Who Makes Ford Tonneau Covers: The Real Manufacturers!

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Tonneau covers are a very useful addition to Ford trucks. These covers provide an additional protection to the truck bed. As a result, the safety of the materials kept on the bed is ensured. 

However, getting a tonneau cover for the Ford truck can be tricky. Then the question arises, who makes Ford tonneau covers?

Ford tonneau covers are made by several third-party brands. They manufacture the covers according to the dimensions of the Ford Trucks. So the tonneau covers work without any issues and comes with many features. Some of the popular tonneau brands are Retrax, Undercover, BAK, Truxedo, and Roll-N-Lock.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. You will need more information about the tonneau covers before getting one. So keep reading!

Who Makes Ford Tonneau Covers: A Quick Look

The Ford Tonneau covers are not made by themselves. Rather these covers are manufactured by various third-party brands. Here is a list of the most popular brands that make the Ford Tonneau covers. 

Brand NameCategoriesStarting Price
RetraxRetraxpro Aluminum SeriesRetraxone Polycarbonate SeriesRetrax Aluminum Series$1139
Undercover Hard Folding One-PieceSwingcase$219
BAKHard Rolling CoversHard Folding Covers
Truxedo TruXedo Lo Pro TruXedo TruXport TruXedo Pro X15 TruXedo Sentry TruXedo Sentry CTTruXedo Deuce$569
Roll-N-Lock M-Series E-Series  A-SeriesM-Series XTE-Series XTA-Series XT$1519

The table provides basic knowledge about tonneau covers made by different brands of Ford trucks. These covers have various benefits and issues just like the Lomax Tonneau cover issues. So you will need more knowledge of the coves. I will discuss these covers in more detail below. So keep reading!

Who Makes Ford Tonneau Covers: In Details

You have to be very careful while choosing the tonneau cover for your Ford truck. Covers of different brands come with different advantages and benefits. So it is very important to compare the cover properly. Let’s see the pros and cons of various covers below!


The first tonneau brand I am going to cover is Retrax. It is a very popular tonneau cover in the market. Retrax makes 3 different types of tonneau covers for customers. And these three covers are available in different sizes. The buyers can choose the best-fitting cover according to their car model and year.

The covers made by Retrax are Retraxpro Aluminum Series, Retraxone Polycarbonate Series, and Retrax Aluminum Series. The built material and benefits of these covers are different and unique. Let’s see how.

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Retraxpro Aluminum Series:

The tonneau covers in the Retraxpro Aluminum Series are made of aluminum. The Aluminum used in this case is of industrial grade. So the cover is very strong and rugged. Also, the Retraxpro tonneau covers come with a matte finish.

Retraxpro Aluminum Series
Source: retrax.com

Retraxone Polycarbonate Series:

On the other hand, rigid polycarbonate is used for the Retraxone Polycarbonate Series. Also, a matte finish is given to the product for aesthetic reasons. These covers are very useful in protecting against UV rays. 

Retrax Aluminum Series:

Aluminum is also the built material for the Retrax Aluminum Series. A strong elastomer hinge is used alongside the aluminum to protect the truck bed from water and debris. 

Let’s look at the prices now. The price of the Retraxpro covers starts at $2079. Whereas, The minimum price of a Polycarbonate cover is $1459. And the rate of these covers starts from $1139. These rates are not fixed and will go up according to the size of your truck bed.


Next, I have the tonneau covers made by Undercover. Undercover also has different categories of covers in its catalog. Their covers can be divided into three main types. They are Hard Folding, One-Piece, and Swingcase. There are several subcategories under these types. 

Hard Folding:

Hard folding covers offer the best security for the truck bed. They are made from premium long-lasting materials. Undercover manufactures four types of Hard Folding covers. They are Armorflex, Flex, Triad, and Ultra Flex. The price of these covers starts from $839. However, the price highly depends on the dimensions of the cover.


One-Piece covers are lighter than the Hard Folding ones. They are also easy to install. Moreover, these covers are easy to remove to get access to the full truck bed. Four types of One-Piece covers are sold by Undercover. They are SE, Elite, Elite LX, and Lux. The prices of One-Piece tonneau covers start from $1079.


Undercover SwingCase covers are very easy to access. They cover the truck bed only by pulling a lever. The SwingCase covers are lightweight and made from high-impact material. These covers are very different from the rest. The price of the SwingCase covers starts from $219.


Let’s check out another very popular name in the tonneau cover manufacturing sector. BAK tonneau covers are a very familiar name to truck owners. They have been producing tonneau covers for Ford Trucks for a very long time.

BAK tonneau covers
Source: bakindustries.com

BAK produces tonneau covers mainly in two categories. They are Hard Rolling covers and Hard Folding covers. There are seven subcategories under these two main categories. 

