What Brand Tonneau Cover Does Ford Use? (Find Out Now)

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A tonneau cover works as a protector of your truck bed. It’s obvious that you would like to use such protection for your Ford truck bed.

And that’s brought you to the internet. Searching for the best brand of tonneau cover for your Ford.

So what is it? What brand tonneau cover does Ford use?

Ford uses the TruXedo tonneau cover. This is a soft, roll-up tonneau cover that is made from heavy-duty vinyl. It is easy to install and features a patented Velcro closure system. The TruXedo tonneau cover is a great choice for Ford trucks.

Here we’ll discuss more about TruXedo tonneau cover. Let’s dive into it to learn more.

What Brand Tonneau Cover Does Ford Use

Why Does Ford Use The TruXedo Tonneau Cover?

There are a few reasons that Ford might use the TruXedo tonneau cover. One reason might be that the cover is easy to use and provides good security for the cargo in the truck bed. 

The cover can be opened and closed quickly. As it is a roll-up tonneau cover, it’s simply rolling the cover up to get more space open. 

Think of it as rolling and unrolling a sleeping bag. Using a roll-up tonneau cover is same as that.

When it comes to protection, this tonneau cover does a great job. Although it’s not the hard type of tonneau cover but it performs very well. 

It keeps your equipment hidden and out of sight which gives your truck some theft protection.

Additionally, the cover can help improve fuel economy by reducing wind drag on the truck. When you drive the truck with an open truck bed, naturally it has to beat more friction.

Using the tonneau cover reduces aerodynamic friction.

On the other hand, the TruXedo tonneau cover is made of heavy-duty vinyl and is designed to fit most Ford trucks. It is easy to install and can be opened and closed with one hand. The cover also comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

If you are looking for a good way to protect your cargo and improve your fuel economy, the TruXedo tonneau cover might be a good option for you.

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Which Is The Best Brand of Tonneau Cover? 

There are a variety of tonneau covers on the market, each with its advantages and disadvantages. Some of the more popular brands include Extang, TruXedo, and Retrax. 

Extang is an American manufactured tonneau cover. It’s weather resistant if not water proof. It claims to hold up to 750 lbs. over it, when distributed evenly.

TruXedo is a soft type roll-up tonneau cover.

Retrax is not weather proof. So it needs better care while usage. It can hold up to 200 lbs. on it. 

There are other brands of tonneau covers available with different features and benefits. 

To find the best suited tonneau cover for your Ford, you might have to do your own research first.

But some factors you may want to consider include the type of cover (soft or hard), the price, the ease of installation, and the level of security offered.

It is also important to make sure the tonneau cover you choose is compatible with your vehicle and the type of cargo you plan to carry.

Ultimately, the best brand of tonneau cover is the one that meets your specific needs and fits your budget.

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Is Soft or Hard Tonneau Cover Better For Ford? 

There is no definitive answer as to which type of tonneau cover is better for a Ford. 

Some people may prefer a soft tonneau cover because it is easier to use and can be more affordable. 

However, others may prefer a hard tonneau cover because it is more durable and can provide more security for the truck bed.

Both types of tonneaus cover have their benefits and drawbacks, so it is important to consider what is most important to you before making a purchase.

Some other factors to consider include the climate in your area, how often you use your truck, and your budget.

If you are unsure which type of tonneau cover is best for your Ford, consult with a local automotive retailer, tonneau cover manufacturer or WSB guide. They should be able to help you choose the right cover for your needs and budget.

Why It Is Important To Use Tonneau Cover In The Truck?

Tonneau covers are important for a few reasons. 

  • They keep the items in the truck bed from being damaged by the weather. 
  • They keep the items in the truck bed from being stolen. 
  • They make it more difficult for someone to see what is in the truck bed, which can be helpful for security purposes. 
  • They can improve the aerodynamics of the truck, which can improve fuel economy. 
  • They can make it more comfortable to ride in the truck bed because they provide some insulation. 

All of these reasons make tonneau covers an important part of truck ownership.

You can find a few different types of tonneau covers available in the market. So, it is important to choose the one that is best suited for your needs.

Some tonneau covers are retractable, which means they can be opened and closed as needed. Others are fixed, which means they are permanently attached to the truck bed.

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Does Ford Make Tonneau Covers?

Ford does not make tonneau covers. But if you are looking for a tonneau cover for your Ford truck, there are a few options available. 

The TruXedo Lo Pro QT is a popular choice, and it is designed to fit most Ford trucks. It is made from heavy-duty vinyl. It has a patented Velcro system that makes installation a breeze.
There are a variety of different tonneau covers available on the market. 

So, of course, before purchasing one, be sure to consider the size of your truck bed, the type of material you want, and the price.

Is Tonneau Cover Model-Specific? 

Tonneau cover models are not specific, but they are designed for specific vehicles. This means that a Toniu cover is only made for the car for which it was designed. 
Tonneau covers are available in a variety of colors and styles. So, you can find one that will complement the look of your car. Tonneau covers are available from a variety of retailers, including automotive stores and online retailers.

What Is The Most Secure Truck Bed Cover?

The most secure truck bed cover is a hardcover. A hardcover is made of metal or plastic and is not as easy to remove as other covers.
Also, A hardcover is more secure because it is harder to remove and it is less likely to be damaged in a collision. Besides, it is also more expensive than other covers.

How Much Does A Ford Tonneau Cover Weigh? 

The weight may vary depending on the make and model of the cover. A Ford tonneau cover typically weighs around 10-15 pounds. 
Some tonneau covers are made from lightweight materials such as aluminum or vinyl. Which can make them easier to install and remove.
Others may be made from heavier materials like cloth or leather, which can make them more durable but also heavier.

Final Thoughts 

To find the best brand tonneau cover for your Ford you really have to dig deep. Consider the instructions given above.

Hopefully, after reading this article you have been able to know, what brand tonneau cover does ford use. But if you want to buy any Tonneau Cover, before purchasing a tonneau cover ensure you find the one that best suits your needs. 

It is also important to make sure the tonneau cover you choose is compatible with your vehicle and the type of cargo you plan to carry.

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