Who Makes Mopar Tonneau Covers? Find Out Now!

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Have you ever thought about what “Mopar” means? It’s a simple contraction of the words “motor” and “parts.” Sound surprising, huh?

Mopar’s journey began as a line of antifreeze products in 1937. It was a subsidy of Chrysler when they bought Dodge in 1928. Now Mopar is a famous brand for truck accessories like bed liners, tonneau covers, and many more.

So, if you ask who makes Mopar tonneau covers, the answer will be Mopar itself. I know it will create confusion in your mind, so let me clarify things.

Who Makes Mopar Tonneau Covers?

Fiat Chrysler Automobile (FCA) owns the Mopar brand. So, you can say FCA makes Mopar tonneau covers for your Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Ram, or FIAT trucks.

Mopar is famous for soft roll-up, trifold, and snapless tonneau covers. You can get any models under one grand from any recognized offline or online store.

Who Makes Mopar Tonneau Covers

Mopar started its way as a motor part manufacturer for Chrysler cars. However, now Mopar serves all the owners of Chevy, Ram, Dodge, Jeep, and Fiat vehicles. If you own a truck from any of those brands, getting a Mopar tonneau cover can be a great idea.

Mopar Tonneau Cover Compatibility

MakeModelYearBed size
Ram1500 DT, 1500 DS2020-20245’7″. 6’4″, 8″

Why Mopar Tonneau’s cover is the Best

Nowadays, your vehicle will get different designs and brand tonneau covers.  Among them, the Mopar cover is one of the best-selling items. 

Online shopper has many options to fit their budget and ensure that the truck is getting the best accessories.

So, here we will talk about detailed functions, pros, and cons of a moper tonneau cover.  That will make your decision-making easy.


Mopar cover used premier fabric and high-quality aluminum to deliver a durable and sturdy tonneau cover.

It has no chance of stretching over time.  Besides, the fabric is strong enough to protect your cargo goods from rough weather.

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This cover is built with integrated crossbows that ensure long-lasting smooth services.  It can easily roll up to give full access to the truck bed.  So you can utilize maximum cargo space with this brilliant cover.

Easy to use

Mopar provides smooth roll-up and folding facilities that make it easy to use.  It provides cross tubes to ensure a smooth closing.  Mopar adds a strong aluminum frame with rigid panels to make the locking system easy.

You will get dual paddle latches to lock the cargo panel automatically when shut.  As a result, you will get superior safety of the cargo.

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Most of the shoppers are afraid about the installation process.  Your bed cover performance and protection depend on the correct installation process.

But we don’t want to pay extra money to do the installation from a professional. Mopar makes it easy for you.  It offers a one-minute installation.

I know it sounds impossible, but the fact is it is true. You can fit the cover on the cargo bed with over-center clamps within a minute. Unlike other bed covers, you don’t need any special tools or drilling.

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We use a tonneau cover to ensure the protection of our goods.  So the protection ability is a critical key criterion to decide which is best. It is a heavy-duty weather-resistant cover that provides advanced sealing technology.

So you don’t need to worry about cargo security.  It locks your truck and offers superior weather protection.

On a stormy day, you can keep your goods dry with this secure cargo bed.  You can lock the tailgate to protect goods from snow, rain, sun, or rubbery.

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Uv protection

The premium fabric that is used in Mopar is capable of protecting against the dangerous UV ray.  So there is no chance of fading the cover color due to UV light.

It also protects goods from mold, dirt, dust, etc.  In short, it is an ultimate protection Barrier to keep your goods fresh and safe.

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The sleek and low-profile design with size variations makes it a perfect choice for every cargo.  The accurate fitting and smooth finishing can grab customers’ eyes.

It is soft but gives maximum protection.  You will also get a wide range of designs and models from Mopar.  So you can select any preferred tonneau cover.


  • Ensure maximum cargo protection
  • Easy folding
  • Premium fabric
  • Versatile Design and model
  • Allows Maximum storage


  • Limited warranty
  • Often the latches are a bit loose

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Who Manufactures The Mopar Tonneau Cover?

The famous automotive accessories brand Mopar manufactures the Mopar Tonneau cover. However, the brand is the subside of Fiat Chrysler Automobile (FCA).

Is The Mopar Tonneau Cover Waterproof?

Yes, all the Mopar tonneau cover is water and weatherproof.  They can protect your goods from snow or extreme rain.

Does The Mopar Cover Offer Lock?

Yes, the Mopar cover offers an easy and secured locking system to ensure cargo safety.  The lock design also offers easy access to cargo goods that make your journey convenient.

Does Tonneau Cover Improve Gas Mileage?

According to statistics, a Tonneau cover can improve fuel economy.  It can extend the gas mileage to 1.8%, which is not a joke.

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Final Verdict

Hopefully, now you know who makes Mopar Tonneau covers.  If you have a truck, you know the importance of a tonneau cover. As it is a matter of cargo security, you need to buy it carefully.

Mopar Tonneau cover is unbeatable in terms of protection, durability, and ease of use.  However, this super protective cover is also affordable.

If you don’t want to suffer from rain, dust, or UV light, then the Mopar Tonneau cover is the best choice.

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