Will A Chevy Tonneau Cover Fit A Ford? (Complete Guide)

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You may have an old chevy tonneau cover and want to install it on your ford. But before proceeding you must be aware, will a chevy tonneau cover fit a ford? Or will it only bring hassle? The reason is that there are lots of limitations on installing a tonneau cover. 

That’s why we come up to inform you of the consequences of this idea and the regulation to maintain before installing tonneau on a certain truck.

Will A Chevy Tonneau Cover Fit A Ford?

In short chevy tonneau cover won’t fit on a ford. Both the vehicles come in different lengths and widths of the bed. Therefore you can’t perfectly install the chevy tonneau cover on any of the Ford models.

Will A Chevy Tonneau Cover Fit A Ford

The right brand of tonneau cover for Ford

F1 model tonneau covers are perfectly fit on Ford vehicles. You can also install other brands’ tonneau covers if they fit with the dimension of your ford model. 

The tonneau cover you can use for your Ford F150 GMC is a Soft club truck bed tarp cover. Despite, Coverity truck bed cover standard bed is compatible with a wide range of Ford models including F150, F250, and F450. 

The other item you can use for your Ford are Rugged liner E- series soft-folding tonneau cover, Bakflip MX4 hard folding truck bed, and Extant Encore hard folding truck bed.

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Do Tonneau Covers Fit any Trucks?

Tonneau covers aren’t universally fit with all vehicles however F1 tonneau cover is suitable wide variety of a truck. The reason is that the F1 tonneau cover comes in a range of sizes. 

Some other models are also compatible with different brands’ trucks. But the uniqueness in designs doesn’t allow for interchange from one brand to another. 

Another thing to remember is you can adjust the tonneau to fit perfectly. You can do so by manipulating the ropes or stretching the tonneau to fit on your vehicle. Still, some vehicles don’t allow doing so. It’s especially true for a vehicle that is wider in dimensions.

Will A Chevy Tonneau Cover Fit A Ram?

How to pick the right size tonneau cover for your truck?

Tonneau covers are a smart way to protect cargo, loads, and truck beds. truck bed covers are easy to install and remove and come in a wide range of sizes, styles, and colors. 

The size of the truck bed cover depends on the size of your truck. However many vehicle owners consider standard size for their truck. Despite this, custom-fit tonneau covers are also commonly available that you can adjust based on your truck’s dimension. 

To find out the right size tonneau cover for your certain model’s truck, you have to measure your truck bed. 

You can also consider the model of your vehicle to save some hassle. 

Still measuring the truck bed is a safe decision. If you cant measure your truck, check its user manual. Instead, search for the brand’s name, model, and year of your truck online to get the dimension.

Here is the list of some popular truck brands with their bed dimensions:

Top brand vehicles with their bed sizes

SLTruck TypeStandard Tonneau Cover Size
1Ford F-1505′ 7″ or 6′ 7″
2Chevrolet Silverado5′ 9″ or 6′ 7″
3Chevrolet Colorado5′ 2″ or 6′ 2″
4GMC Sierra 15005′ 8” or 6′ 6”
5GMC Canyon5′ 2″ or 6′ 2″
6Toyota Tundra5′ 7″ or 6′ 7″
7Toyota Tacoma5′ 2″ or 6′ 2″
8Ford Maverick5′ 6″
9Dodge Ram 15005′ 7″ or 6′ 4″
10Honda Ridgeline4′ 8″ or 5′ 4″

Will A Ford Tonneau Cover Fit A Ram? (Explained)

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Final words

Hopefully, you have found out will a chevy tonneau cover fits a ford or not. Compatibility is a vital thing when it comes to installing something over your ford truck bed.

So whatever you have Ford or other vehicles, measure its bed size first. Then shop for the tonneau cover based on its size, model, and year to ensure an appropriate fit.

Remember, only this way tonneau cover will remain in right place during harsh weather and ensure complete protection. 

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