How To Store A Hard Tonneau Cover? 3 Easy Methods!

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The hard tonneau covers can be difficult to use sometimes. Besides, there are many other options, such as tri-fold, rolled up, etc. The hardcover could be a hassle if you’re using the truck regularly. 

Now, you might need to keep the cover stored. So, you might want to know how to store a hard tonneau cover.

You can dry store the hardcover by making a rack on the roof of your garage. And then winch it above to store the cover. You need some materials such as frames, bolts, a drilling machine, rope or cables, a hoist, and a ladder. Make a hook that can lift your cover and store it above the ceiling.

But there are many ways to do this. We discussed three different ways. Let’s get to know and learn them one by one.

Materials You Need Before Storing A Hard Tonneau Cover

Before storing the hardcover, you might need a few tools to help you along the way. Depending on the method you use to keep the cover, the uses of the materials or the types of equipment might vary.

We suggest taking a look at the method first and making a check of the tools that you might need. Here we made a list of all the tools.

Different types of Plywood/Frames: To help you along the way, you might need different types of plywood depending on the size of your hard tonneau cover. To be specific, most of the time, you might need only 2*4”s. But, sometimes, depending on the model, you might need the 3*12″s or the 4*12″s too.

Drilling machine and bolts: A drilling machine might come in handy occasionally. Besides, the bolts are for holding the cover.

Eyebolts and Rope: These are useful when dealing with the ceiling and lifting goods.

Bicycle hoist or Electric hoist and ratchet strap: Hoists can be helpful to lift the cover. And the ratchet strap helps the cover to hold.

Step ladder: You can’t attach all these materials to the ceiling without a ladder, right?

Winch and Aircraft cables: The cables will hold the cover and need to be tightened, so they don’t fall off. And the winch will ensure that.

These items might do the job. But you need the general garage toolbox and have those items by your side while installing the rack.

How To Store A Hard Tonneau Cover

3 Methods On How To Store A Hard Tonneau Cover

Storing a hard tonneau cover is not an easy task. And there are a few proven methods you might want to try or give a shot that might seem fit.

The owners have stored their hard tonneau cover these ways, and it’s proven that it will keep your tonneau cover fresh, new looking, and protected.

Way #1: The Most Practical Way To Dry Storage The Hardcover!

You can quickly off-load and on-load the hardcover to your truck. And, of course, you can just do it all by yourself. Following this method, you can lift around eight hundred to one thousand pounds. 

  1. You can start by attaching the cables and pulleys and screwing them to the roof.
  2. You need four  4*12″s. Join the lumber in pairs and make two of them. You need deck screws to connect them.
  3. The cables should make two loops. The reason behind this is to support the plywood.
  4. But you need to beware of the roof structure of your garage. Sometimes the roof structure makes a lot of difference. Ensure that the roof can handle the weight of the cover and the tailgate.

The installation process will take more time than the other methods. But this is the safest and most straightforward process ever. You can quickly screw the items together and ensure the cover is safely stored.

Way #2: Hang It from Above (For The Second Generation Covers)

Here’s how you’re going to do it step-by-step.

  1. Take precisely two 2*4 sizes of plywood.
  2. Take the drilling machine, and you must make a hole at these plywood edges.
  3. You’ll need to put holes in the ceiling for each hole in the plywood. In this case, it’s four eyebolts.
  4. Knot the rope to the edge of the plywood’s hole at the border. And knot the other side of the string to the eyebolts at the roof.
  5. It won’t take more than ten minutes to finish the whole process.

When the process and installation are done, you can try it out. You can now easily get off the cover quickly and store the cover above. And when needed, you can again get it back to protect your goods.

But remember, you need to choose the pulley wisely. As it is holding the weight, be careful and pick the right one.

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Way #3: Just Store The Hardcover Against The Wall (For A Short Period)

The following method is only if you want to use the cover soon or frequently from time to time. It is not a method you should follow for the long term. The surface also needs light so that you can move it without effort.

You can usually leave the hardcover in your garage. You might need to use a plastic bag to cover the surface of the cover.

Besides, you might need three ropes to easily and quickly rig up the storage unit. And take off the cover from the truck and lean it against the wall. That’s it!

You can also use bicycle hoists to lift the cover. But that way, it requires two people, and the process can be exhausting.

Or, if your budget is a bit high, you can get an electric hoist. Here’s how you can do it.

  1. You need to attach the hoist to the top roof where you want to store it.
  2. Get two 3*12″ size plywood.
  3. At the right above the garage opening door, attach the hook with the cable and the plywood.
  4. Get two ratchet straps and form an X-shaped right above the cover. Now, you can lift the body using it.

Maintenance Tips For Hard Tonneau Cover

While you’re storing the hard tonneau cover, there is some maintenance you need to do. Letting it sit for a couple of months might damage the color or the material. 

So, here are some general tips for maintaining the hardcover properly so that you can use it a few months later.

  • You don’t want the cover to get dust and fade the colorway, right? So, regularly, maybe once a week, check the body.
  • Wash the hardcover once a month. It will keep the color and material intact and look new.
  •  Never use chemicals to wash the cover that might fade or damage the color or look.
  • Some owners keep things above the cover while storing them. Never do that.

Maintaining these things regularly can keep the cover quality and the classy matte look new.

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Should I Keep My Tonneau Cover Rolled Up?

No, you shouldn’t keep your tonneau cover rolled up. You should keep it closed when you’re not using the rolled-up cover. Otherwise, something might damage the goods and stuff you’re holding in the bed.

Can You Leave Your Tonneau Cover Open?

You can leave your tonneau cover open, but you shouldn’t do this unless necessary. Leaving the tonneau cover open might damage the cover somehow. Besides, soft covers cannot hold weight if you leave something heavy above the cover.

Can You Paint A Tonneau Cover?

Yes, you can paint a tonneau cover. But you should get paint that won’t leave marks or damage the cover’s material or color. So, you can quickly remove the color next time if you want the original color back.

Final Words

Now you know how to store a hard tonneau cover. You’ll be able to lift the cover from the truck and keep it properly.

We tried to show all the possible methods you can use. You can use any of them, whichever seems convenient and fits the criteria.

Good luck!

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