Lomax Tonneau Cover Problems: Troubleshooting

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Tonneau cover, is a comparatively newer term in automotive accessories. This is basically a cover that spans the back of the pickup truck to balance out the aerodynamics as well as protect the load. This is especially for those people who are concerned about their vehicle’s outlook. Like every other component, one might face some issues with their tonneau cover.

So, what are the common Lomax Tonneau Cover Problems?

Well, the most frequent problems are water leaking into the bed, loose latch grip, faulty latch, latch popping out while driving, failing in resisting heavy load, and squeaking noise from the cover. Although problems might sound intimidating, you can have a quick fix to all of these issues. 

We are done giving you all the hints about our main discussion. If you are interested in exploring more into the problems and fixing those, go through the following article covering all the details. 

6 Common Lomax Tonneau Cover Problems: Quick Fix

Loose latch gripLatch not workingDifficulty in closing the latchAdjust the tension plate
Water leakingWater inside the bulkheadSeal the leak
Damaged latchLatch not moving or workingAdjust the tension plate and tighten the latch securing nuts
Unable to resist heavy loadDamaged cover frame Avoid putting a load on the cover
Latch popping outCover blowing off on bumpy roadsReadjust the adjustment screws
Cracking noiseSqueaking noise while moving the coverTighten mounting clamps or replace the cover

Problem 1: Loose Latch Grip

A loose latch grip is a fairly common issue with Lomax tonneau covers. Such issues might take place if you use the cover for longer. The very first issue you might face with this sort of problem is difficulty in closing the cover.

Loose Latch Grip
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Let’s see the possible reasons and solutions to this problem below-


Although wear and tear can possibly cause such an issue, an unusual gap between the tension plate and the latch head is the main reason behind it. When there is a large gap between the tension plate and the latch head, it will cause a loose latch grip problem.


The solution to this problem is pretty simple. All you need to do is to adjust the tension plate for a tight grip. Here is the process of the adjustment-

  • First, release the trigger latch and roll the whole cover till the end
  • Find the tension block located at the corner of the cover attached to the vehicle
  • Pull out the pin of the tension block
  • Take the tension to block out and detect the reading of the tension block setting
  • Tighten the block a little bit by punching the plastic clip
  • Place the block into the whole again and secure it with the pin again
  • Repeat the same process for the other side of the tension block
  • Finally, reopen the rolled cover back on the vehicle

To make sure you have done the process successfully check if the latch is making a click sound. This indicates the latch is fully locked. 

Problem 2: Water Leaking

One of the most common issues for the Lomax tonneau cover is the water leaking from the cover. When you use the cover for a longer time, due to wear and tear your tonneau cover may have some leaks which will eventually damage your bed along with its content. 

This problem needs to be addressed as soon as possible right after noticing. Although it is a serious issue, the fixation is pretty simple. 


Usually, when the cover is used for a longer time, appearing leaks are very common. Moreover, if there is no drainage system then the accumulated water can leak through the cover. 


Just following a few easier steps mentioned, you can solve the leaking problem-

  • First, take a high-quality seal to stop the leaks
  • Observe the bed underneath the cover to detect where exactly the leak is located
  • Spray a generous amount of sealer on the place where the leak is and let it set after a while recheck the leaks whether it has been sealed properly or not
  • If you still find the leak, use multiple coats of the sealer to solve the leaking problem

Problem 3: Latch not working

After using the tonneau cover for a while, you might notice the latch is no longer working. This faulty latch issue is a very common issue with the Lomax tonneau cover. Basically, it stops fastening, hence the latch no longer works properly. 


If there is a large gap between the tension plate and the latch head, which is the main reason behind this issue. Other than that, long-time use of the latch has also an effect on it. Sometimes bumpy rides and extensive movement can also cause latch issues in your vehicle’s tonneau cover. 


The problem might sound intimidating but the solution is pretty simple. You just need to adjust the tension gaps as per required. The whole process has been discussed above, so go and check it out. 

Other than that, if you are going for a ride where the roads are uneven, then check the latch and nut connections before leaving. Replace if there are any faulty nuts and tighten them accordingly. 

Problem 4: Unable to resist heavy load

Although the tonneau cover adds a sleek look to your vehicle and your vehicle looks more put together, the covers and not meant to resist heavy weight. The purpose of this cover is to provide an extra layer of protection on your vehicle but not take heavy loads. 