Hard Rolling Covers:

Three subcategories fall under the Hard Rolling covers. They are BAK Revolver X2, BAK Revolver X4, and BAK Revolver X4s. X2 is the oldest model in this category. Whereas, X4s is the latest BAK Revolver tonneau cover. It is one of the finest hard tonneau covers. All these covers are made from long-lasting hard materials. The price of the Hard Rolling covers starts from $940.

Hard Folding Covers:

The Hard Folding category has four subcategories. They are BAKFLIP MX4, BAKFLIP Fibermax, BAKFLIP G2, and BAKFLIP F1. These covers can be folded according to the needs of the user. The starting price of the Hard Folding covers is $909.


There are six types of tonneau covers manufactured by Truxedo. These covers are usable for Ford trucks. They can be also used for trucks that match the specifications of the covers.

TruXedo Lo Pro:

These covers come with a low profile and sleek design. Yet the construction of the covers is extremely heavy duty. So the TruXedo Lo Pro covers can protect the truck bed in extreme weather. So the user won’t face issues like the bulkhead leaking of covers and others. The price of these covers starts from $499.

TruXedo TruXport:

This is a low-price tonneau cover. Despite that, the cover looks good and provides the necessary protection for the Ford truck bed. The price starts at $299 only.

TruXedo Pro X15:

It is a mid-range tonneau cover with some latest technologies. TruXedo Pro X15 comes with 15-degree rails. So the cover is extra low profile. High-quality fiber is used to make this cover. The price of this cover starts from $539.

TruXedo Sentry CT:

TruXedo Sentry CT is another low-profile tonneau cover made by Truxedo. The high-quality fabric has been woven with heavy-duty aluminum for making this cover. So the protection offered by these covers is extremely reliable. The cost of this cover starts from $979.

TruXedo Sentry:

This is another version of the TruXedo Sentry CT model. So there are some similarities between them. Vinyl fabric is pressure bonded with aluminum in this cover. This enables the tonneau cover to provide ultimate security. The starting price of these covers is $909.

TruXedo Deuce:

The most different tonneau cover produced by TruXedo is the TruXedo Deuce. It is a hybrid model. It can be folded or rolled according to your wish. So the user can get full access to the truck bed. The price of the Deuce covers starts from $569.

TruXedo Deuce
Source: truxedo.com

These are the tonneau covers made by TruXedo for Ford Trucks. 

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Six types of tonneau covers are made Roll-N-Lock. They are usable in Ford Trucks without any issues. Let’s have a look at these covers.

M-Series XT:

This is one of the latest series of covers produced by Roll-N-Lock. It can be regarded as an upgraded model of the M series. This tonneau cover has T-slot integrated with the retractable cover. The starting price of the M-Series XT covers is $1699.

A-Series XT:

The covers available in this series are upgrades to the covers of the A-Series models. The all-aluminum retractable cover used in the A series has been used here too. However, T-slot integrated MaxTrack system has been used with it. The price starts from $1989.

E-Series XT:

Similar to the previous two models, this model is also an upgrade to the E-Series covers. The same cover has been used here with the MaxTrack T-slot integrated system. This is the costliest cover with a starting price of $2699.

M-Series, E-Series & A-Series:

These are the old models of tonneau covers made by Roll-N-Lock.  The price of the M, A, and E-Series starts from $1519, $1879, and $2589 respectively. 

These are the most common models of tonneau covers for Ford trucks. Some other models are also available besides these. They are Advance Covers, American Tonneau Company, THI Corp, etc.

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How to Choose A Ford Tonneau Cover? 

Choosing the correct tonneau cover for the Ford trucks depends on some factors. It is very important to be careful in this case because wrong-sized covers won’t protect the truck properly. Follow the below-given tips while selecting the cover. Hopefully, you will be able to avoid mistakes. 

  • Take note of the size of the truck before going to the market.
  • Also, note down the model year of the truck. This will help you to get the most accurate cover.
  • Find out your priorities and then select the cover. The market is flourishing with covers with many features. So be careful while selecting one of them.
  • Choose a color that matches your truck. However, this is not mandatory for the utmost protection. 

Follow these tips to select the correct tonneau cover for the Ford truck without any trouble.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): 

Why is it called tonneau? 

The word Tonneau comes from French and it refers to the barrels used for making wine. The wagons and carriages used in the 19th century were very close to these barrels. The shape was very similar. So they got the name Tonneau. Though the shapes changed with time, the name got fixed.

What are the disadvantages of tonneau covers?

The disadvantages of tonneau covers mainly include the price and the installation difficulties. Besides that, some tonneau covers do not match the truck’s specifications. Then they can not provide the necessary protection. Also, some covers are made from low-quality materials which do not last long.

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This is all I have on your query: who makes Ford tonneau covers? I think that now you can select the best cover for your Ford Truck without any issues.

Make sure to get cover from a trusted source. Or else, the tonneau cover might fail and the materials kept under it will get damaged.

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