Pace Edwards Ultragroove vs Ultragroove Metal

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Pace Edwards Ultragroove and Ultragroove metal have mainly a constructive difference. One is made of a vinyl top with a series of metal panels beneath, and another is made of aluminum ribs interlocking with flexible seals between the ribs.

Pace Edward Ultragroove covers mainly differ from the Metal version-

  • The Metal version is fully metallic, whereas Ultragroove isn’t.
  • The metal version includes a matte black finish with a black powder coat, but Ultragroove has a Vinyl Grain finish.
  • The metallic cover is heavier and more durable than Ultragroove. 
  • A socket or wrench may be required for the metal version but not required for Ultragroove.

Pace Edward Ultragroove is suitable for homeowners who have little budget. In contrast, the Pace Edwards Metal version is better for handypersons, carpenters, and so on due to its durability, easy operation, and extended support.

In this article, we will help you to make a final decision by providing a solid and authentic discussion. Let’s dive into the deep-

Pace Edward Ultragroove vs Ultragroove metal: Comparison Chart

FactorPace Edward Ultragroove Pace Edwards Ultragroove Metal
Materials Aluminum w/ VinylAluminum 
Look/ FinishVinyl GrainMatte Black
Safety FeaturesConvenient lock at 12-inch interval Handy Intermittent locking function atomically engage in every 12 inches.
Installation No drill installation No drill installation 
Weight capacity 400 pounds400 pounds
Price $15000- $1632$2065-$2301
Compatibility with Pace Edward EL200 elevated rackwith Pace Edward EL200 elevated rack
Warranty 3 years3 years
After-sales servicessatisfactoryOutstanding services

The Pace Edwards Ultragroove is designed with a vinyl top including a series of metal panels below. In contrast, the Ultragroove metal is constructed with a series of aluminum ribs. The cover of Ultragroove is lighter than the Metal version though the Metal version is heavier and more durable. 

In the case of Ultragroove, most covers will require replacement if the cover is damaged, but for the metal version, if a few ribs are damaged, they may need individual replacement. 

No drilling is needed on most applications for The Pace Edwards Ultragroove. It is constructed with simple turn-knob style clamps for maximum vehicles to make the installation easy without requiring a wrench. It can easily adjust with any Pace Edward Rack, Yakima set, or Thule. This cover is excellent for carrying bicycles, cargo baskets, surfboards, and more. 

It can lock the tonneau cover at 12-inch intervals to transport tall cargo. It features an ArmorTek overlay, a weather-resistant, added polymer ensuring additional safety, and a plain, soft top finish. 

The weight capacity is 400 pounds, and the price ranges from $15000- $1632 approximately. The manufacturing company provides a three years limited warranty. 

On the other hand, for Metal Ultragroove, no drilling is required on most vehicles like ultra groovy. It is made with a slotted rail that can fit with any Pace Edwards Rack, Yakima rack, or Thule.

These handy traits easily carry kayaks, bicycles, cargo baskets, and many more without using a cover and bed. It contains handy intermittent locking features providing automatic engagement in every 12 inches intervals. 

The extruded aluminum panels and black powder coat finish provides a clean yet uneven metal finish. The weight capacity and warranty are exact to the ultra groovy, but the price ranges between $2065-$2301.

Pace Edward Ultragroove vs Ultragroove metal: The Major Differences In-Depth

Here, we will provide you with a solid idea regarding the comparison between them so that you can reach the final decision on whether Ultragroove or Ultragroove Metal is suitable for you.

1. Materials

The Pace Edward Ultragroove is built of a vinyl top with a series of metal panels beneath. This cover is much brighter compared to the Metal cover.

The Pace Edwards Ultragroove Metal contains a series of aluminum ribs interlocking flexible ribs in-between the ribs making this cover more durable and heavier.

Ultragroove metal is better than Ultragroove due to its durability and low maintenance cost.

2. Look/ Finishing

The pace Edward Ultragroove includes a Vinyl Grain finish. 

The Ultragroove Metal includes a Matte black finish, including a black powder coat. 

Vinyl Grain finish is better than Ultragroove Metal due to its plain, soft top finish.

