10 Best Tonneau Cover Protectant And Cleaner Review In 2024

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If you are in search of the best tonneau cover protectant, you are in the right place! Check from these most reliable lists and get the desired result.

Quick comparison

Image Product Key Features Price
303-Convertible-Fabric-Top-Cleaning-Care-Kit-Cleans-And-Protects-Tops-Includes-Tonneau-Cover-Cleaner-16-fl-oz-Guard-oz-30520_227ef906-709a-4b51-9dff-34d509e313f1.d88a0ad0f07bf096427b67c76e46771f ★ Overall #1 Choice ★

1. 303 Convertible Fabric Top Cleaning and Protectant Kit
● Removes stubborn stains.
● Can clean tonneau quickly.
● Extend the tonneau cover life.
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spr-tier-3-product-tyger-tonneau-cover-cleaner-ebrockob-001-6f05c98f337246f4b81b807784868bfe 2. Tyger Tonneau Cover Cleaner and Protectant ● Especially ideal for leather and vinyl.
● Ensure UV protectant finish.
● It comes in a larger volume than the average cleaner spray.
● It offers a clean and on-glossy finish.
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0fc43641-c4a6-4bac-8e81-202669881580.e001bc80dff59b99b47f6d2bb6bc3196 3. Truxedo Pro-Tex Protectant Spray ● Don’t have any damaged silicones.
● It works great for tires, dash as well as tonneau.
● Available in a larger pack.
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829fb44419c0c391c485b1e1e4f841da 4. Extang Tonno Tonic Tonneau Cover Protectant ● Can clean and protect truck bed covers.
● It includes a trigger spray handle.
● Suitable for rubber, plastic, or fiberglass designed.
● With powerful UV protection.
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296562a1-6375-49a0-9dc6-959b3c7e6100_1.f042f2e0c681d9f8ae2e83aaecea558f 5. Wolfsteins Tonneau Cover Care Protectant ● Offer weather-beaten tonneau covers ensure.
● Long-lasting shine.
● Highly effective.
● Mostly suitable for a retractable truck bed cover.
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LG-COVER_CARE 6. Access Cover Care Tonneau Cleaner ● It can repel dust & water.
● Against UV damage.
● Mostly suitable for all Roll-Up Covers.
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ProtexWorldCanvasWaterproofer2.5L_530x@2x 7. Protex World Convertible Soft Top Protectant ● Ideal for small soft tops.
● It offers reliable protection against moisture and bird droppings.
● Suitable for plenty of surfaces.
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products-DG_253-scaled-1-400x400 8. Duragloss Automotive Tonneau Cover Protectant ● It includes a blend of synthetic polymers.
● It greatly restores the new look and repellence.
● Create a durable and protective coating over the tonneau cover.
● Cheaper option.
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tonneaucoverguide.com (1) 9. LEER Tonneau Cover Protectant ● Protect and shine both the soft and hard tonneau covers.
● Suitable for multiple surfaces.
● Leave a dry matte finish.
● It offers superior UV protection. 
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-0-00000001-HOL_995-2000x2000 10. Chemical Guys HOL Convertible Top Protectant Kit ● Restore factory look to the tonneau cover.
● Don’t cause any harm to the tonneau cover.
● It effectively protects convertible soft tops.
● Increase the tonneaus longevity.
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Best Tonneau Cover Protectant And Cleaner

Best Tonneau Cover Protectant And Cleaner

1. 303 Convertible Fabric Top Cleaning and Protectant Kit

This 303 Convertible Fabric Top Cleaning and Care Kit is our number one pick due to its versatility. It comes with a complete residue-free rinse. This tonneau cover protectant is suitable for applying to fabric, vinyl convertible tops, tonneau covers, and car brash.

Not only that, you can confidently use this protectant to clean plastic, rubber, and leather surfaces and stain-free surfaces. This item works as advertised and includes a user manual to help the car owner get the best out of it.

Available at an affordable price, this 303 tonneau cover Protectant adds years to the life of the convertible top. Despite its need for a horsehair brush and the prescribed amount of liquid, there are no apparent downsides to this best tonneau cover cleaner.

2. Tyger Tonneau Cover Cleaner and Protectant

This Tyger Tonneau Cover Protectant is proudly formulated in use and is usable for a range of applications. So where you need a protectant for vinyl, plastic, leather surfaces, or door panels, you can confidently use this item.

In particular, this best soft tonneau cover cleaner will keep your cover from harmful UV damage. Not only that, this protectant will offer 30 days of UV protection assurance during summer, making it ideal for a sunny environment.

Even compared with the previous tonneau cover cleaner, this item is available at half of the price, while it’s a trusty and reliable protectant. A unique feature includes a water-based and bleach-free formula. The feature exclusively prevents the tonneau cover from fading or spoiling.

But if you are seeking a shiny look along with cleaning and UV protection, this item won’t be the right option for you. Using this tonneau cover protectant, you won’t get the shiny look.

