Undercover Ultra Flex Vs Armor Flex [Don’t Get Confused]

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Undercover Ultra Flex and Armor Flex are two of the most popular brands today, but which one will win the battle of Undercover ultra flex vs armor flex

I recently got my hands on some of Undercover’s Ultra Flex and Armor Flex to compare them to each other and see which one was better overall. In this article, I’ll share with you my experience.

Let’s see how they stack up against each other.

Undercover Ultra Flex Vs Armor Flex: Comparison Chart

There are many differences between Undercover ultra flex and armor flex. The main difference is that armor flex is thicker and more durable than ultra flex. It also has better resistance to wear and tear.

FactorUndercover Ultra FlexUndercover Armor Flex
Material Premium carpeted under panelsHeavy duty panels
Finish/LookPowder-coated matte finish Line-X Automotive grade coating 
Safety Features Not completely scratch resistant Completely scratch resistant 
Installation No drill installation No drill installation 
Weight Capacity Both 300 and 400 pounds of evenly distributed weight Both 300 and 400 pounds of evenly distributed weight 
Price $1159.00-$1320.00$1359-$1450
Compatibility Rear via OE tailgate Rear via OE tailgate 
Warranty 5 years 5 years 
After Sales Service Satisfactory More satisfactory than ultra flex 

If we come to hard folding undercovers, aluminum is the best manufacturer among the other options.

  • The undercover ultra flex is composed of an industrial-grade aluminum panel. Which has an impact resistance ability and is lightweight and durable. 

On the other hand, the armor flex is composed of heavy-duty panels. It is a super-strong matte-finished aluminum panel.

  • The undercover ultra flex is good for handymen(plumber, Carpenter, HVAC). 
  • On the other hand, the armor flex is suitable for daily usage.
  • The armor flex is thicker and more durable than the ultra flex.
  • The armor flex satisfaction is more than the ultra flex.
  • The armor flex is completely scratch resistant, but the other isn’t.

Undercover Ultra Flex Vs Armor Flex: Comparison In Details

Here, we will provide you with a solid idea regarding the comparison between them so that you can reach the final decision on whether undercover ultra flex or armor flex is suitable for you.

1. Build Materials

Build Materials

When it comes to the build material, we all desire the greatest industry-grade material in our products, and the undercover ultra flex and armor flex are no exception. Both versions are built from high-quality industrial materials.

To be more specific, 

The ultra flex is constructed of aluminum panels that are both lightweight and sturdy. Not only that, but these aluminum panels are also extremely resistant.

The ArmorFlex cover is constructed of high-quality aluminum-grade panels as well. To make it even more extreme, it features an additional LINE-X automotive-level coating to protect the cover against dents and scratches in rain and snowstorms.

2. Looks And Finishing 

Undercover Ultra-flex and Armor flex are two quite different types of things. Both offer a lot of protections, but they also have pros and cons.

The undercover ultra flex includes Power coated matte finish, whereas the armor flex includes Line-X Automotive grade coating. And both of them are good to go with your daily needs.

3. Safety Features

The undercover ultra flex and the armor flex provide a high level of security and protection. They have a tailgate locking system, making securing them to the truck easier. Therefore, both covers have an interlock mechanism that helps in locking.

Both versions are capable of keeping your belongings safe from theft. Furthermore, both truck bed covers have rusted locks, allowing you to unlock them without carrying numerous keys.

Overall, both covers provide the highest level of security and protection in my view.

4. Installation Process

Regarding installation, both versions are easy to set up. For installation, there is no need to use any heavy equipment. 

It will take you no more than 15 to 20 minutes to complete the installation. Without the assistance of another person, you may install the bed truck cover on your own.

For installation, the best aspect is that you don’t have to drill any holes in your truck to put these truck bed coverings on. When installing the drainage system. 

However, you may need to drill. Furthermore, while no heavy tools are required for installation, a ½- inch wrench is needed for the drill.

Both the covers are incredibly light, weighing between 60 and 70 pounds, so you should be able to install them on your own. With the tonneau covers, you only need to tighten the clamps.

If you wish to remove the bed cover without using tools, the ultra flex cover must be immediately released due to the quick-release mechanism.

5. Weight Capacity 

One of the most significant considerations when purchasing a pickup truck bed cover is the weight capacity. 

So, in this scenario, both undercover tonneau covers have a high holding capacity and can easily support most large loads, thanks to their industry-grade construction.

The undercover ultra flex and the armor flex have heavy-duty aluminum panels that can support weights of up to 300 to 400 pounds.

However, the ultra flex is a superior option because it can easily support 400 pounds. According to the manufacturers, the armor flex can only support up to 300 pounds.

Therefore, adding more weight than the required amount is not advised. Both of these bed covers have a high weight capacity and can withstand a lot of weight capacity.

Undercover Armor Flex

6. Price 

The undercover price ranges from $1159.00-$1320.00. On the other hand, The armor flex price ranges from $1359.00-$1450.00

So, the armor flex version is more expensive than the undercover ultra flex. Please choose one of them according to your budget.

7. Compatibility 

The undercover ultra flex is compatible with the Rear via the OE tailgate. The armor flex is also compatible with the same. Therefore, both versions are good to go with your needs.

8. Warranty Privilege

The ultra flex provides (5) five-year warranty. On the other hand, the armor flex is the same as the ultra flex. Therefore, pick your own choice. 

9. After selling services

The undercover ultra flex provides satisfactory after-sales, whereas the armor flex provides more satisfaction than the ultra flex. Therefore a more flexible version is more durable than the other.

Which One Is Better For You: Undercover Ultra Flex Vs Armor Flex?

  1. Regarding materials, they are almost in the same classes.
  1. In profile, the ultra flex is better than the armor flex.
  1. Watersistance and security are almost the same.
  1. The armor flex is better than the ultra flex in terms of durability and resistance. Its distortion-resistant property will ensure more extended durability. 
  1. Armor flex offers advanced protection from scratches, dents, and scuffs. The heavy-duty aluminum panel and Line-X automotive coating help the tonneau endure in extreme environments.
  1. In terms of Strength and water capacity, the armor flex is better than the other.

So, you can see that both are good for your daily needs. You can pick either of them without any hesitation. 

However, after seeing the chart and comparisons, you might have already selected your preferred one. So, go for the one which suits your requirement.

Frequently asked questions FAQs)

Is the ArmorFlex Waterproof?

No. The undercover armor flex is weather resistant, and for moving water from the bed, it utilizes rail channels and drains tubes. Its folding cover is not entirely waterproof. If it has tailgate gaps and other areas that may allow some intrusion.

Can I See Out The Back Window With My Armorflex Fully Upright?

No. Because the cover of an upright position blocks the view out of the back window.

Can You Open And Close The Tailgate With The Cover In The Closed Position?

Yes. You can open and close the tailgate with the closed function cover because it provides a dual action tailgate seal for effortless operation.

How Can I Get The Side Seals To Lay Flat On My New Ultra-Flex??

In a word, one or two days later.

Final Thought

I hope you have read the above difference between undercover ultra flex vs armor flex

This will help you to find which one is best and I think it will be helpful enough to decide which you will take.

Both versions are almost the same as each other except for their minor changes and affect the budget.

If you prefer resistance or weight capacity over low profile or enhanced visibility and satisfaction, you can choose the Undercover armor flex. 

However, both bed covers are the same in design, durability, security, and ease of operation. Now, everything depends on your overall preferences.

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