Truxedo Vs Gator Tonneau Covers: Made It Easy For You Here To Choose The Best One

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Fellas!! Fellas!! Why so confused? The company of tonneau covers you are comparing are two leading brands of the time. I know it is not wise to get both, but it is effortless to choose the best one! I understand, and I can sense that you are already saying, “ easier said than done.”

Well, let’s make it worth your time, then. Let me start with a simple question, which tonneau cover manufacturer is the best in comparison to Truxedo vs Gator?

Truxedo ensures that no one can access the bed 100% without removing the tarp completely. You must roll Gator’s covers back to the bulkhead for near-total access. Gator’s tension control is done manually via tensioning device, but Truxedo features automatic tension control with their covers. 

Well, this is just the beginning, and there is more to it. Stay with me as I keep explaining the differences. Let’s get started, boys!!

Truxedo Vs Gator Tonneau Covers: A Quick Comparison At A Glance

When it comes to tonneau covers, it can be pretty tricky to tell the difference between them at first glance and to know how they differ. However, I assure you that this quick comparison will provide a good overview of the differences between Truxedo and Gator.

Truxedo tonneau covers significant features at a glance

  • It’s made with heavy-duty aluminum slats covered in industrial-strength vinyl fabric. 
  • An extremely low profile design. 
  • To ensure the security of your cargo, the cover includes a security latch. 
  • With Truxedo covers, you can distribute up to 400 pounds evenly.
  • Truxedo features an automatic tension control mechanism.

Gator covers significant features at a glance

  • The cover can be constructed of polycarbonate and aluminum slats.
  • There is a tailgate lock is included so that your truck’s bed is more secure.
  • Quick release handle on the driver’s side to open the cover.
  • The installation is straightforward, and there is no drilling needed.
  • Can handle 500lbs of distributed weight.

Quick Comparison Table

MaterialsHeavy-duty aluminum slats covered with Industrial Strength Vinyl FabricDurable polycarbonate and aluminum slats overlaid with matte-black powder coat
Look/FinishExtra low profile designExtra-low profile with matte-black finish
Safety FeaturesExtra security latch Intermittent Locking System
InstallationSimple no-drill installationNo-drill, no-tool installation in less than half an hour
Weight Capacity400 lbs Of Evenly Distributed WeightHandles up-to 500lbs
Price$309.99 – $1,089.99$939.88 – $1,079.88
CompatibilityFits 1999 – 2006, 07 Classic Chevy/GMC Silverado/Sierra 1500, 2009 – 2018, 2019-20 Classic Dodge Ram 1500, 2010-21 2500/3500, 2019 – 2023 Chevy, GMC Silverado, Sierra, works w/ MultiPro, Flex tailgateCompatible with 2017-Up Ford Super Duty F250, F350, 2014 – 2018, 2019 Ltd, Lgcy Chevy, GMC Silverado, Sierra, 2005 – 2015 Toyota Tacoma, 2004 – 2012 Chevy, GMC, Canyon, Colorado
Warranty5 Years Warranty2 Years To Lifetime Warranty

Truxedo Vs Gator Tonneau Covers: Know The Differences

From the table above, you will be able to have a quick look at the differences between these two tonneau covers. But without proper details, it is tough to choose the perfect one for your truck, right? Okay, let’s elaborate on the differences.


First of all, if I talk about the materials of Truxedo tonneau covers, you will have heavy-duty aluminum slats with all of its models. Based on models, the overlying material may vary, but be sure that the most sturdy among them you will get is Industrial Strength Vinyl Fabric. The aluminum slats are pressure bonded to the fabric for additional strength and resilience.

Due to the fantastic matte finish, your truck gets an extra low-profile design. The fabric provides  resistance against dirt, impact, UV, and weather. 

On the other hand, along with aluminum slats, Gator tonneau covers are constructed with polycarbonate slats. So you will get a more lightweight yet amazingly rigid cover. The aluminum or polycarbonate slats are overlaid with a matte-black powder coat. Due to that, your cover and truck both get a superior low-profile appearance. 

Here’s another example: the Gator SFX tri-fold tonneau. There’s a tear-resistant vinyl cover, an aluminum frame, and Monster Bows slide off when heavy rain or snow falls. Moisture won’t get into the bed through a seal along the frame.

The sturdiness of the materials gives you extra protection against weather, impacts, and other elements. Most importantly, it will keep your gears dry.

Safety Features

Safety features are an essential part of any tonneau cover. The more security features a cover has, the more the gears are secure from unwanted access.

To ensure that, Truxedo provides extra security latches with their tonneau covers. To be more specific,  take TruXedo Lo Pro as an example. It has 4-way seals, hook-and-loop strips, and a rear latch. The cover can provide more security if you use a locking tailgate. 

Again, take Truxedo Sentry CT tonneau covers as an excellent example. It provides extra security latches toward the center of the truck bed. These latches lock automatically with the slam latches. 

