Bak Revolver X2 Vs Truxedo Titanium

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When you’re looking to buy one of the best tonneau covers available on the market, you’ll want to do some research first. 

There are numerous models out there, some of which will be better than others. The Bak Revolver X2 and Truxedo Titanium are two high-quality options, but they each have advantages and disadvantages. 

This comparison will tell you all about the advantages and disadvantages of each product so that you can make an informed decision about which would work better for your needs in the battle of Bak Revolver X2 vs Truxedo Titanium.

Let’s dive into the deep-

Bak Revolver X2 Vs Truxedo Titanium: Comparison Chart

There are many differences between Bak Revolver X2 and Truxedo Titanium. The main difference comes in safety features. The Truxedo Titanium cover is a softer roll-up than the bank revolver. 

FactorsBak Revolver X2 Truxedo Titanium 
Material Aluminum slatsHeavy-duty vinyl material 
Finish/LookGloss black finish Matte finish 
Safety Features Hard rolling truck bed cover that does it all with unrivaled strength security, and style Combination of hard slats and soft vinyl results in a strong, durable and stylish 
Installation Easy clamp-on InstallationSimple installation 
Weight Capacity 400 lbs400 lbs
Price $949.00-$1090.00$989.00-$1089.00
Compatibility Compatible with tracrac ladder rackCompatible with 09-14 Ford F-150 5’6″ bed
Warranty 3 years 3 years 
After Sales Service Satisfactory Less satisfactory 
  • The back revolver x2 is made of aluminum slats. It is composed of hardcovers. On the other hand, The Truxedo titanium is made of Heavy-duty vinyl material. It is composed of soft roll-up covers.
  • The Truxedo Titanium is suitable for daily usage, but the other isn’t.
  • The Truxedo Titanium is more durable than the others.
  • The Bak Revolver X2 is a satisfactory after-sales service, but the other is less satisfactory.
  • The low profile and design in Bak Revolver X2 are good.
  • The Truxedo Titanium is good for proper maintenance, while others aren’t.

Bak Revolver Vs Truxedo Titanium: The Major Differences In-Depth

Choosing the right truck bed cover can be confusing, especially if you’re getting into the truck bed cover market for the first time. There are hundreds of brands, models, and features to consider when deciding which product to buy. 

Here we’ll simplify your search with this in-depth comparison of Bak Revolver X2 and Truxedo Titanium, two of the most popular truck bed covers on the market today.


The Bak Revolver X2 comprises aluminum slats and a hardcover. It has used a locking system, which is theft-proof and weatherproof. You can use it in any climate. 

On the other hand, the Truxedo Titanium is composed of heavy-duty vinyl materials, and its cover is a soft roll-up. It is easy to close and open. Because it has a spring-loaded mechanism and is weatherproof, it also can be used in any climate. 

So which is the best? For using a soft rolling cover, the Truxedo Titanium is good. Now, it depends on your type of work.


The Bak Revolver X2 includes a gloss-black finish. Whereas the Truxedo Titanium includes a matte finish. Personally, I like the gloss black finish better than the matte finish. However, please choose one of them according to your choice.

3.Safety Features 

The Bak Revolver X2 has an advantageously hard rolling truck bed cover that does it all with unrivaled strength, security, and style.

The TruxedoTitanium is a good combination of hard slats and soft vinyl, resulting in strong, durable, and stylish.

Besides that, the back revolver x2 is waterproof and theft-proof. You can use it in any climate. Similarly, the Truxedo Titanium is also weatherproof. You can use it in any environment as well. But the theft-proof system is weak.

So if we compare them, we can say that The bak revolver is better than the truxedo titanium in terms of safety features. However, it is up to you to choose one of them according to your work requirements and needs.


The bak revolver x2 and truxedo titanium installation are very simple. The Bak Revolver X2 provides an easy clamp on installation. On the other hand, the Truxedo Titanium provides simple installation. Both of them take almost one hour for the whole installation process.

The Bak Revolver X2 has given a manual instruction video for better understanding. By which the users can easily get an idea of the fitment process.

On the other hand, The Truxedo Titanium has given a video for manual installation setup in which the process is hard to understand. Most can find the process very easy, including you and me.

If we compare, the Bak Revolver X2 is more difficult than the Truxedo Titanium to install for beginners. Though, the installation process is easy for the bak revolver x2. But more work is needed than Truxedo titanium. 

5.Weight Capacity 

Both the Bak Revolver X2 and Truxedo Titanium versions can take the same weight of 400 lbs. Therefore, there is no difference between the two versions. Both of them can carry too much weight. Both of them are good. You can choose it depending upon the other difference. 


The Bak Revolver X2 price ranges from $949.00 to $1090.00, whereas the truxedo titanium price ranges from $989.00 to $1089.00. Both of their prices are very close. So you can choose one of them according to your choice and budget. 


  • The bak revolver x2 is compatible with the Tracrac ladder rack
  • The truxedo titanium is compatible with a 09-14 Ford F-150 5’6″ bed.


The Bak Revolver X2 provides (3) three years warranty. Similarly, the Truxedo Titanium warranty status is the same. So, there is no difference between these tools in terms of the warranty. 

9.After Sales Services

The Bak Revolver X2 provides satisfactory-after sales support due to its good construction and features. 

The Truxedo Titanium is less satisfactory than the bak revolver x2.

Therefore, the bank revolver x2 version is better than the truxedo titanium. So, without concussion, you can choose the Truxedo Titanium. 

Which One Is Better For You?- Bak Revolver X2 Or Truxedo Titanium? 

  • In materials, the tuxedo titanium is better than Bak Revolver.
  • In safety features, the bak revolver is better than truxedo titanium. The bak revolver is weatherproof and theft-proof. In comparison, the truxedo titanium is only weatherproof.
  • In the installation, The Truxedo Titanium is better than the Bak Revolver.
  • In Weight capacity, there is no difference. 
  • In the warranty, you won’t found no difference.
  • In sales services, the bank revolver x2 is much more satisfactory than the truxedo titanium. 

So, both of them are good for your daily needs. You can take one of them without any hesitation. However, after seeing the chart and comparisons, you may already have selected which you will take. So, proceed with that one.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

If The Bak Revolver X2 Is Out Of Stock, What Are My Options? 

If the item is out of stock, our customer service team will notify the matter via email. In this case, you can cancel your order or wait to put it in stock.

Does The Bak Revolver X2 Require Any Drilling? 

No-It’s using the easy clamp-on installation.

What Is the Level Of Skill Needed To Install Bak Revolver X2? 

Basic mechanical skill is needed to install it. A manual instruction video has been given.

Is It Safe To Use My Credit Card Online For Truxedo Titanium?

Yes. You can use it with confidence. There is no problem. 

Is The Truxedo Titanium Waterproof? 

Yes. It is weatherproof. You can use it in any climate. 

Overall Thoughts

I hope you have read the above difference between the Bak Revolver X2 and Truxedo Titanium, and I think this is enough to find out which one is the best. Without hesitation, you can make your decision. 

Both of them are almost the same. A few changes have been shown. The price is the same but the h you will take. If you look at the Safety features and installation, then you can take the Truxedo Titanium. 

Truxedo Titanium used a soft roll-up cover. It has given extra work, which has been the easiest system. However, the other things are almost the same. Everything depends on your needs and preferences.

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