Undercover Armor Flex vs Ultra Flex

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In 1999, undercover was founded as one of the oldest hard-folding covers in the world. The comparison between undercover Armor flex and Ultra-flex is necessary to choose the best one for an individual, depending on their requirements.

Though the same brand manufactures both models, they have some major and minor differences. Though these two above models show a little difference in finishing, it is difficult to identify this in the first look. In short-

  • Undercover Armor Flex has Line-X automotive grade coating, but Ultra Flex uses carpeted panels.
  • Armor flex includes an automatic latching system, but Ultra Flex uses Deadbolt Locking Rails.
  • LED light is present for the Ultra flex but not Armor flex.
  • Armor flex is operated from either side with Slam Latches, but Ultra-flex is designed with dual action Tailgate seal for easy operation.

The Undercover Armor Flex is an outstanding option if you want a high-quality car cover that keeps your car looking excellent. On the other hand, if you need maximum protection for your cargo, it is better to invest in an Ultra Flex tonneau cover.

In this article, we will compare Undercover Armor Flex and Ultra Flex Tonneau cover and help you make A better choice. 

Undercover Armor Flex Vs Ultra Flex: Comparison Chart

Factor Undercover Armor Flex Ultra Flex
Materials Aluminum Aluminum 
Look/ FinishLine-X Matte-Black Ultra low-profile outlook and Stylish Matte-Black
Safety FeaturesAutomatic latching system Deadbolt locking rails.
Installation No drill installation No drill installation 
Weight capacity 400 pounds400 pounds
Price $1060- $1280 
Compatibility BedRug, spray-ins, and any under the rail bedliner. BedRug, spray-ins and any under the rail bedliner. 
Warranty 5 years5 years
After-sales servicesOutstanding servicesExcellent performance for protecting cargo

Undercover Armor Flex car cover is one of the best ways to protect the car from market elements. It is made of a particular fabric that removes water and resists your vehicle from dent, dirt, UV rays, and other debris.

It is also constructed to defy mold or mildew, making the cars new for years. It is robust and durable, and easy to use. It has a storage bag for smooth transport. It is a hard-folding tonneau cover constructed of aluminum with a matte-black finish.

It includes an automatic Latching System and offers drill-free installation. Its weight capacity is 400 lbs, and the price ranges from $1060-$1280. It ensures a five years warranty and provides excellent support after the sale.

In contrast, the Ultra Flex Tonneau cover is designed to adjust over the bed of a truck. This hard-folding cover is constructed of aluminum with a matte-black finish. It includes deadbolt locking rails and is resistant to dent, corrosion, and UV resistance. 

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No drilling is required to install the cover. The weight capacity is 400 Ibs, and the price ranges from $1080-$1200. Like undercover Armor flex, it also provides a five years warranty and ensures outstanding support after sale for protecting your cargo.

Undercover Armor Flex Vs Ultra Flex: The Major Differences In-Depth

Here, we will provide you with a solid idea regarding the comparison between Undercover Armor Flex and Ultra Flex Tonneau Cover so that you can pick the right one. Let’s have a look below:

1. Materials

As undercover Armor Flex is a hard-folding covering, the Only material it uses is aluminum. Its covering panels and mounting rails are made of high-class, super-strong aluminum. In addition to that, it is equipped with a drain tube and EPDM rubber seals.

On the other hand, the Ultra Flex cover is also made with an industrial-grade aluminum panel and guide rail. It is also equipped with water drain tubes and EPDM rubber seals.

Therefore, undercover Armor flex may be better than Ultra Flex in terms of durability.

2. Look/ Finish

Look/ Finish

The Undercover Armor Flex contains Line-X matte-black finishing that offers it absolute strength and rigidity.

In contrast, Ultra Flex uses a powder-coated matte-black finish, but instead of Line-X coating, It uses carpeted panels. The only trait that makes Ultra Flex quite identical is an integrated luminous rail light system.

Therefore, Undercover Armor Flex Finish is more suitable for rigidity and outcomes.

