Truxedo Titanium Vs Bak Revolver X2: Make your own Captain Truck!

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Hey Amigo! Come on, man, you already have selected the best tonneau cover for your truck. Then why are you looking for more comparisons? Aah well!! As you are already here, let’s take you through the Truxedo Titanium Vs Bak Revolver X2 detailed differences. So, which one is better, Truxedo Titanium or Bak Revolver X2?

Truxedo Titanium has an extra security latch in the center of the cover, whereas Bak Revolver X2 has a Patented Rotational Locking System. Both covers feature heavy-duty aluminum slats. Truxedo comes with industrial-strength leather grain, and the X2 features glossy vinyl material. 

This is just the beginning. There are more! Let’s get started;

Truxedo Titanium Vs Bak Revolver X2: A Quick Comparison

It is not easy to know and understand the differences between two tonneau covers at a quick glance. But, I can assure you that this quick Info will give you a clear idea of Truxedo Titanium Vs Bak Revolver X2.

Truxedo Titanium at a glance

Truxedo Titanium tonneau covers are constructed with heavy-duty aluminum slats with industrial strength leather-grain, giving the covers a sleek and low profile appearance. To secure your cargo from any thievery, an extra security latch features the cover located in the center of the cover. Truxedo Titanium has an amazing 400lbs weight capacity. 


Bak Revolver X2 at a glance

Bak Revolver X2 is constructed with durable aluminum slats. The slats are overlaid with glossy vinyl material that provides the cover with an elegant style and no profile. Bak Revolver X2 can also handle up to 400 lbs of distributed weight. Truck owners are fond of this tonneau cover because of its easy clamp-on installation.

Quick Comparison Table

FactorTruxedo TitaniumBak Revolver X2
MaterialsHeavy-duty aluminum slats covered with Industrial strength leather-grainDurable aluminum slats overlayed with glossy vinyl material
Look/FinishSleek and a low profile designElegant style and no profile from
Safety FeaturesExtra security latch located in the center of the coverPatented Rotational Locking System
InstallationNo-drill installationEasy clamp-on installation
Weight Capacity400-pound weight capacityEvenly distributed  400 LBS weight capacity
Price$789.00-$899.00$949.88 – $1,090.88
CompatibilityFits 15-17 Ford F-150Fits 2020 – 2023 Chevy, GMC, Silverado, Sierra 2500/3500

Truxedo Titanium Vs Bak Revolver X2: Know The Differences

Now, as you have a more precise idea, why don’t you just read through the apparent differences between these two fantastic tonneau covers? It will take a few moments of your time, but you will have much-elaborated information. 


You will get durable, heavy-duty aluminum slats with Bak Revolver X2 tonneau covers. It will be overlayed with glossy vinyl material, giving your truck an elegant style and no profile. Due to its vinyl covering, water cannot penetrate the aluminum slats of this Tonneau cover. For added protection against the elements, weather-resistant seals form a tight seal around the bed rails.

Truxedo Titanium is also constructed with heavy-duty aluminum slats, but the difference is in the coating. It is coated with an industrial-strength leather grain. This gives the cover a sleek and low-profile appearance, which makes the cover UV-resistant and offers protection from rough weather. Truxedo Titanium is a perfect complement to any truck. 

Professionals like plumbers, carpenters, and HVAC should go for Truxedo Titanium. But there is no written rule that Bak Revolver X2 can not be used for professional purposes. Still, it will be more suitable for recreational purposes.


The Truxedo Titanium installation does not require drilling. To put on the tonneau rails, they need to be clamped to the inside of the truck bed rails. So you will not need any extra tools. This leaves the stake pockets uncovered. It allows most truck bed rail accessories to be still used. 

With the rubber seal at the back, you can keep dirt, debris, and water out of your truck bed. For extra security, you can use a locking tailgate, so there is nothing to worry about the cargo. Your tonneau cover remains tight over time thanks to the hook-and-loop fasteners on the side. 

On the other hand, Bak Revolver X2 comes with a Patented Rotational Locking System installation. All you have to do is line the rails up and tighten the clamps. Using the 3/4″ Patented Rotational Locking Rails, you can lock the cover to the bed the whole way around. A bolt holds the cover to the front of the bed, then it rolls out and latches at the back. 

As a result, you get extreme security, easier installation, and superior performance. There is no need for any special tools.

So, in my opinion, as both covers are straightforward to install and no drilling is required, you should go for the one with a better security option, Revolver X2. 

Weight Capacity

It’s a draw for both tonneau covers in the weight capacity category. Truxedo Titanium and Bak Revolver X2 can withstand up to 400lbs of distributed weight. But there is something that can be considered. 

If you want, you can go for Revolver X2. The price range for this fantastic tonneau cover is from $949.88 to $1,090.88. But if you want to go for a bit cheaper option, you can choose Truxedo Titanium. Because its price range is from $789.00 to $899.00.

So, what do you think? If you only consider the weight capacity, isn’t it wise to go for a more reasonable option? I will leave that to you. 


Revolver X2 is a good fit for 2020 – 2023 Chevy, GMC, Silverado, Sierra 2500/3500. On the other hand, Truxedo Titanium is a perfect match for the 15-17 Ford F-150.

So I am saying if you are planning for a tonneau cover compatible with various truck brands. If you own multiple trucks, it is an easy choice, Revolver X2.

Truxedo Titanium Vs Bak Revolver X2: Which one should you get?

Aah!! This part always gets very tricky for me. Just look at them; they are both amazing tonneau covers. But there are some differences I can mention.

First of all, I consider compatibility; Bak Revolver X2 is made to be fit for multiple brands of the truck. But if you think the weight capacity price range wise, Truxedo Titanium is a better option. 

Again, for the installation part, clearly, Truxedo Titanium has a simpler process. I mean, both of the covers can be installed simply. But with Bak Revolver X2, you will get a more secure tonneau cover as it comes with a Rotational Locking System.

Last but not least, Truxedo Titanium is more suitable for professional purposes based on construction material. But Bak Revolver X2 will be more suitable for recreational purposes.

I believe you have already decided on a winner in your, mind. Always go for the covers you believe will be more convenient for your usage. 


Does TruXedo come from an American manufacturer?

Yankton, South Dakota-based TruXedo produces tonneau covers that are both tough and innovative. TruXedo offers many tonneau covers, including Lo Pro, TruXport, Edge, Deuce, and more.

Is it true that all tonneau covers leak?

No tonneau’s 100% watertight. Few drops may enter around the hinge beside the cab or the tailgate opening.

Soft tonneau covers are waterproof, right?

Although soft tonneau covers can be water-resistant, they are not technically waterproof. It is generally best to choose hardcovers when it comes to keeping items in the back of your truck completely dry.


There you have it, lads. I hope I could give you some detailed information on Truxedo Titanium Vs Bak Revolver X2, and it was worth your time reading through it.

Selecting one cover for your truck between two of the best tonneau covers is a hell of a task. But what I want to suggest, for the want you feel is the best for you. Best of luck!!

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