Leer HF350M Problems (Find Out The Main Issue Right Now!)

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The Leer HF350 tonneau cover comes in a unique and high-end design to offer optimum protection, durability, and ease of use.

You can still face some leer hf350 problems like water leakage, folding problems or poor shipping service. However, you can avoid or handle these difficulties efficiently if you understand the source of the issue and the way to fix it. 

In the following post, we have listed all of the possible leer hf350 problems as reported by users, as well as effective solutions to help you get the most out of your tri-fold tonneau cover.

LEER HF350M Hard Tri-Fold Truck Bed Tonneau Cover

Leer HF350M Problems

If you are a busy customer and looking for a user-friendly tri-fold tonneau cover, then this Leer HF350 truck bed cover is simply the best for you. This tonneau cover doesn’t even require any tools to install in a truck bed. 

Plus, this dent-resistant tonneau will keep your loads safe from both the weather elements and theft while offering a low-profile, seamless look to the vehicle.

Its textured matte black panels are easy to turn on and off, making them perfect for one-handed operation from any side of the truck. 

Some of the unique features include the Leer HF350 tonneau cover, which is unique and offers an unbeatable user-friendly experience.

From its drain tube-free water management system to the latching opportunity to keep the tailgate open, this tonneau will impress you in every aspect. Still, it has some limitations and errors that you should be aware of.

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Leer HF350M Problems

As you already know, the Leer HF350 is one of the most user-friendly and unique tonneau covers available out there. However, it may put you in trouble after some months of use or faulty installation. So it’s worth checking some leer hf350 problems to be aware of and avoid.

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Tonneau cover doesn’t fold straight

This is the main complaint against the Leer HF350 tonneau cover. According to the users, after installing it, the tonneau doesn’t lie flat completely in the closed position. Many customers have reported the same problem with the Leer HF350.

If you experience the same trouble, look under the cap. The most possible reason behind the uneven placement is the latches don’t meet up exactly with the receptacles.

To fix this tonneau cover problem, move the receivers on the bed rail with an Allen wrench. Doing so will let you match the top.

If you are still confused, call Leer customer service and let them handle the issue. Don’t forget, you have got a 3 year warranty with the Leer HF350 tonneau cover.

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Water Leakage

Most of the leer hf350’s customers are satisfied with its drain tube free water management system, and they don’t experience a single drop of water inside the bed.

Some claim that the Leer HF350 can withstand a car wash and a south Florida rainstorm quite well. Still, after a few months, you can experience some water leakage with your Lee hard tri-fold tonneau due to consistent use.

The reason is that if you frequently take the truck to the car wash, the vehicle will experience pressurized water that will penetrate between the edges of the tonneau over time.

To avoid water leakage on your Leer HF350, utilize the tailgate cover seal to cover the gaps along the sides and bottom of the tailgate.

In this case, the tail seal is preferable because it prevents dust, moisture, and water from entering the bed.

Plus, check the front bulkhead of the truck bed to inspect whether it remains balanced with the bed or not.

The reason is that the sloping position of the bulkhead allows the water to enter the inside of the bed. If you find these parts are at the same level, then add some extra foam to the bulkhead section.

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Defective or Missing Seal

Some customers received damaged seals while some didn’t get any seals with their Leer HF350 tonneau cover.

If you face any of these difficulties, handle the theme through warranty service. After receiving the tonneau, call Leer customer support for replacement or repair.

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Final words

Most of the Leer HF350 users find it top quality, functional, and heavy-duty. They are also happy with its shipping service, packaging, and price.

Still, it’s not uncommon to experience some leer hf350 problems due to improper installation. Though installing this HF350 truck bed cover is straightforward, pay attention to ensure accuracy.

Finally, properly operate and maintain your tonneau to ensure its durability and ability to protect.

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