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3. Truxedo Pro-Tex Protectant Spray

Looking for an all-in-one tonneau cover protectant for your car? Let’s try this Truxedo Pro-Tex Protectant Spray. You can use this protectant not only for cleaning the tonneau cover but also the tires, trim, dash, and other parts of the car.

It comes from one of the reputed tonneau cover and cleaner brands named TruXedo. Designed with a quick working formula, this best vinyl tonneau cover protectant will both protect the tonneau and extend its life.

More importantly, it doesn’t have any damaging silicones, making the tonneau cover cleaner and safer to use.

Available in large quantity this protectant may cost a bit more money, but in the end, it will be worthwhile to provide seasons of service. Lastly, this protectant is easier to use. Simply spray it on the tonneau cover and wipe it down to have a clean and protective surface.

4. Extang Tonno Tonic Tonneau Cover Protectant

This Extang Tonno Tonic Tonneau Cover Protectant is another multifunctional tonneau cleaner on our list. Designed with a powerful UV protectant, this item can be used on fiberglass, plastic, or leather surfaces as well as tonneau covers for a better and quicker result.

An impressive feature includes a trigger sprayer handle design. In particular, the features make this tonneau tonic extremely straightforward to use for outstanding performance.

Applying this best hard tonneau cover protectant, the car owner will have a hydrophobic cover that will let the owner brush off the beads of water with minimal effort.

Available at a decent price, the cover cleaner can be used on tires and alloy wheels safely and confidently. But the matter of concern is that the user needs to use an applicator to get the desired shiny look.

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5. Wolfsteins Tonneau Cover Care Protectant

With a combination of accessibility, effectiveness, and ease of use, this Wolfstein’s Tonneau Cover Care Kit is another reliable tonneau cover protectant on our list. Designed with a fast-dissolving formula, this tonneau cover offers quality service as promised.

However, you may need to work with this tonneau protectant for up to several months for maintenance purposes. This protectant doesn’t have any petroleum distillates and is specially formulated for vinyl tonneau covers.

Applying this item, the user will not only have a better UV protectant but also a good dirt-repellant. Despite the reputation among leading manufacturers of truck covers, this is the to selling tonneau cover cleaner and protectant option for having a gorgeous look.

It may be expensive compared to the previous items, but keeping it from fading and staining is a skill worthy of investment.

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6. Access Cover Care Tonneau Cleaner

If you are looking for a cleaner and protectant, especially for any kind of roll-up tonneau cover, buying this Access Cover Care Tonneau Cleaner will be the right decision. Apart from these, this item does the dual jobs of cleaner and protectant to keep the cover from UV or other harmful sun waves. 

It comes with an extraordinary power to remove dust, mud, and other damaging particles. This protectant is also usable on vinyl surfaces, rubber, and leather. A key feature includes the ability to build a hydrophobic layer on the outside.

The feature will lower the maintenance task and repel any water seeping in. Finally, it doesn’t have any noticeable errors, while this tonneau cover protectant arguably has it all.

7. Protex World Soft Tonneau cover Protectant

This Protex World Soft Top Canvas Waterproofer is the go-to model you need to seal and protect the tonneau cover. Using this tonneau cover protectant, the car owner will have effective protection from bird droppings, dirt, and dust.

It comes with user-friendly instructions. This protectant will offer a smart and slick shine to the soft top. Exclusively, the manufacturer offers a tutorial on youtube which will make the job much easier.

Another key feature is that this protectant is completely waterproof, which keeps the surface safe from rain and snow. The item will leave a shiny area once applied, which is long-lasting as well. Lastly, there is a complaint that this protectant is expensive because of its quantity.

8. Duragloss Automotive Tonneau Cover Protectant

If you are on a tight budget but still want to add durability and strength to your tonneau cover, try this Duragloss 301 Automotive Tonneau Cover protectant. It includes a blend of synthetic polymers which can extend the tonneau cover’s life and strength effectively.

It’s a trustworthy product and can create a super protective coating over the tonneau cover surface. As a result, it will stick to the surface so powerfully that any powerful wash won’t be able to remove it.

So, even after heavy rain or harsh weather, the tonneau cover will remain shiny and bright. The error side of the tonneau cover protectant is that it may remain behind as armor after a while.

9. LEER Tonneau Cover Protectant

Next, we have LEER Tonneau Cover Protectant, which is suitable for both soft and hard tonneau covers. It will not only protect the truck bed but also brighten it for a new and refreshing look. This budget-friendly tonneau cover can be used on multiple surfaces, including vinyl, plastic, and rubber. 

Another key feature includes an easy-to-use user manual. The feature will lower the maintenance task and lead through proper use to have the best result. Even after rinsing off the protectant, the tonneau cover will retain its new look due to using it.

However, the error side of this tonneau is that it may not work properly on the smooth hot tub cover.

