Can You Replace The Velcro On A Tonneau Cover? (Solved)

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Using a tonneau cover demands some maintenance tasks and dealing with worn-out Velcro is one of them. But what’s the proper solve the issue? Can you replace the Velcro on a tonneau cover? Following the guide, we will deeply discuss it.

Can You Replace The Velcro On A Tonneau Cover?

Yes, you can replace the velcro on a tonneau cover, but it needs some consideration. You have to choose the heavy-duty replacement and follow the proper method to complete the replacement task.

Here is the two best Velcro replacement option:

  • Truxedo 1115173 Velco
  • Access 30474 Tailgate Seal Kit

Can You Replace The Velcro On A Tonneau Cover

How To Replace The Velcro On Tonneau Cover?

Usually, a tonneau cover is designed to protect the pickup truck’s bed properly. But the tonneau cover can sag due to losing its tension control. While considering replacing the tonneau with Velcro, make sure you are using the heavy-duty one.

The reason is that lighter hook and loop tape can’t withstand the weight and stress of the tonneau cover. However, you will need a top-class industrial sewing machine to sew the heavy vinyl of the Velcro.

Other Tools Are Required:

  • Measuring tape
  • Marker pen
  • Razor knife blade
  • Scissors

Free the tonneau

Firstly, open the tailgate of the pickup truck and pull the back release toggle. Then roll the tonneau cover up to remove it from the frame.

Measure the Velcro

Now widen the vinyl tonneau cover and take its measurement. Then measure the same size and mark it on the Velcro using the measuring tape and marker.

Cut through the Velcro

The next step is to use the tip of the razor knife’s blade to cut through each 3rd stitch that holds the original Velcro on the cover.

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Peel off the Velcro

Now peel off the Velcro of the cover using your fingertips and make sure only the bits of thread are enduring.

Cut the new Velcro

Put the old Velcro over the new one and cut through the new Velcro to the equal length as the old one with scissors.

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Sew the Velcro

Cover the sewing machine with UV-protected thread and prepare it for a long stitch. Now place the new Velcro where the previous one was positioned. Sew the new Velcro all the way around every piece, maintaining 1/16 inch from the tape’s edge.

Finish the job

Turn over the cover, making it right side up. Check the stitching, whether it exposes the original hole or if the new stitching hides it. If you find the holes are noticeable, you will have to cover them as you can’t remove them. To hide the holes, turn the right-side-up of the cover through the sewing machine.

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Best Replacement Velcro For A Tonneau Cover

1. Truxedo Tonneau Cover Replacement Velco

2. Access Replacement Tailgate Seal Kit

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1. Is The Tonneau Cover Repairable?

Most of the soft tonneau covers are made of vinyl and are promoted as leather truck bed covers. For such a cover, you can use a vinyl and leather repair kit to repair the affected area if it is not too big. Though it won’t seem fresh, it will at least make the area less visible and prevent the problem from turning big.

2. Do Tonneaus Tend To Flap?

Using a tonneau cover for a longer time, up to five or six years, may cause it to flap. If there’s a flap, the tonneau can damage the stuff inside of it. So it is better to replace the tonneau if it begins to flap.

3. Is The Tonneau Cover Noisy?

A tonneau cover can produce noise if it’s not installed and fitted properly across the pickup truck’s bed. Even so, it can make noise by flapping in the wind while driving down the road due to loose-fitting.

Final words

Using a tonneau cover consistently and harshly can make it lose, which can make noise and end up causing damage. So it’s a wise decision to think about hiring a repairman to fix such a problem. And many car owners consider Velcro. But can you replace the Velcro on a tonneau cover?

Hope you know it now. Despite you have learned the proper way of replacing the Velcro on a tonneau cover. So if you are suffering from such a problem, simply follow those instructions to replace the Velcro one with a tonneau cover.

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