bed

T3 soft roll up tonneau cover is a great product and fits excellently on the truck. The tonneau also takes around 30 minutes to install without any hassle. But a common complaint against this T3 truck bed cover is that it leaves around a 1/4-inch gap between the truck bed and itself. 

If you don’t check the tonneau box carefully or read the instructions thoroughly, this can feel frustrating. Otherwise, the manufacturer offers the solution to this problem in the packaging. 

They offer an extra piece of weather stripping at the bottom of the bag. You must apply these seal strips to the gap between the tonneau cover and the truck bed and keep the inside of the bed dry.

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Loud Tapping Noise When Driving

Soft roll-up truck beds aren’t much stronger and tighter compared to hard tonneau covers. Still, the tonneau cover remains tight and offers reliable protection, especially if you can handle it properly. 

For this Tyger Auto t3 tonneau cover, it has clamps with a stainless steel rod to keep the tonneau tightly in place during the extreme situations. Still, some users experience a small amount of noise while driving down the highway. 

It can happen due to the tonneau flapping in the wind. But luckily, all the reporters find the noise to be minimal and not enough to be annoying.

Though it’s normal to hear noise while driving at high speed, check the clamps to fix it. You must make sure the entire clamp is latched onto the metal part of the truck bed rail.

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Need to Improve the Front Sealing

Though it’s a soft roll-up tonneau cover, it gets quite a tough design to ensure quality protection against nature and thieves. Its outer edge also looks well made. But the problem is that its front corners don’t seal. 

The front clamp of this truck bed cover remains too far from the front edge of the tonneau. To solve this problem, I’ll suggest you remove the large storage bag, which you’ll not use in the future. Instead, apply a cross rib about four inches from the front end using two clamps.

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Unspecified instructions

This Tiger Auto t3 soft roll up truck bed cover comes with handy 4-step instructions to make the assembly easy. Still, it’s slightly incomplete to make your installation process successful. In this case, you should follow these tricks:

  • Push and screw all three pieces together firmly without adjusting them. Otherwise, you can have a tough time closing the tonneau cover.
  • Clean the surface of the tonneau cover thoroughly before applying an extra weather strip.
  • While lying out, bash the initial point from the front side of the truck bed.

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Though this soft roll-up tonneau cover has watertight sealing, some customers still mentioned the leak problem. As long as you are using a soft tonneau cover, you can’t expect 100% water protection.

Still, you can keep the leakage to a minimum by following some tips. But remember, this way you’ll void the warranty.

As mentioned earlier, its clamps are placed too far from the edges, which is the main source of the problem.

In this case, you can remove the screws that hold the cross brace to the side member. Then slide the entire thing back from the front and rear towards the front.

Go around five inches on every side to make sure the rear cross beam clears the middle beam when you fold it.

Another thing you can do is apply 1/8″ dense foam strips on the front edges. You can run the thick foam strips up to the inner edges instead of over them.

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Final words

Throughout the guide, we have explained some of the most common tyger auto t3 problems that you should be clear about. This will help you realize the capabilities of this soft roll up tonneau cover and what you’ll get for the money. 

Last but not least, this Tyger auto t3 tonneau cover won’t disappoint you for your light-duty purposes. More importantly, you can solve these errors on both sides and get the most benefits out of it.

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