On the other hand, Gator Tonneau covers provide unique features with their cover locking system. Ever thought you could open and close your truck bed cover at a certain point? With GATORTRAX MX, you will get an Intermittent Locking system. This means you can lock and open your cover at any bed position.

Some might not have an aluminum slat seal locking system. But think, you need to carry something which might stink up your truck bed if it is locked. But you also want the other gears not to get harmed. So this system of locking is not a bad idea, eh?

Take GATORTRAX as another example. There is a locking handle on the GatorTrax, which adds security. Along with the tailgate, you can operate the cover independently. This handle also provides maximum versatility since you can lock it between open and closed positions.


Truxedo Tonneau covers are great fit for 1999 – 2006, 07 Classic Chevy/GMC Silverado/Sierra 1500, 2009 – 2018, 2019-20 Classic Dodge Ram 1500, 2019 – 2023 Chevy, GMC Silverado, Sierra. With Truxedo, these trucks get amazing style and an extra low-profile appearance. 

On the other hand, Gator tonneau covers are Compatible with 2017-Up Ford Super Duty F250, F350, 2014 – 2018, 2019 Ltd, Chevy, GMC Silverado, Sierra, 2005 – 2015 Toyota Tacoma, 2004 – 2012 Chevy, GMC, Canyon, Colorado. 

Price Range

Whatever you plan to buy, one of the most important aspects that come to your mind, maybe not at first, but maybe secondly, is price range.

If you consider getting Gator tonneau covers, the price range starts from $939.88, and the maximum rate you may find is $1,079.88. It might vary due to different websites and seasons. But the amount won’t vary that much. 

On top of that, you will get 2 Years To Lifetime Warranty with their tonneau covers.

On the other hand, if you want to start from a bit lower price range, Truxedo is an amazing choice. It starts from $309.99 and ranges up to $1,089.99. 

The maximum price range of both tonneau covers is almost the same, but if you are considering starting with a reasonable price, Truxedo is an easy choice.  With Truxedo tonneau covers, you will get 5 Years of Warranty.

Truxedo vs Gator Tonneau Covers: Similarities You May Find

Sometimes, I get these comments that while reading these comparisons, my dedicated readers find I have put the similarities as well. As every manufacturer will want to provide you with their best, some features might seem the same.

So I thought of giving you a separate section for the similarities.

The first similarity I found, and I believe you also have, is simple, no drilling is needed installation process. Truxedo features easy clamp-on installation. Due to this, it might take a maximum of 20 to 30 minutes.

On the other hand, Gator features bolt-on installation. There is only a minimal amount of equipment required, and it only takes 30 minutes to an hour to complete the installation. 

There is nothing much to talk about the appearance. The cover’s materials give the cover a matte finish and an extra low-profile appearance.

Last but not least, weight capacity. It is not the same, but there is only a 100lbs difference between these two in weight capacity.  Truxedo can handle up to 400lbs of distributed weight, whereas Gator tonneau covers can handle 500lbs. 

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Who Makes Gator Tonneau Covers

Truxedo vs Gator Tonneau Covers: Which One Is Better

This was the question you find hard to answer, right? I know; that is why I have arranged the elaboration above. Yet, if you think you are still a bit confused, okay, just read the following. 

Truxedo and Gator’s appearance have low-profile features, so you do not have to worry about the look. But suppose you want to consider the materials with Truxedo. In that case, the materials you will get are heavy-duty aluminum slats which will be covered with a vinyl fabric of industrial grade, VERY STURDY!!

But Gator comes with polycarbonate and aluminum slats sprayed with matte black powder coating. So if you want something more lightweight yet sturdy, I think it is wise to go with Gator tonneau covers.

No need to worry about the covers’ installation process due to the no-drilling installation process. You can do it by yourself. But If you consider the safety feature, with Gator covers, you will get a locking mechanism via which you can close and open the cover at any bed position.

On the other hand, Truxedo features many locking mechanisms, among which the automatic slam latches system is the most famous.

Last but not least, the maximum price range is almost the same if you want to consider the price range. But if you want to try and start with something a bit more reasonable, Truxedo is an excellent choice, in my opinion.

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Why do they call it a tonneau cover?

The French used tarps tied to or placed over their tonneaus to protect them from prying eyes or bad weather. It was called a tonneau cover. 

Are Gator covers waterproof?

You should consider getting the Gator Efx Hard Fold Tonneau Cover for better water-proof performance. Your truck’s bed is protected from water with a semi-gloss finish.

Are Gator tonneau covers made in the USA?

Featuring heavy-duty materials that are guaranteed to last, Gator tonneau covers are made in the USA.


There you have it, fellas—an elaborated comparison between Truxedo vs Gator Tonneau Covers. Just remember, both are excellent tonneau covers of their time. So whichever you choose, choose by the purpose of your need. 

Best of luck!!

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