Can A Chevy Tonneau Cover Fit On A RAM? (Answered)

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Chevy Tonneau covers are among the most preferred covers for most trucks. They don’t only fit on Chevy alone. They can be used by people who own different models. 

But can it fit on the RAM trucks? The answer is simple. They won’t fit. 

Chevy Tonneau covers don’t fit on RAM because they are uniquely designed for Chevy beds. And if you know about these two models, you probably understand that the beds are different. They all have different designs, sizes, and shapes. And a cover for one of them won’t fit on the other truck. 

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Do You Really Need a Truck Cover For Your RAM Truck?

The main reason behind buying a tonneau cover for Ram is to protect your goods and truck bed from rain, snow, and sunlight. As it offers a unique design to get access inside the cargo without removing the cover, you can use it effortlessly.

Yet you use a truck occasionally; a cover can protect you from sudden rain on hunting trips or camping. A tonneau cover helps improve your vehicle’s fuel economy and mileage.

It also keeps thieves at a bay because it allows you to lock valuable goods inside the vehicles. As you lock the truck with a chevy cover, it takes time two break the lock. Some high-end covers offer advanced locking systems that ensure the maximum safety of your goods.

Covers also protect your cargo from dirt, grime, and UV-ray. So it keeps your valuable goods clean and in perfect condition. Chevy cover comes with a unique design that offers maximum space to use on the cargo.

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Will A Chevy Tonneau Cover Fit A Ram

How To Choose the Best Cover for RAM Truck?

RAM truck is an American brand loved by mid-weight trucks and other commercial vehicle owners. And to protect your cargo, you need to choose the right tonneau cover size according to your truck’s bed size.

But not every cover you find in the market would be good for your truck. You must pay attention to a number of factors that would help you find the right truck among them all. 

The following are the factors to consider when choosing the best cover for your RAM. 


Ram trucks come in different models and sizes. And every model would need different covers. So, it’s always critical to understand your truck model. Look for covers that specifically fit on your truck. 

If you’re buying your truck cover from Amazon, just search the model of your truck. And you’d find the right covers. 


Different companies manufacture truck covers that could fin on your RAM truck. But it’s always advisable to settle with a brand that has history in manufacturing effective truck covers. 


From buying to installation, the cover will cost you money. And when you compare different covers, you’ll realize that they differ with the amount of money that you can buy them at.
It’s critical to always choose a cover that’s within your budget. 


Your truck cover should have a good locking system. This is because your cargo should be safe at all times. As you transport them to wherever you wish, ensure you don’t expose them to thieves. 


Think about features such as waterproofing, snow resistance, and anti-scratch features. Your truck cover should have everything that would make using it easy for you. 

Our Recommended RAM Truck Cover

If you’re looking for a cover that would give you optimum cargo protection, then this is it. BAKFlip covers are hard and well manufactured to give a great performance. 

Here are the top features you’d find on this truck cover. 

  • Fits 2020 – 2022 Jeep Gladiator 5′ Bed (60.3″)
  • Durable aluminum panels 
  • Partial or full closing 
  • Matte-finish 
  • 100% bed access 
  • 5 years warranty 

Final ThoughtsIf you have been thinking of buying and installing a Chevy Tonneau cover on your RAM truck, then forget about it. It won’t fit. Consider all the above factors and choose another cover. Alternatively, you can buy our top pick. Check  BAK BAKFlip Hard Folding Tonneau Cover for Jeep Gladiator on Amazon now.

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