10. Chemical Guys HOL Convertible Top Protectant Kit

The last recommendation for the best tonneau cover protectant on our list is Chemical Guys HOL Convertible Top Cleaner. Designed with a sprayable formula, this tonneau protectant restores the factory look of the tonneau cover.

This protectant can remove all the stains and dirt safely without causing any damage to the tonneau cover surface. This tonneau cover protectant is universally compatible and ideal for having both protected and clean convertible soft tops.

Though the tonneau cleaner is a bit of a pricy option, it can still be considerable due to enjoying a shiny and bright look for years on a tonneau cover.

What to Look for Before Choosing Tonneau Cover Cleaner And Protectant?

When choosing a tonneau cover cleaner and protectant, consider some of the following factors:


Even if you choose the best spray-on tonneau cover cleaner and protectant, the product still needs to last longer than regular cleaners. A good tonneau cover cleaner and protectant is tough on dirt, yet gentle enough to preserve the material of your bed liner.

It should also be able to withstand the elements. There’s no point in cleaning your truck if you can’t even keep dirt away from it!

Safety First

Look for one that’s safe to use on your truck. Most vehicle manufacturers could recommend a specific product since some chemicals can harm the bed liner or the paint finish of your vehicle.

The smell

The toughest part is choosing the best smelling tonneau cover cleaner and protectant! But seriously, if you find a chemical odor too overpowering, look for one that has a milder scent. After all, nobody likes commuting in a truck that smells like chemicals!

Safety instructions 

Always check the label for safety precautions. Some tonneau cover cleaners are so strong that they may damage the paint finish of your vehicle.

Easy application 

It should be easy to apply your tonneau cover cleaner and protectant. Not all of us have the time to buff out a truck. Choose one that is easy to use and apply. Some products come with a sprayer, while others have a brush and roller for application.


The price depends on the brand and manufacturer. However, you get what you pay for. So if your budget allows it go for a more expensive brand. It’s always better to be safe than sorry. So pick a tonneau cover cleaner and protectant that offers the best value for your money.

How to clean a tonneau cover with a cleaner?

To make the cover look its best and maintain its appearance, you should use a cleaner once every two months.

Newer tonneau covers may come with a cleaner that you can use to avoid the use of your own cleaning solution. For older covers, you will want to clean them with a cleaner that will not bug and discolor the plastic.

Here are the simple steps:

1.  Start with a test spot to check for color fastness. Wipe the cleaner on using a soft cloth and observe it for discoloration.

2.  Apply water to a cloth and wipe the cover with it. Wipe off any dirt or debris that is loose. After completing this step, do not apply a cleaner yet.

3.  Apply the cleaner to the cloth and wipe the cover with it. It is best to apply cleaner using a circular motion.

4.  Wipe it off with paper towels, and then remove any moisture from the cover with a dry cloth.

Now you can clean your tonneau cover using this step-by-step guide. Do not forget to apply a lubricant to the cover once you are finished cleaning it. The purpose of this is to reduce friction and prevent any damage that may occur on the cover as a result of rubbing with itself.

Who live in areas that have cold winter seasons, you must take additional steps to protect your cover. You should be sure to apply a special coating that will repel water and protect the plastic against cracking, splitting or warping.

Be sure to apply your coating properly and reapply it when necessary. If you want to avoid the cost of purchasing a specialty product, you can use a water repellent spray that you use for camping gear.

How to protect a tonneau cover

The following are some helpful procedures that will help protect the tonneau cover properly:

  • Keep cleaning the tonneau cover
  • Gently remove the remaining water to keep the surface dry.
  • Use tonneau coover protectant
  • Work up gently using a soft nylon brush.

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1. What Is Ideal For Cleaning A Tonneau Cover?

Use a vinyl-based liquid on a microfiber cloth and wipe up the tonneau cover. You can cover up to three square feet per application. And within a short time, you will find a clean tonneau cover.

2. Is Armorall Ideal For Tonneau Cover?

Don’t use anything that is petroleum or silicone-based, even if it is armor all. Doing so can ruin the tonneau cover warranty policy. More importantly, armor all is worse for vinyl and it can damage the material and end up ruining the tonneau cover.

3. What Protectant To Use On Tonneau Cover?

There is a lot of protectant on market(spray, wax or liquid)what’s the best kind for a tonneau cover?
Spray protectant has a tendency to build up and cause “orange peel” effect. Wax doesn’t last as long, even when reconditioned correctly. Liquid has the longest life, but it can build up also. It depends on what kind of finish you are after. A good clear coat will hold up to a lot of abuse.

Final words

In addition, expensive gear like a tonneau cover to the car, it’s extremely important to take care of it properly. Tonneau cover protectant is such equipment that helps to keep the tonneau safe and clean from dirt and even weather. 

It can boost the tonneau’s longevity and make the tonneau worthwhile. Thus, we have listed some of the best tonneau cover protectants and cleaners that are reliable, effective, and budget-friendly. Using any of them, the car owner will ensure better tonneau cover maintenance more efficiently for years.

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