Tonneau Cover Velcro Won’t Stick – [5 Easy Fixing Methods!]

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Tonneau covers mean extra safety and perhaps fuel efficiency. What if the covers are not staying in their place because of loose velcros?

Things can be frustrating when the velcro doesn’t stick. It will simply add some extra complications on any hectic day. 

You should definitely know what to do when the tonneau cover velcro won’t stick .

Dirt, debris, wear and tear, or loose fabric can cause the velcro in the tonneau cover not to sit in its place. You can use effective measures like a file card, toothbrush, tweezers, tapes, and a lint brush to stick them in place again. All you need is precise observation and patience.

Simply following some easy-to-workout steps, you can fix the velcro issues and place the cover in its proper place. Keep reading on to see what the process has to offer.  

Reasons Why Velcro Won’t Stick

The Velcro Hook and Loop kits come in variable numbers. Typically they are durable materials that don’t degrade easily.

However, as time goes by, a few complications may arise. Let me focus on some common reasons why the velcro won’t stick anymore are:

  • Dirt accumulations inside the adhesive sealant
  • Debris density all around the area
  • The sticky fabric loses function due to moisture from humidity and heat
  • Specific wears and tears as the product get old

If you are facing the last reason, replacement velcro for the tonneau cover is the only solution. Indeed, longevity is always limited, no matter how durable the cover is. And wear and tear may just happen.

On the other hand, considering the other three points, you can work with the strip to fix it again. Here I have rounded up five specific methods to help you get away from the replacement option.

Five Methods To Make The Velcro Stick Again

You don’t need expensive handy tools or expert hands to do the job. The methods will make the velcro work again. Simply clean the strip to remove debris and dirt, and it will be ready to go. 

Therefore, let us move forward by indicating the five practical cleaning methods.  

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Handling A Wooden Paddle

You can use a wooden paddle to remove any clogged and filtered debris. The paddle has to be flat, almost like a file card. 

The firm metal-constructed bristles on the low end should do the job. You have to do some scraping to remove the dirt sufficiently. Keep the paddle sliding on the strip to see if the dirt is coming.

You must apply long and quiet, and evenly-balanced strokes. Just keep pushing forward and backward so the strip will be clean in no time.  

There are a few things you need to avoid while adhering to the process.

  • Do not soak the strip underwater.
  • Do not apply any type of chemical-induced cleaning fluid to the material.

Otherwise, the sticky material will lose its function and won’t stick back again.

The only way you can make the Velcro stick again is by cleaning or keeping it clean. When all the dirt is gone, the material should stick nicely.

Soft-Bristle Usage

You can use a soft-bristle toothbrush for proper cleaning. Do not try to use an electric toothbrush; just a regular toothbrush would do the job.

Here are a few positive outcomes you can get from a soft-bristled toothbrush:

  • The small fragmented pieces of flexible bristles will clean tiny dirt in the surroundings.
  • With gentle strokes, you can let the less stiff materials clean effectively.
  • The micro corners of the area can be free of any sticky hair-like fabrics. These things do not let the strip stick.
  • When the bristles are applied, a few kinds of stuff may just stick out. You can simply use your hands to take them out. 

As an alternative, you can also use a pet brush. Brushing away dust from the area will be easy using a pet brush. 

Pointy Tweezer Effects

Sometimes the dirt is so stubborn that no brush or paddle can do any good. In this case, a pointed tweezer can be a good option. 

Hairs and fabric fragments are the most common among all the dirt that accumulates in the air. It can be any thin-lined fabric, making the velcro impossible to stick. 

In addition, the use of needle nose pliers cannot be stressed enough.

Here are the benefits you are going to get:

  • You can clean the hook side of the velcro by picking hairs and debris individually.
  • You can use your fingernails when the tweezer has done 50% of the work. This is to deal with the tiny threads that are difficult to remove. 
  • A pair of tweezers can help to pluck away the tiny threaded hair-like fabrics.
  • The surface of the strip can get smoother when all threads are removed.

You can use some essential tools to do the job with just a little effort. Just ensure that you have a close focus on everything. 

Sticking Out With A Duct Tape

Some clogs are tough to remove and clean.

No matter what types of tonneau cover replacement parts, aka pliers, bristles, or tweezers, you use, they won’t go away. I have an option to deal with the situation. 

You can use duct tape to make things work. The sticky area should pull out the clogs, leaving the strip surface smooth and clean. 

Here is how you can do the work:

  • Lose the sticky part of the tape by rolling it around your fingers.
  • The sticky side should stand out.
  • Bring out the velcro to make the tape stroke out evenly on the surface
  • Make sure you have a firm touch
  • The duct tape should be covered by debris now; you must remove it and place a new one.

The duct tape would remove the dirt by sticking it on its surface. After 2 or 3 attempts, you will see a completely clean velcro.

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Loosening With A Lint Brush

A good quality lint brush can also do the magic and make the velcro stick again.

Like how you roll the brush on any garment, you must do it over the velcro. The brush will catch most of the debris and dirt.

As you have used other items before, you can use a lint brush as a finishing touch. This is to make the stuck-out loosened debris flare out easily. Removing all this dirt easily will make the Velcro stick again. 

Combining a lint brush and a toothbrush can make the tonneau velcro stick again.

Tips To Keep The Velcro Fastened For A Long Time

Regular maintenance is the real deal. When investing some time in working with Tonneau covers, involve the strips too. The cleaning process should go further with clear indications.

Velcro Fastened For A Long Time

Here are a few things you can do:

  • Rinse the strip surface with some water. The water quantity should be very little.
  • You can use a semi-wet cloth to rub it on the strip surfaces. Do it every once in a while. It will keep debris and hair fabrics stuck in from time to time. 
  • Make sure that the strip is not exposed to extreme heat more often
  • Clean your surrounding areas properly to remove any debris exposure

That being said, do not let your stuff stay outside for long. Don’t let them rest there, so keep all the accessories inside the garage.

All these factors will help you make things work better than before. 

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How do you fix Velcro on the truck bed cover?

You can apply a little adhesive solution to make the truck bed cover velcro stick. Some adhesives don’t harm the Velcro-like many others, especially if you put a plastic framing over the top.

Can you drive with a tonneau cover open?

It is not recommended to drive with the tonneau cover open. There can be several hazards that can happen behind the vehicle. This is especially the case when the winds are strong.

What does Velcro do to the tonneau cover?

Good quality Velcro strips are there to firmly make the cover attached to the truck bedside. It works with the metal framework to keep the cover from moving around while driving. 


All the tonneau cover accessories assist and help the main product. Together it acts as a tool to ensure longer durability. For this reason, the impacts of Velcro cannot be mistaken.

Hopefully, the fixed methods will make your Velcro stick again. This is with long-term assurance. 

By wishing you all the best; I am signing off.

Bye for now!

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