Extang Solid Fold 2.0 vs Bakflip MX4: Where Your Preference Matters

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While looking for a tonneau cover for your Ford, Chevy Colorado, or GMC Canyon, the first thing you look for is the up toe, then the features. Lesser price and better performance, if this is the strategy you are following, then you are not alone. 

Tonneau manufacturers are trying to provide their customers with a better product at the best price. 

For example, the Bakflip MX4 Features no drill installation, and you only need a set of ranges and sockets. But Extang Solid Fold 2.0 features hand tightening clamping action. And you are getting this at almost $100 less.

So, which one is better, between Extang Solid Fold 2.0 vs Bakflip MX4 tonneau covers?

Fold 2.0 features 600lbs of weight capacity, but MX4 has a 400lbs weight capacity. The MX4 has a matte black powder coat finish with High-Density Foam Core, whereas Fold 2.0 features Automotive Grade Thermoplastic Skin. MX4 has a dual action tailgate lock but Fold 2.0 features EZ-Lock tailgate clamps.

There are many more differences to consider, and that can be confusing. But I will help you to get the best cover for your truck. Let’s get started;

Extang Solid Fold 2.0 vs Bakflip MX4

Extang Solid Fold 2.0 vs Bakflip MX4: A Quick Peek

To know about the features like a pro; first, you must have an idea about what elaboration you are about to have. That is why glancing at the features simultaneously at the same place gives you an upper hand. 

Extang Solid Fold 2.0: features at a glance

  • Features EnduraShield durable polymer panels with a honeycomb core Automotive Grade Thermoplastic Skin.
  • The material provides Black Matte Finish
  • Comes with EZ-Lock tailgate clamps
  • Installed by Hand-tightened clamps and EZLock latches
  • Has a weight capacity of 600 lbs
  • May cost you Around $1100
  • Compatible with 2021 – 2023 Chevy Colorado, GMC Canyon or Ford F-Series
  • Has a 3 Years

Bakflip MX4: features at a glance

  • Comes with a Complete matte black powder coat finish with High-Density Foam Core
  • Material gives the cover Low-Profile appearance 
  • Features a Dual-Action Tailgate Seal
  • Installations without drilling
  • Can carry up to 400 lbs
  • May cost you around $1200
  • Compatible with 2015 – 2020 Ford F-150
  • Comes with 5-year warranty

Quick Comparison Table

FactorBakflip MX4Extang Solid Fold 2.0
MaterialsComplete matte black powder coat finish with High-Density Foam CoreEnduraShield durable polymer panels with a honeycomb core Automotive Grade Thermoplastic Skin
Look/FinishLow-ProfileBlack Matte Finish
Safety FeaturesDual-Action Tailgate SealEZ-Lock tailgate clamps
InstallationInstallations without drillingHand-tightened clamps and EZLock latches
Weight Capacity400 lbs600 lbs
Price RangeAround $1200Around $1100
Compatibility2015 – 2020 Ford F-1502021 – 2023 Chevy Colorado, GMC Canyon or Ford F-Series
Warranty5-year warranty3 Years

Extang Solid Fold 2.0 vs Bakflip MX4: Features That Make Differences

It is time to know the difference. Just remember the features you just glanced at the table. Those features are to be explained in the following section.


Based on the materials, your tonneau choice can and will differ. The more durable the material, the more durable the cover.

Keeping that in mind, Bakflip featured heavy-duty aluminum panels to construct the MX4. The panels are covered with a Complete matte black powder coat finish. The powder coating is durable enough to resist any impact and scratches.

The material also protects the panels from getting dents even if there is a hell of a hail storm. The cover also features EPDM rubber seals which resist water amazingly. Even if any water leaks through it due to heavy rain or wash, plastic tubes featured in the rail drain it out.

On the other hand, Extang Solid Fold 2.0 is constructed with EnduraShield durable polymer panels with a honeycomb core Automotive Grade Thermoplastic Skin. This material keeps the bed cooler even if it is 51-degree celsius outside.

Rubber corners and triple fin seals help Extang keep rain and debris from trespassing in the truck bed.  With Fold 2.0, you can keep your belongings safe from the worst weather conditions and simplify your day-to-day activities. The panels and hinges are powder-coated in a black matte finish.

