How To Blackout Chrome Grill With Bedliner

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Undoubtedly, chrome grills go through a lot to protect the truck. During this, their shiny color may fade away or get rust on them. Or, if you are a truck owner, you may get bored with the same color and want to do something new.

Besides, there can be many more reasons to blackout chrome grill, and what can be best for Bedliner to do so?

Since you are here, you must search for how to blackout chrome grill with a bedliner.

Gather all the necessary tools for painting, like brush, sandpaper, and bedliner. Prepare the chrome grill by cleaning and scraping off old paint. Use a high-quality bedliner to coat the grill for better protection evenly. Make sure to give ample time for the color to dry properly.

There is more for you in this article. So, stay with me till the end to get all your answers about how to blackout a chrome grill with a bedliner.

What Are The Benefits of Painting A Chrome Grill With A Bedliner?

There is no denying that bed liners are the magical wand for truck owners. Special spray-on bed liners are greatly popular for their excellent protection of the trucks.

This bedliner has become one of the favorite accessories for truck beds and to paint the rocker, lower door, and grill.

For chrome bumpers or grills, cargo owners are becoming interested in bed liners.

If you have ever used a bedliner, you have some ideas on how they are beneficial. If not, then let me tell you in detail.

  • Spray-on bedliners give protection from UV rays.
  • The color does not fade away quickly.
  • Saves from scratches, dents, or rust.
  • Your grill can go through much more with a bedliner finish.
  • It can be a long-run companion.

5 Easy Steps To Blackout Chrome Grill With Bedliner

Bedliner is the most durable and effective way to get some new paint on your truck by ensuring the highest protection.

If you plan to paint the chrome part of your vehicle with bedliners, it will be a great decision in the long run.

The whole process does not really need any expert; you can do it within a few hours.

But if you are new to this, then do not do any experiments, just follow the steps, and the end will be more beautiful than you think.

Assemble All Your Supplies

To make your job easier, we have enlisted some equipment. Make sure to bring all of them; you can add other things if needed.

  • Bedliner.
  • Sandpaper.
  • Painters tape/ newspaper.
  • Cleanser, primer.
  • Soap.
  • Brush.

Prep the Chrome Grills

Before going to the next step, preparing the chrome grills or other parts you want to paint needs to be prepared well.

Before painting the grills, you need to detach them from the truck. Otherwise, you will end up painting the entire front section.

If you are uncomfortable removing the grills, you can use tape or newspaper to cover the parts that don’t need painting.

We recommend removing the grills because this will make the painting.

Get rid of the chrome finish with sandpaper and get a rough surface. It’s essential to get the nice, smooth finish of the grill for a proper application of the bedliner.

Take off the chrome finish from all sides of the grills to get the rough texture that will help you later.

Clean The Chrome Grills

Once you are done with sandpaper and covering the other parts, it’s time to clean before painting. The process is necessary to get an excellent finish free of dirt and debris.

First, start with soap and water to clean the grills. This will clean the surface nicely, and most of the dirt will disappear. Time and patience is the key here.

Secondly, use a good degreaser to remove the rest of the oils and greases, if any. Even though you cleaned your grills perfectly with soap, this process will clean the stubborn dirt mingling in oil residue!

You really will not like it that, for a simple mistake, you could not get the desired bedliner to finish.

Apply The Bed Liner Paints

The most important part is applying the bedliner. A spray-on bedliner is super easy to use, like any other painting spray.

But before applying the bedliner, use a primer to make sure the bed liner sticks to the grills evenly. Before the bedliner, a coating of primer can work to stick with any bare metal your grills are made with.

Follow the user manual or instruction guide that comes with the spray-on bedliner. They will include issues like shaking the spray, mixing, or other stuff. It ensures you get the best result.

Spray-on bedliners cost a lot, so you won’t like to waste a bit of it.

Start painting from one side and try to apply evenly. Do not miss any area to spray because, after one coat, you must wait until it dries. Then you may need to go for the subsequent coating.

Give Enough Time To Dry The Coating

It would be great if you gave your grills and the bedliners on them enough time to dry out for a smooth, even finish.

After applying the first coat, wait till it dries thoroughly, then goes for the second coat. Repeat the same coating process until you get your desired blackout finish on your chrome grill.

Some Common Mistakes To Avoid

There are some common or usual mistakes that most people make when blackout chrome grills with bedliners.

We are highlighting them for you so you repeat them.

Be 100% sure

Before starting the whole task, be 100% sure you want to do it. The entire process will take quite a lot of time, money, and effort.

Once you start, then there is no stepping back.

Choose suitable weather

To blackout chrome grills with a bedliner can take a couple of weeks. When you start the work, you can not leave it and can’t pause.

You will need constant sunlight for quick drying and applying multiple coats over the grills. Anything damp or humid can ruin the integrity of the paint.

Do not do anything in a hurry

Keep one thing in mind-enjoy the best finish. You can not hurry while bed lining the chrome parts.

This can ruin your whole effort, and in a hurry, you may make more mistakes than usual.

Try not to create any mess

While painting the chrome grills with the bedliner, try not to touch it until you finish your coating until it dries, which can create a mess.

Also, keep all the necessary things in hand.


Should you blackout chrome grills or hire a professional to do it?

A professional can do a lot better than any inexperienced one. But not every time we need a professional. As the question is about blackout chrome grills, we have shown you some exact steps. Before going to any professional, just give it a try first.

Can you put the bedliner over the chrome?

Bedliners can stick to chrome, but you must ensure it is real chrome, not plastic paint.
If it is any plastic paint, then first remove then apply the bedliner.

Can you paint a chrome bumper with a bedliner?

Bedliners are not only for truck beds; they are widely used for chrome bumpers, grills, off-road bumpers, and so on. The solid reason is the variation in the colors and the super protective nature.

Final Verdict

The new shine or color can quickly fade away chrome grills with time. And every time it is not possible to get a new one.

Hence, the best way to blackout chrome grills with a super protective layer is to use a bedliner.

Regarding this topic, the most asked question is How To Blackout Chrome Grill With Bedliner. 

We have shown straightforward steps that anyone can do without any professional help. For beginners, these steps are super easy to follow.

So, if you plan on doing so, then you are in the right place. Follow each instruction and go through the whole article from top to bottom.

Ultimately, you will realize every piece of information we provide is worth reading.

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