Can You Put A Tonneau Cover On A Leased Truck – The Essential Guidance!

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Driving long distances to transport heavy cargo loads requires proper security. The tonneau covers are there to meet the needs, but what about on leased trucks?

Well, you need to be very clear about it while leasing the truck or installing the cover on the leased truck. 

So, what do you think? Can you put a tonneau cover on a leased truck?

Typically car dealers won’t allow tonneau cover on the leased truck. Any alteration on the exterior can breach the leasing agreement and reduce the truck’s resale value. However, you have alternatives to ensure adequate safety for your leased truck without putting any cover.

Before you decide, it’s better to check the regulations and feasible alternatives for your truck’s safety.

Keep reading on to find out how!

Why You Can’t Put A Tonneau Cover On A Leased Truck

In most cases, you are not allowed to install any accessories to the leased truck. This is mainly because you don’t own the truck.

Any attempt at modification can violate the agreements you have signed while leasing the truck. 

The truck is owned by the company that is providing the leasing services. And they do not like any modifications being made. This is because of several reasons like resell value, exterior damage, and leasing agreement clauses.

You may, however, communicate with the service providers about your options.

Ownership Agreement Features

According to the agreements, any damage to the truck may result in certain fines. 

Installing the tonneau covers means you are modifying the truck bed areas. When you return the vehicle, they may find some holes you have drilled for installing the cover locks

This is something the truck dealers will not like for sure. 

You can tie the cargo with good-quality nets. This is something that can be attached to bed rails.

However, the terms should include the truck owner providing the bed rails. You can’t install it on your own.

General Codes Of Conduct

General codes of conduct usually vary according to the purpose of the lease. The transportation of goods determines the logistical scenarios. 

There are several guidelines for this that you must adhere to. The essential guidelines come in terms of protecting the owners’ rights. 

This means some essential points have to be considered:

  • The cargo load cannot go higher than a specific limit
  • You can make no alterations to protect heavy cargo loads
  • Cannot drive recklessly and should always take the safer routes
  • The company is not responsible for any damage done or any illegal practices
  • You can only use the accessories provided by the company

Most companies avoid providing tonneau cover features because of the expenses. Since they don’t like heavy cargo loads on the truck, they also don’t like tonneau covers. 

Tonneau Cover Alternatives

A tonneau cover is not the only alternative to carry goods safely and securely.

You can attach a headache rack with bed liners. This will allow you to protect a heavy load of cargo sufficiently. 

You may have to pay a little more than usual. This is to work with the customization process. Such customization may not impact the quality of the truck in the longer term. 

There are many ways you can work with the process. 

Customization Features

You can work directly with the customization features with the truck owners. You are required to practice the cargo management process in a more organized way. 

Here are a few temporary customization features that you can add:

  • Use the mechanic’s box for the storage system. You can easily secure the drawer system with locks. 
  • You can do some simple net coverings on the top. This is to keep the boxes from moving. 
  • You can use a tarp which is an inexpensive covering alternative
  • Some truck owners may not mind any soft rolling-up tonneau coverings. You can secure these covers with velcro strips. So, there will be no modifications done to the truck bed. 
  • In addition, you can also use plastic storage tubs. These are quite cost-friendly containers that support heavy loads sufficiently. 

You won’t be disappointed if the hard tonneau covers are not allowed. You can apply some suitable substitutes to make things work.

Mobile Installation Services

There are certain mobile installation services available out there. They offer no structural alterations related to tonneau cover installation services. The promise is not to create any impact on the leased vehicle.

However, it is essential to recognize whether truck owners are good with the services. If so, you can go forward with the process.

Dealers typically allow soft covers on the truck bed. You can find trained individuals who can do the work with velcro strips quite professionally.

Alternative Options

The next best thing is not to lease any trucks at all. You can rent out certain SUVs occasionally to get done with your jobs. Some SUV leasing deals are more attractive than before.

These SUVs provide ample cargo storage space at the back. The solid and high-quality exteriors offer the best security solutions for customers. 

In such a case, you can utilize the seating spaces also. This is to make things work as cargo storage spaces. It will be easier to drive for hours with your stored cargo.

Bumpy roads won’t cause an issue unless it’s an oversized load. 

Things To Consider While Leasing A Truck

It would help if you kept a few things in mind while leasing a truck. If you avoid these points, things can get a bit expensive.

  • All the terms should be communicated to all the concerned parties
  • The consequences of breaking agreement terms should be clearly understood
  • The transaction should be made after all the aspects are cleared in the contract
  • Do work with the identification clearances in the presence of a witness
  • Do provide all the necessary contact information, including next-of-kin contacts
  • Do not return the vehicle late; you may have to pay extra
  • Also, clean the vehicle a little before returning. This will create a good relationship with the owners. You may even get discounts from future leases. 

Failure to comply with these terms can result in many complications. You don’t want to get involved with any costly scenarios. For this reason, keep in touch with the carefulness needed in the approach. 

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What happens when the agreement terms are breached?

A little breach in the agreement may not cause much trouble. A little fine will settle the deal. But if the breach is significant, the dealer may even sue you.

What can happen if any theft, damage, or accident occurs?

Any negative occurrences would be the subject of investigative procedures. The insurance company may come into the situation. The leasing company will work following the law to solve the matter. 

Do all tonneau covers need to drill holes for the installation?

Some tonneau covers need no modifications for installation. However, they are limited in numbers and are not good with security features. Most good-quality tonneau covers come with installation features where modifications are needed. 

Final Words

The demand for tonneau covers has been increasing in recent times. However, the leasing companies still don’t like tonneau covers for various reasons. This is the reason why working with good alternatives is a significant deal. 

Hopefully, you will get the right coverage done with the leasing attempts. 

By wishing you all the best; it is time to go.

Bye for now!

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