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3. Safety Features

The pace Edward Ultragroove advantageously locks the tonneau cover at 12-inch intervals to carry tall cargo. It consists of a pull strap to ensure easy opening and closing of the tonneau cover from the tailgate.

The Ultragroove Metal includes multiple locking points. To keep your bed partially open, you may need to use one of the intermittent latches situated every 12 inches to catch the cover. 

Using an integrated pull strap, the cover can be easily closed and opened from the rear of the body. It is also designed with a tailgate seal and rear corner seals to eliminate water from draining at this vulnerable place.

The pace Edward Ultragroove is an excellent cover for carrying taller cargo or partial bed use. In contrast, Ultragroove Metal is better for carrying taller items without exposing the rest of the bed.

4. Installation

The Pace Edward Ultragroove includes turn-knob clamps tightened by hand and no need for a wrench or drill for most vehicles. Drilling isn’t necessary for most applications.

The Pace Edward Ultragroove metal also includes turn-knob style clamps, installed by hand with no tools. But, some trucks may require a wrench and socket installation.

So, the pace Edward Ultragroove cover is better than Metal Version due to no need for an extra tool for installation. 

5. Weight capacity

Both the Pace Edward Ultragroove and metal versions can take the same weight, 400 pounds.

6. Price

The Pace Edward Ultragroove cover price Ranges from $1500-$1632.

On the other hand, Metal versions need $2065-$2401. 

So, the metal version is more expensive than Ultragroove. Please choose one of them according to your budget.

7. Compatibility

The Pace Edward Ultragroove cover is compatible with Pace Edward EL200 elevated rack( sold apart)

The metal version is also compatible with the Pace Edward EL200 elevated rack, which is sold separately.

Therefore, both versions are the same in terms of compatibility.

8. Warranty

The Pace Edward Ultragroove cover provides a 30-day money return guarantee and Lifetime install support, as well as a three-year limited warranty.

The Pace Edwards Ultragroove Metal Cover warranty or guarantee status is the same as said before.

Therefore, there is no difference between these tools in terms of the warranty.

9. After Sale Services

The Pace Edward Ultragroove cover provides satisfactory after-sales support due to its good construction and features.

The metal version ensures outstanding support for a long time due to heavy and complete metal construction and durable and weather-resistant design.

Therefore, the metal version is more durable than the other.

Which one is better for you: Pace Edward Ultragroove Vs Ultragroove Metal 

Pace Edward Ultragroove is suitable for those looking to carry bicycles, cargo baskets, surfboards, and more. It is great for carrying more oversized cargo or for partial bed use. It requires more maintenance fee than Metal Version as most of the covers need replacement as a single cover is damaged.

In contrast, the Pace Edwards Ultragroove Metal version is better for professionals who need heavy work because it is heavier and more durable than the Pace Edward Ultragroove. It requires less maintenance fee due to the need for an individual to be replaced if a few ribs are damaged. 


Will this work when there’s a fifth wheel in the bed of the truck?

Yes. It will likely be required to eliminate the canister while towing to get around damage to cover while turning, though anything shorter than the 8-inch bed.

Will this interfere with the auto lower tailgate on the 2021 f150? And will there be any water issues with the built-in tailgate step?

This cover won’t interfere with automatic opening, but you will likely need to nudge it against the cover’s seal to close it while you have auto-close. There is no utterly waterproof tonneau cover, but this will ensure the elimination of most water, and the tailgate step can’t interfere with that.

Is the rolled-up unit easy to remove for temporary needs?

Removing it in a few minutes while you require total bed access is possible.

Does the cover lock with a key ( to secure items in bed)?

This cover lock is located inside the bed. If your tailgate is closed, so is the cover.


If you are a homeowner with a comparatively low budget, Pace Edward Ultragroove will be perfect for you. In addition to that, due to Its brightness, your wife and other family members may like it. 

On the other hand, if you want to use this cover for professional purposes, such as you become a carpenter, then the Pace Edwards Ultragroove Metal version will be appropriate for you since it is durable, easy to install, and the patented silicon weather hinge offers a hard seal between the aluminum plates.

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