How to Dry Bedliner Grill? – Using Two Methods

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Just like any other component of your truck, your bedliner grill should only retain water for a short time. However, most people need to pay more attention to this part because these components protect the truck from damage.

Ironically, that is one of the reasons why you should always keep them dry. So, “how to dry bedliner grill?”

Primarily there are two methods that you can use for this. However, before using these methods, there are some things that you will need to consider – drying time, weather, etc.

We have explained everything right here to ensure you get full disclosure on all that.

Bedliner Grill 

Some trucks might already contain a bedliner; others need to have a new bedliner grill installed.

Now, what is the purpose of a bedliner grill? Why do people install it even if it doesn’t readily come with the truck?

Well, bedliner grills are actually essential for the protection of the truck

A bedliner grill can protect the truck bed from damage and impacts. Hence, your truck will have more maintenance in the long run, even without you putting much effort into it.

Usually, you will get three types of bedliner grills that require particular attention, care, and a drying process. So, proper knowledge is a must while dealing with bedliners.

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Types of Truck Bedliner Grill

Every type of bedliner grill needs to be dried – whether it has been wet due to the rain or you have just washed it. But the drying time of these different bedliner grills may vary.

Hence, knowing what type of bedliner grill your truck has is essential, as their drying time and procedure may vary. 


If you are looking for a bedliner grill that dries the fastest, then you are looking at the right one. Spray-on bedliner grills are the most convenient, and they are conventionally the easiest to deal with as well. So, no matter how much water the grill has, it will dry fast. 


A drop-in bedliner grill is between a spray-on liner and a truck bed mat. It can be both permanent and temporary, and depending on the quality of the bedliner grill, the drying time will vary.

However, the drying time is usually much faster with temporary grills. 

Truck Bed Mat

A truck bed mat lives up to its name and feels more like a mat on the truck bed. However, they might have a longer drying time because you cannot remove them from the truck to dry them. In this case, you will have to use quick-drying techniques.

How To Dry Bedliner Grill: Two Methods of Drying Your Bedliner Grill

Water will definitely evaporate off your bedliner grill, even if you let it be. However, two optimal drying methods will ensure your bedliner grill remains intact and provides the best performance.

Here, we will explain the two methods and how you can conduct them efficiently.

Sun/Air Drying 

It is the most common method of drying one’s bedliner grill – because it is the least troublesome method and requires virtually no effort. You will have to put the wet bedliner grill when the sun is shining bright and wait for some time. 

However, keep in mind that there is no point in keeping the truck bedliner grill outside if there is little to no breeze and the weather is not sunny. In this case, you will be bound to use the next method because otherwise, the bedliner grill will take a long time to dry. 

Using a Microfiber Cloth

This method requires work, but it is more effective than the previous method.

In this case, if the bedliner is dirty, clean it first and then take a microfiber cloth. Ensure the fabric is completely dry before drying off the bedliner grill. 

While using this method, make sure to reach the nooks and corners of the bedliner grill. Its design makes it easy for water to get stored in the bedliner and retained there. So you have to be extra cautious when you are using this method.

How Long For Bedliner to Dry? 

Undoubtedly, the two methods have their drying times. Not to mention, different types of bedliner grills might not dry at the same speed as well – although they do not vary much. However, you will have to allow the bedliner grill to dry thoroughly without getting impatient. 

So, here, we will be providing insights on how long it takes for bedliner grills to dry using different methods and how you can improve them. 

The Sun-Drying Method

This method indeed takes a longer time than the other method. If the sun is shining too brightly and the weather is good in general, you can expect the bedliner grill to dry within 3-4 hours. However, if the weather is not good, it might take longer; hence, it is not recommended. 

The Micro-Fiber Cloth Method

For this method, you can have your bedliner grill dry within 30 minutes. However, it surely depends on the amount of water on the bedliner grill. For instance, if there was no buildup of excess water on the bedliner grill, you can dry it in a shorter time.

Speed Up the Process 

If you want to speed up the process of drying, then you can try out both methods at once. Wipe off the excess water using a microfiber cloth, and then leave it outside for the sun to dry the water off completely.

Do Drying Machines Work? 

Although we wouldn’t recommend drying machines for this purpose, as the excess heat from those machines might harm the bedliner grill. You can try using those if you want to dry the grill off very quickly.

Just make sure the temperature has been set accordingly if there is an option. 

Why Should You Dry Bedliner Grill?

You might keep your truck and, along with it, the bedliner grill in the garage without giving much thought to the excess water on it. And even though it will eventually dry out, you should not let the bedliner grill sit with water on it for too long. 

So, why drying a bedliner grill is essential? Let’s check.

May Retain More Dirt

If the surface of your truck bedliner grill is watery, then chances are dirt will retain more on it. Not only will it look bad, but it will also make your bedliner grill more prone to damage. Eventually, the quality of the bedliner grill will deteriorate, and it will not provide the optimal performance as before. 

Cause Damage to the Bedliner

As we have mentioned above, retaining more dirt leads to more damage on the surface of the bedliner grill. As a result, the liner’s lifespan will significantly reduce, and you might have to replace it sooner than expected.

Mold and Mildew

Who wants mold and mildew on their trucks? And your truck’s bedliner grill is an integral part of the truck. So you wouldn’t want any mold and mildew there as well.

However, water retention for long periods will eventually cause the bedliner to grow mold and mildew.

Ruin the Look of the Bedliner Grill

Surely, we have considered all damages and negative impacts so far, but what about the look of your bedliner grill?

Well, it will only get worse by the day, with the retention of all the dirt and the increase in damage that comes with it.

Reduce the Protection Provided 

Since the bedliner grill will have deteriorated in quality with long-time water retention, the amount of protection they provided will also subside with time. Hence, you won’t be able to expect them to provide as much protection from impacts and such after a certain amount of damage.

More Difficult to Clean 

Since the bedliner grill will build up more dirt due to the watery surface, it will become more difficult for the users to clean. As a result, the whole process might be too time-consuming and will require a lot more energy and effort for the users.

Final Words 

Knowing how to dry bedliner grills is very simple. But most people still tend to skip that part because they don’t maintain their truck’s bedliner grills all that much.

Well, maintaining every part of the truck is essential if you want the components to last long and perform optimally – and a bedliner grill is no different.

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