Gator vs. Tyger Tonneau Cover: What are the Differences?

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While tonneau covers are a great way to protect your cargo and keep the truck bed safe, they also improve your truck’s appearance by adding a sleek, finished look. And when considering these factors, two brands, Gator and Tyger, will come to mind.

Hence, it becomes challenging to pick one as they have different variations and some differences.

The main difference between Gator and Tyger tonneau covers is that Gator is made with an aluminum framework and bows, water-resistant foam rubber seals, and heavy-duty vinyl. Tyger is made with vinyl, aluminum, and stainless steel. Gator has a semi-gloss finish, and Tyger has a matte finish.

So, which tonneau cover should you get? Read on to find out.

Gator Tonneau Cover

Gator vs. Tyger: Quick Comparison

Both of these covers have unique benefits and drawbacks, so it can be difficult to decide which is right for you. But you can get a hint from this quick comparison.

TypesSoft folding, hard folding, roll up, and retractable.Soft tri-fold, alloy tri-fold, soft roll-up.
MaterialsAluminum framework and bows, water-resistant foam rubber seals, and heavy-duty vinyl.Vinyl, aluminum, and stainless steel.
LocksTailgateLatch system
FinishSemi-glossMatte finish
Profile designSuper Sleek DesignDurable, solid core panels
Price$250 – $2600$220 – $700
Warranty3 years to limited lifetime.5 years to limited lifetime.

Gator vs. Tyger Tonneau Cover: Key Differences Explained

Let’s deep dive into the detailed explanation of the key differences so that you can decide according to your needs.


Both Gator and Tyger focus on user-friendly and class design. Gator offers four types of cover: soft folding, hard folding, roll-up, and retractable.

On the other hand, Tyger comes with soft tri-fold, alloy tri-fold, and soft roll-up. 

Regardless of the type, these covers offer good protection from the elements.

Soft folding and roll-up covers are typically made of vinyl or cloth and fold like a folding chair when you need to access your truck bed. Hard folding covers are similar to soft folding covers, but they are made of harder materials like aluminum and heavy-duty vinyl.

Retractable covers are made of a hard material like fiberglass or aluminum, and they retract into a canister at the front of your truck bed when you need to access it.


The Gator tonneau covers are manufactured from durable materials such as aluminum framework and bows, water-resistant foam rubber seals, and heavy-duty vinyl for prolonged use.

On the other hand, Tyger uses vinyl, aluminum, and stainless steel, which are also great but not heavy-duty like the Gator’s material.

Gator covers are the winner over the Tyger for maximum durability and protection.


Gator mostly uses a tailgate lock system to give you peace of mind when hauling your valuables in your truck bed. This system locks your tailgate shut and prohibits thieves from getting away with your belongings.

On the other hand, Tyger tonneau covers are secured with a latch system lock. This easy-to-use locking system will keep your belongings safe and sound, whether on the highway or parked at the trailhead. 

For added security, the latch system lock features a tamper-resistant design that makes it difficult for thieves to break into your truck bed.


Gator covers give a semi-gloss finish on the top for a shiny look.

On the other hand, Tyger comes with a matte finish to give it a more muted look. Semi-gloss finishes are also easier to clean since they don’t show smudges and fingerprints as easily. 

However, matte finishes are more resistant to scratching and fading, so they may be a better choice if you’re worried about them. Ultimately, the decision comes down to personal preference. 

But now that you know the differences between the two finishes, you can decide which is right.

Profile Design

Gator offers a sleek, low-profile design for an aerodynamic appearance, while Tyger has solid core panels. Moreover, Tyger’s latch system automatically goes with the cover rails giving you an effortless operation.

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Gator has a wide range of covers starting from $250, while you can pick an expensive cover for up to $2600. On the other hand, Tyger’s price range is $220 – $700.

Gator’s expensive covers have an eclectic operation system. Hence, you can open or close your tonneau cover without touching it.

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Depending on the types and models, you can get a limited lifetime warranty for both models. However, Gator also offers three years of warranty for some models.

On the other hand, for some models, Tyger gives five years of warranty.

Tyger Auto T3 Problems

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Gator vs. Tyger Tonneau Cover: Which One Should You Pick?

The Gator tonneau covers are made from heavy-duty vinyl and feature a rigid frame that keeps it in place. This cover is easy to install and requires no tools. It also protects against the elements, making it ideal for colder climates. 

The Tyger tonneau cover is made from stainless steel with aluminum and features a flexible frame that allows it to be folded up when not in use. This cover is also easy to install and does not require any tools. It offers good protection against the elements and is ideal for warmer climates.

So, which tonneau cover is right for you? If you live in a colder climate, the Gator covers are a good choice. However, you can try Tyger covers if you live in warmer weather.

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Are Gator tonneau covers made in USA?

Gator covers are made in the USA. There have manufacturing locations in Springfield, Missouri, and Jasper, Indiana.

Can Tyger bed covers go through a car wash?

Tyger bed covers should not be sent through the automatic car wash.
Car washes with wax can damage the vinyl. You can only do a touchless car wash as the brushes in an automatic car wash can damage the coating on the cover. You can use mild soap for the touchless wash, as chemical soaps can damage the vinyl.
After washing, rinse thoroughly to remove all soap residue, which can attract dirt and grime. These steps will help you keep your Tyger bed cover looking new for years to come.

Can you take a Gator tonneau cover through a carwash?

Not all the Gator covers go through a carwash. The hard top covers can go through a car wash as they are made with fiberglass or hard plastic. But it is safe to go through the touchless car wash for safety.
Most car washes these days are what’s called touchless, meaning that there are no brushes or other scrubbing implements that come in contact with your vehicle. It is highly recommended for trucks with a tonneau cover, as there’s no risk of damaging the paint job or fiberglass.

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Final Words

The Gator and Tyger covers are great products that will serve you well. They each have unique features that set them apart from each other. 

If you’re looking for a cover that has a glossy finish with a sleek design and is made with heavy-duty material, then the Gator is the better choice. 

The Tyger is the better choice if you’re looking for a lightweight and cheap cover. 

Ultimately, it comes down to your needs and preferences as a customer. Both companies offer great products with reasonable price options. So, it’s really up to you to decide which is best: Gator vs. Tyger.

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