Excessive load than the capacity of the tonneau cover can damage the frame of the entire cover. It can also damage the functionality of the tonneau cover. 


Once your tonneau covers functionality is compromised, you would have no other option left than to replace it. So make sure you are aware of the load that your tonneau cover is capable of taking and do not overload the top of the vehicle bed cover. 

Problem 5: Latch Popping Out

One of the most serious problems with the Lomax tonneau is the latch popping out while driving the vehicle. You just cannot afford to overlook such an issue as it may cause you to lose your cargo while driving on a closed road. 

While having such a problem, driving on a bouncy road may cause a loose side grip and pop out on a moving vehicle. As a result, the cover may blow off with the wind. 


Rusted or loosen latch pin takes place when you are using your tonneau cover for a long time. Which eventually causes the latch popping out issue in your Lomax tonneau cover. 


Here is the process of how you can readjust the tonneau cover clamp-

  • Fold the cover entirely and uncover the shaded bed 
  • Detect the placement of the cover clamp on the corner of the frame
  • Take a 6mm wrench and use it you can loosen or tighten the screws
  • If you need to replace the damaged adjustment clams, then using the same wrench take the clamps off
  • Reinstall the replacement clamp in place of the older one and adjust it accordingly

Problem 6: Cracking Noise

If your Lomax tonneau cover gets pretty old, you can have such an issue in your vehicle. Sometimes due to overuse the screws or clamps can get damaged. And the damaged clamps lead to cracking or squeaky noise.


The main source of this noise is usually the mounting clamps. Due to the heavy use of the cover, the mounting clamps can get damaged and causes such noise.


In most cases, you can readjust the clamps by following the process mentioned above. But if it still doesn’t help then you can replace the entire tonneau cover following the process mentioned below-

  • Locate the foam strip of the new cover first which will be against the bed cap 
  • First install the cover on the passenger side by sliding the rail to the bulkhead
  • Take the permanent clamps and open them to place them on the rail connecting to the vehicle
  • While inserting the clamp, make sure that it seats properly to the grooves of the rail
  • Now using your hand, tighten the nuts that connect clamps together, do not overtight it
  • Repeat the same adjustment process for the other three clamps on the passenger’s side
  • Adjust the clamps following the same steps on the driver’s side
  • Now place the tonneau cover by sliding it to the rail and set it on the bulkhead and latch both sides carefully
  • Finally, disengage the latches on the cover and you are ready to open the cover to using

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Tips & Tricks to Prevent  Lomax Tonneau Cover Problems

As we already know tonneau covers not only gives adds an extra sleek look to your vehicle but also it has great usefulness. But some mistakes and lack of maintenance can cause damage to it frequently. Here are a few tips and tricks to prevent tonneau cover problems-

  • Do not overload your cover with anything heavy
  • Use pipes for a proper water drainage system during monsoon
  • Check the nuts and screws regularly and replace them if corroded
  • Check the tension plate adjustment regularly and make necessary changes
  • Replace the damaged latch without any delay
  • Get your cover checked by a professional every few months

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Can Lomax Tonneau Cover Leak?

Usually, the Lomax tonneau covers are not prone to leaking at all unless it’s the tailgate area. That too when the seal is not installed around it properly. Other than this, some other great features of Lomax tonneau covers are, they are very easy to install and give a very polished look to your vehicle.

What are the limitations of the Lomax Tonneau Cover?

The only shortcoming that most of the users of the Lomax tonneau users have stated is the price point of it. Other than that, some of them have also faced difficulty in the installment process. However, if you follow the user’s guide properly, the installation won’t be that difficult for you. 

Can Lomax Tonneau Cover take the human weight?

Yes, the Lomax tonneau cover can easily take up to the weight of two humans. Depending on your vehicle model, the tonneau cover can bear 400 to 2000 pounds. However, it is always recommended not to overweight the tonneau cover exceeding the capacity as there is a chance of damage.ocess. However, if you follow the user’s guide properly, the installation won’t be that difficult for you. 

Final Words

We hope you found this article useful regarding Lomax Tonneau Cover Problems. Though these problems are easily fixable, you can still avoid a lot of them by ensuring regular maintenance. 

That’s all for now. See you soon with something more fun and useful.

Till then, safe driving!

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