Is Leer A Good Tonneau Cover Brand [2022 Updates]

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In my opinion, the ranking should be

  1. TruXedo,
  2. Retrax, and
  3. Leer.

So, yes, Leer is a good tonneau cover brand.

You will find the brand logo in almost every truck accessories shop across the USA and also on any major online platforms. Models like Leer 550, 700, and 750 Sports has already made a positive impression on people’s mind.

While comparing the price and features of this US-made cover brand, you will find a bit relive. The brand offers adequate safety within an affordable price range than the major brands.

There is more to share with you about the Leer tonneau cover brand. So stay with me till the end.

Is Leer a good tonneau cover brand?

Leer may not be as versatile and robust as TruXedo or Retrax. But they offer some efficient features to keep your truck bed secured and safe.

One of the best things about the Leer tonneau cover is they are lightweight and easy to install. This doesn’t mean the heavy covers are not good, but when you are alone and have to set up a truck bed cover, lightweight can be a handy feature.

Material diversity is another feature that you simply can’t ignore about Leer. They use industry-grade fabric, reinforced aluminum, vinyl, and fiberglass to make some high-quality tonneau covers for your truck.

Is Leer a good tonneau cover

No matter if you need

  • Rolling
  • Folding
  • Retractable, or
  • One-piece Fibreglass cover

Leer has all of them in its inventory. Among these types, fiberglass covers are the most popular. Models like Leer 700 and Leer 750 Sports are among the market leaders in one-piece fiberglass truck bed covers.

Price-wise, the brand is also diverse, just like its inventory. You can get a good Leer tonneau cover from $400 to $3000. The price may vary from model to model, seasons, and selling platforms.

Problems with Leer Tonneau covers

It seems Leer tonneau covers are almost perfect for your truck, huh?

Well, they are great but not 100% perfect. The most common issue people face is the rear latch issue. You may find some hard time locking or opening it properly.

Some retractable and rolling tonneau covers are alleged to make a loud noise when the truck moves at high speed. You can fix it by setting up the cover again with strong locking.

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5 Best Leer Tonneau Covers

There is no doubt that Leer made some high-quality tonneau covers. But you won’t find all of them equally popular among the truck owners.

Here are my five best picks for you from Leer.

Leer 700

Installing the tonneau that shook up the industry and led to a design shift will change the game for your pickup.

Tonneaus are out, and now you can capture the spirit of your truck with sleek designs and high-dimensional detailing. Buy the genuine, high-dimension tonneau, the best there is.

  • Detailed, high-fashion lines
  • Headliner (inside)
  • Linkage with a hidden lock

Leer HF650M

This cover is built to withstand the elements and has been designed to be more reliable and effective than any other truck bed cover available today.

There is no better truck bed cover than the revolutionary HF650M Hard Folding Cover, which features a sleek, low-profile design 12MM in height.

The HF650four M’s lightweight yet robust panels allow it to accommodate loads of any size, granting it greater usefulness than its competitors’ products and easing the burden of any carrying task.

The HF650M has various latching options, an improved water management system (no drain tubes needed), and more.

  • Nothing beats a hard folding cover on a true flush mount for a modern, minimalist aesthetic.
  • LEER’s patented CYNCTM latching system makes it possible to open the cover with just two fingers on either side of the truck bed.
  • There is no need to drill holes in the wall, making installation and removal a breeze.
  • Free Maintenance for Three Years

Leer 550

With its sleek new design and dependable performance, the new 550 is sure to wow.

And now, in addition to the gas props with variable SuperLift aid, the LEER 4-bar hinges, and the front-mounted FlexSeal, you also get a simple flip-Lock handle at the back with rotary latches.

Complete with useful functions and free of annoying extras.

  • Modular, low-profile construction made to order
  • Easy, no-drill assembly; completely trimmed and finished edges

Leer 750 Sports

Learn more about our 750 Sport, an OEM-inspired aerodynamic tonneau cover.

The cover’s premium standard features and elegant design, which allows it to blend in with your vehicle, will have onlookers staring as you cruise by.

  • The OEM-inspired aerodynamic design
  • In-cabin 12-volt LED lamp dimmable via keyless remote;
  • Gas-powered dimmer

Leer SR 250

With its cutting-edge simplicity, the SR250 is the most cost-effective way to keep your truck bed protected.

Unique to the SR250 is the LEER CYNC pinch-release latch mechanism, which allows the cover to be locked in place and opened with a single hand from either side of the bed.

Furthermore, things improve much further. Very simple to use; simply roll back the cover, fasten it in place, and you have full access to your bed; unroll it, and you have a completely sealed mattress.

