Can You Leave The Bedliner On When You Put A Shell

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Adding a camper shell on the truck bed is the safest way to store goods from a theft-prone environment or sometimes work as a weatherproof space.

If you are a truck owner, you must have gone through some situations where you have felt the need for a camper shell.

In contrast, bed liners are one of the most beneficial things for truck owners that works like magic for protecting the truck beds.

This is the point where most of the cargo owner questions, Can You Leave The Bedliner On When You Put A Shell? Because both the bed liners and camper shell are equally essential.

However, the answer is not as straightforward as the question is. Several criteria are involved, including bedliner types, the usage of beds, shells, and so on.

So, if you want answers to all your questions related to bed liners and campers, then keep reading this post; slightly, you will know if you can leave the bed liner on when putting a shell or not.

Can You Leave The Bedliner On When You Put A Shell?

If you have this far, you know about the problems that can arise with bedliners while installing a camper shell. And you probably know the answer already.

But let me become more specific to your answer with a summary.

Undoubtedly, bedliners are the most valuable accessories for truck owners to protect their truck beds. Truck beds are probably the most neglected part and face a lot of harshnesses. 

But luckily, caring owners have become much more conscious, so they are using bedliners more.

Regarding the truck bed, the camper shell is another undeniable thing. They are used widely for safety and weather concerns, but eventually, people use them for multi-purpose.

While you are preparing to install a shell onto your truck bed, bedliners can become a concern. Spray-on bedliners simply create a coating and do not create any obstacles. They are not extra parts like drop-in bedliner.

So, if you use a spray-on bed liner, then nothing to worry about. You can leave the spray-on bed liner on when you put a shell.

On the other hand, if they are not correctly shaped, drop-in bed liners or plastic mats won’t fit the shell. Even Bedliner with rail protectors will block the sides for attaching the cover.

But if the bedliner is under the rail, go for putting a shell on your truck bed without worrying.

How To Put A Shell With A Bedliner On?

With a spray-on bed liner, you do not need to do anything while putting a shell, and they are not a problem at all and do not block the surface like drop-in bedliners.

But drop-in bedliners are detached from the truck bed, which resides on the bed and is easily removable.

If you have not shaped the plastic matt size according to your truck bed, go to the mechanic and reshape the bedliner.

You can do it at home by yourself. As a truck owner, you must have some tools for cutting plastics; if you don’t, buy one that can help you later too.

  1. First, take measurements of where you want to cut plastic. Take the measure from under the rails, as shells attach to the railings.
  2. Next, remove the mat and clean it if you see any dirt. With this clean the bed also, this is not mandatory.
  3. Lastly, cut the Bedliner with the cutter, then again fit it into the truck.

For the bed liner rail protector that wraps the rails, you can make holes for fitting the clamps or even remove them.

How Beneficial Are Camper Shells?

Camper shells are lightweight, rigid, durable for truck beds, and have the multi-purpose ability. Not only one or two camper shells provide lots of benefits and thus become the favorite of cargo owners.

Truck beds carry a lot of stuff from here and there. Sometimes protecting the property from a thief shell is the best option. You can not leave your valuable things open on the road; instead, lock them inside the camper.

Besides, they can work like storage for storing anything you want.

Moreover, the significant advantage is the weatherproof ability. Do not worry about sudden rain or hot summer days for a long journey with a camper shell. Save your valuables from any weather, and also save yourself if required.

Last of all, those who are camping freaks can make a bed platform in the truck bed. Distance travel or going far away from home will not be a problem anymore.

When you have the option, we are not using them!

What To Expect While Putting A Shell With A Bedliner?

Bedliners are like a blessing for the truck beds. A truck bed has many hardships because it carries from the heavy stuff to toxic chemicals.

It protects from chemicals, rust, dents, scratches, UV rays, and many other things 24/7. 

The same protection can come from camper shells, which are great for multi-purpose activities.

There is no alternative for truck beds than camper shells for storage and securing them from weather or thieves.

But most truck owners install bed liners, then look for a camper shell. The liner can sometimes cause problems while installing the camper shell.

There are two types of bedliners- spray-on and drop-in.

We have separately shown the problem according to both bed liner types for your better understanding.

Problem With Drop-in Bedliner

Drop-in bedliners are like plastic mattress that sits on the truck bed. These plastic mats are rugged, durable, and easily removable.

Drop-in bedliners are much more beneficial for protecting the truck beds from dents, tearing, rust, etc.

Though drop-in bedliners are effective in every way, if you do not shape and place them in the right size, this can create many problems while adding a camping shell.

This is concerning for you, right? Don’t worry about it; I will also share the solution with you.

If the bedliners come with rail protectors or go over the rail, it will create an obstacle for the camping shell.

In this case, you need to remove the whole Bedliner or adopt other options.

Problem With Spray-on Bedliner

Spray-on bedliners are a coating that creates a protective layer for truck beds and saves them from scratches, dents, rust, and even UV rays.

This kind of bedliners is massively popular for its excellent safety and ease of use.

Unlike drop-in bedliners, spray-on bedliners are easy to use and can be a long-run companion. Though it is effective, the price range is much higher, and removing them is not easy.

This is why it can be problematic if anyone thinks of removing the spray-on bed liner while attaching the camper shell.

Besides, spray-on bedliners are made with chemical solutions such as polyurea and polyurethane.

Staying in contact with them for a long time can create health issues, especially if you are allergic to polyurea and polyurethane.


Is a spray-in bed liner necessary?

You can take your truck bed-protecting level further with a simple step: spray-in bed liner. Spray-in bedliners offer more safety than any other bedliners. So, yes spray-in bed liner is necessary.

Are camper shells durable?

Campers are lightweight and durable with a nice texture. It can fit on the truck bed nicely.

Can you apply a spray-on bed liner on the camper shell?

If you want to protect the camper shell like the truck bed, spray-on bedliners can be a good option.

Final Verdict

We have discussed the two most crucial parts of a truck, bed liners and camper shell. Only truck owners know the fundamental importance of these.

All the truck owners using bedliners once in life came across the confusion, Can You Leave The Bedliner On When You Put A Shell?

The question may seem simple, but the answer is not. The answer depends on the type of bedliners.

This is why we discuss the whole process broadly by highlighting each detail. After reading the full content, you will not have a bit of confusion in your life.

With spray-on bedliners no need to ever think about removing it when putting shells. They simply will protect the surface and not be a problem at all.

If you have a drop-in bedliner, you may need to cut the plastic mat. The process is mentioned above, so you do not need to waste time searching.

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