Who Makes Gator Tonneau Covers? (Find Out Now)

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Gator Tonneau covers are popular among truck owners seeking to keep their trucks’ beds dry from the elements.

These tonneau covers are constructed of the highest quality materials and are produced by some of the best companies. In this article, you will get to know who makes gator tonneau covers? So, let’s find out!

Who Makes Gator Tonneau Covers?

The Gator Tonneau cover is made by a private company called Gator cover, and this company is located in Georgia. The motive of Gator covers is to assist truck owners in making their already versatile platform even more so.

Who Makes Gator Tonneau Covers

The covers are made of Gator-Lok, a material produced from recycled milk jug plastic. They are highly long-lasting and do not need maintenance at all.

This tonneau cover is lightweight and allows for fast and easy access to the bed of your vehicle. Besides, this tonneau cover will undoubtedly help you to improve the appearance of your truck’s bed.

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Installation Process of Gator Truck Bed Covers

A Gator truck bed cover can help your vehicle from the sun, rain, and snow. A Gator truck bed cover is a fantastic way to keep your car clean and dry if you have a full-sized pickup or SUV.

Gator truck bed covers are simple to install and can be done by anybody with fundamental carpentry skills. To install your truck bed cover, follow the instructions below.

  1. To install a Gator truck bed cover. First, remove the old plastic covering.
  2. Then, using a knife or a saw, cut the cover to match the contours of the truck bed.
  3. Apply a coat of paint to the exposed edges of the cover, and then fasten it with screws or nails.

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Some Pros and Cons of Gator Tonneau Covers

In the below section, we will give some pros and cons of these Gator Tonneau covers. Take a good look!

Pros of Gator Tonneau Covers

Here are some pros of Gator tonneau covers:


This is a universal fit that fits nearly all vehicles. The Gator Cover adds an extra layer of security when driving in hazardous weather conditions and ensures the safety of the truck bed from any potential theft.

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Durable and environmentally friendly

To some consumers, the durability of a product is essential. When it comes to purchasing equipment for cars or trucks, the worry rises. So, finding a long-lasting and environmentally friendly product is essential.

It’s good to know that the material used in the Gator truck bed cover is robust. The materials are also safe for the environment. Gator covers are made from recycled materials and are thus environmentally friendly and long-lasting.

Customer Service

Gator Covers provides excellent customer service. They promise to assist customers for as long as they need help.

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Installation Assistance

Installation is simple; simply cut the gator cover to fit your pool and apply. The installation guide, videos, support, and even technical assistance are all available. Every working day, you can call the technical team during business hours.

Free Restocking Fee

A lot of brands charge for restocking, while Gator Covers don’t charge for it.

Made in America

The manufacturing process is more refined and developed in the United States than in China. In terms of both quality and production, the United States has surpassed other countries. Gator Tonneau covers are manufactured in the United States.


This product has a 30-days guarantee. So, if the product appears to be unsuitable for you, you may return it and receive a complete refund.

Swap It

You can’t be amazed by all of these features. To put it another way, if you don’t like one of their items, you may simply swap it for something else easily. So cool!

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Cons of Gator Tonneau Covers

Below we will give some potential cons to using a gator tonneau cover.

  • The first reason is that it might be tough to install on your own, especially if you don’t have any prior experience. You will need help from someone who is an expert on this.
  • Because this kind of cover is composed of recycled materials, it may not be as sturdy as one constructed of traditional plastic.
  • If your vehicle is large or heavy, you could run into trouble fitting the gator tonneau cover.

Overall, the benefits of utilizing a gator tonneau cover greatly outweigh the cons. A truck tonneau cover is an excellent choice if you’re searching for an inexpensive method to safeguard your vehicle from the weather and provide an additional level of protection when driving in adverse weather conditions.

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FAQs About Gator Tonneau Covers

Are Gator And BAKFlip The Same Company?

No, Gator and BAKFlip are not the same company. Both companies make products that are designed to protect your truck bed from the elements; their products serve different purposes.

Does Gator Make A Good Tonneau Cover?

Yes, Gator makes a good tonneau cover for trucks and SUVs. these types of tonneau cover is a great way to keep your belongings safe and secure while you’re on the road.
But there are a few things to consider when choosing a Gator tonneau cover, such as which style will best suit your needs and which size will fit your truck bed.

Are Gator Tonneau Covers Made In The USA?

Yes, Gator covers are made in the USA with high quality. All of their products go through rigorous testing to ensure they can withstand any weather or terrain conditions.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know who makes Gator Tonneau Cover and what they’re made of. Gator Tonneau Truck Bed Covers are a fantastic way to personalize your vehicle.

They come in a variety of colors and styles to complement the appearance of your vehicle. They’re also quite long-lasting and may preserve your truck bed from damage.

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