3. Safety Features

To ensure the ultimate security while running, Armor Flex and Ultra Flex are designed with a dual-action tailgate seal. Undercover Armor Flex consists of an automatic latching system spontaneously locked in place at each fold.

On the other hand, Ultra Flex is designed with deadbolt locking rails which permit you to protect the cover at each fold for partial bed access.

Nobody will be able to reach your truck bed unless they have your tailgate keys. This locking mechanism is excellent as it protects you from the stress of a rusted lock. The undercover Armor Flex Cover has an edge while it comes to close and open the tailgate. So, the safety features in Armor Flex are comparatively better than others.

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4. Installation

The undercover Armor Flex does not need to drill for installation. It may take 30 minutes to one hour to finish the full installation. Even laymen can install the cover on any truck without additional professional machinery.

For Ultraflex, the installation process is similar to Undercover Armor Flex. They also permit one-person installation as they are lightweight, basically the undercover Flex truck bed tonneau cover.

5. Weight capacity

The weight capacity for Undercover Armor Flex and Ultra Flex is 400 pounds. 

So, there is no difference between them in terms of weight capacity.

6. Price

The undercover Armor flex price ranges from $1060-$1280.

In contrast, Ultra Flex Tonneau’s cover price ranges from $1080-1200.

Therefore, the price is almost equal, choose one of them if it fills all your requirements.

7. Compatibility

The undercover Armor Flex and Ultra Flex covers are installed inside the truck bed rails. The Ultra Flex is compatible with BedRug, spray-ins, and any under-the-rail bed liner.

8. Warranty

As both the flex covers are from the same band, the warranty Policy will be identical. Both of them offer a 5-years hassle-free guarantee. You will replace the cover at the company’s cost if any handicap is found in craftsmanship and material within the warranty duration.

The company has already been prominent for its very modest customer reviews and warranty management, as it has been in the market for a long time.

9. After-Sales Services

The undercover Armor Flex provides long life span after-sales due to its durable design and Line-X automotive coating.

In contrast, the Ultra flex Tonneau cover provides a little less after-sale support than Armor flex. But it provides some additional features like rail light and excellent protection.

undercover armor ultra flex

Which one is better for you: Undercover Armor Flex Vs. Ultra Flex

Now, it is time to decide whether undercover Armor Flex or Ultra Flex is better for you. If you want a long-lasting and comparatively more robust Tonneau cover, undercover Armor Flex is the right option based on the automatic latching system and Line-X coating.

It is better resistant to dents, scrapes, and UV radiation. Therefore, Undercover Armor flex is an appropriate choice for professionals ( such as a plumber, carpenters, etc.).

On the other hand, if you need maximum protection for your cargo and a more attractive cover, you can invest in an Ultra Flex Tonneau cover due to its attractive design and extra features like rail light.


How does the Ultra Flex differ from the Flex?

Ultra Flex includes many different features than the Flex. Ultra Flex is designed with carpeted under panels, matte black finish, universal tailgate operation, and L-Rail install. The cover is also equipped with an integrated luminous rail light System for an improved night version.

What is the installation time for the Ultra Flex?

It may take about 45 minutes to install.

Is the Ultra Flex compatible with my Bedliner?

The Ultra Flex is compatible with BedRug, spray-ins, and any under-the-rail bed liner. 

Is the ArmorFlex waterproof?

A: No. There is no folding cover that is completely waterproof as it contains tailgate gaps and other places that can permit some intrusion. However, The Armor Flex is weather resistant, enjoying rail channels and drain tubes to avoid water away from the bed.

How easily removed is the Armor flex cover?

Normally, by unscrewing the two elevator bolts and lifts.

Is the ultra flex dent registered?

Yes. Ultraflex is dent registered but not dent-proof.


Hopefully, you have got a clear concept from the above discussion and made your decision which is appropriate for you if you don’t follow the recommendations.

Undercover Armor Flex is an outstanding option for professionals as it is long-lasting and stronger than others. But, if you want maximum protection of your cargo and an attractive Tonneau cover, then Ultra-flex is better for you.

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