Weight Capacity

Based on what the cover is made of, the weight capacity is dependent. And based on weight capacity, you can choose for what purpose you want to use the cover.

Bakflip MX4 has a High-Density Foam Core. This core helps the cover to withstand up to 400lbs of distributed weight and makes it the favorite cover for most professionals. If you are a professional off-road, dirt-bike racer, you can easily carry your bike on the cover.

But what if you can get at least 200lbs more weight capacity at a lesser price? Yes, Extang Solid Fold 2.0 has a weight capacity of 600lbs. So you can easily carry two bikes, for example. Other than bikes, you can carry your heavy constructional equipment placed distributedly.

Apart from these considerations, your preference is more important. I just want to state the higher the capacity, the more usage it has.

Locking and Loading

Followed by the materials and weight capacity, a truck owner would look for the simplest installation process and the best safety feature in a tonneau cover. Keeping that in mind,

The MX4 features a simple no-drill clamp-on installation. I think you guys can do that at home. There aren’t a lot of tools you’ll need, and you won’t have to modify the car. The weight of the cover assists you in engaging the locks.

It is possible to access the BAKFlip MX4 from all sides and the tailgate end without any problems.

In contrast, Fold 2.0’s installation can be done in your driveway. This can be done with the help of hand-tightened clamps and EZLock latches. Therefore, you can attach the cover to your truck in just a few minutes without any tools.

Additionally, it is extremely easy to use. In a matter of seconds, the cover can be folded up by simply unlatching the two-speed clamps. If you wish, you may drive with the fold open, just secure the safety latches, and you are ready to go!

Price Range & Warranty

When you compare Extang Solid Fold 2.0 vs Bakflip MX4, the price range may act as a game changer here.

With all the benefits, Bakflip MX4 may cost you around $1200. Based on the season, need, shop, or website, the price may vary. On the other hand, with all those benefits and features, the Extang Solid Fold 2.0 may cost you around $1100.

A hundred dollars less might not seem like a lot. But think about it like this, if you are the owner of several 2021 – 2023 Chevy Colorado, GMC Canyon, or Ford F-Series, and you need covers for all of them, you can save a lot of money.

Don’t forget the warranty. Bakflip, in this case, has the upper hand with 5 years of warranty, whereas Extang has only 3 years of warranty.

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Extang Solid Fold 2.0 or Bakflip MX4: Which is the better one?

Till getting up to this point, most of you have already decided which one is better based on your need of yours. There are a few facts that you can consider. Let me help you with that if you have not yet decided.

Let’s consider the materials. The MX4’s construction is made of aluminum which makes it amazingly durable and lightweight. A complete matte black powder coat finish ensures the panels won’t get harmed.

Whereas Extang Solid Fold 2.0 features durable polymer panels with Automotive Grade Thermoplastic Skin. Apart from resisting any scratch, UV, weather elements, or thieves, this material keeps the cargo amazingly cooler.

If we consider the Installation, Fold 2.0 has a simpler installation process rather than the MX4. But both covers have almost the same ease of use.

Let’s not forget the weight capacity. With 400lbs of weight capacity, MX4 is the favorite tonneau among professional truck owners. But Fold 2.0’s 600 lbs weight capacity makes it the most liked tonneau in the market in the weight capacity category.

Last but not the least, the price range. All these benefits you can get from MX4 at around $1200, but the Fold 2.0 is providing all these at a hundred dollars lesser price.

Considering these facts, I hope now you will be able to select your tonneau.

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Are hard tonneau covers worth it?

You can’t argue that hard tonneau covers are better than soft ones. Despite being more expensive, hard tonneau covers are worth it. You can count their benefits forever, they do a great job, and they last a long time.

Are Extang tonneau covers waterproof?

The Fold 2.0 tonneau cover from Extang is a tremendous water-resistant cover. Remember, no tonneau cover is fully waterproof. Extang Fold 2.0 minimizes water in your truck bed with top-quality water-resistant material.


I hope, my elaborated breakdown of these fantastic features of these two superior tonneau covers will help you to choose the better one for your truck.

Apart from choosing based on price and features, try to value your preference. By the end of the day, you are the one who has to be satisfied with the tonneau installed on your truck bed.

Good Luck!!

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