With the cover in place, you’ll experience less wind resistance while driving, leading to decreased fuel expenditures. There is no alternative to the SR250.

  • The patented CYNC latching system permits access from either side.
  • No-tools-required, tension-adjustment mechanism
  • Vinyl with a double layer of reinforcement, used in industrial settings

Leer Offers So Much Value For The Money

Most Leer tonneau covers are basic, affordable, and efficient at keeping the truck bed of a pickup truck dry and protected from the elements.

Using a Leer tonneau cover appropriately will significantly lower your pick-aerodynamic up’s drag. 

You’ll save money on gas and reduce your carbon impact by making your vehicle more fuel-efficient. Nearly everyone can see the value in it.

1. Flexibility

There are situations when other covers might become a hindrance as they don’t offer the needed flexibility for quick removal. But the quality leer tonneau will give you the optimal ease for their utmost flexibility. 

2. Increased carrying capability

If you have a lot of things to carry, leer automatically becomes an ideal option. Most of them also take a roof rack, which further increases their load-carrying capabilities.

3. Simplicity of installation

A significant advantage of these covers is their easy-peasy installation. Most tonneau covers will take roughly 30 minutes or less for installation.

4. Impact on fuel economy

One of the advantages of tonneau covers is that they help you get better gas mileage. Whether your tailgate is up or down, you may see a one-mile-per-gallon boost in fuel economy compared to driving with your truck bed open.

5. Modern Technology

Some leer tonneaus come up with very efficient and modern technology to give you the ultimate ease. In some models, the cover opens automatically when the latch is turned and retracts into a canister at the front of the truck bed. 

Their unique, heavy-duty Continuous Tension Spring (CTS) technology has made it possible and is the only one of its kind. These covers ensure maximum performance, and the flush-mount fit gives them a clean look.

6. Versatility

Mostly, fiberglass campers are painted with the same factory-recommended formulae as pickup trucks. However, contractors, service professionals, and others that operate in harsh conditions choose aluminum covers over other types of covers.

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Types of leer tonneau covers

You will find four types of tonneau covers in the Leer inventory. They come in various models and sizes.

1. Rolling

Do you have to have immediate access to your bed? These rolling leer tonneau covers can roll by a single piece of vinyl within seconds. It will give you immediate access to the back of the cab from the tailgate.

2. Retractable

It can protect any cargo with retractable leer tonneau coverings. They include excellent back visibility, a sturdy cover, and the option to close with a built-in strap or remote control.

3. Folding

Getting to your gear is as simple as slipping into one of the folding tonneaus. You only have to fold and unfold the bag to open and seal your cargo, regardless of whether you pick a soft or hard variant.

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4. Fiberglass

If you value the utmost security of your stuff with a weather resistance piece of high-quality cover, you have your options. The leer tonneaus cover also offers fiberglass tonneaus with custom colors. 

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A leer tonneau makes your truck more useful:

A leer tonneau makes a truck more practical in many ways. Most individuals who acquire a tonneau cover or a cap just want a cover that looks well fits very well, and does not have to pay too much money. 

Whichever leer tonneau cover you choose for your personal needs, you can be assured that your pickup truck will become far more usable in various ways than it has previously been.

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FAQ about Leer tonneau covers:

1. Are Leer Tonneau Covers Waterproof?

No tonneau is entirely impermeable, as previously stated. The tailgate and the hinges next to the cab can still allow a few raindrops to sneak in. This is the best option for those who only worry about waterproofing and don’t mind shelling out for a tonneau cover.

2. Which Is Better Hard Or Soft Tonneau Cover?

Between the users, both styles of coverings are quite popular. You can use either method to keep your items hidden.
To secure your truck bed contents by keeping them out of sight, soft tonneau covers are effective but not as durable and rugged as tonneau covers. Having hardcovers adds an extra layer of security.

3. Should I Buy A Tonneau Cover Or A Cap?

Both cover and cap serve different purposes. Tonneau covers are ideal for hauling anything that fits in the truck bed without fear of theft or weather damage. They’re also great for keeping your pickup vehicle looking sharp.
On the other hand, camping, fishing, and hunting enthusiasts will love these caps/camper shells. They also provide the best hotel options when traveling or vacationing without the need to book a room.

Final Thoughts:

Considering all the aspects, the leer tonneau covers offer fantastic value. Manufacturers use sturdy, durable fiberglass or tough, non-corrosive metal to withstand the worst conditions.

In addition to providing security for your goods, a leer Fiberglass Tonneau also delivers a style that enhances your pickup’s appearance – without altering its profile. 

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