Gator EFX vs. FX: Know Which One Does Your Truck Need

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Gator tonneau covers are my favorites as they are made with quality materials and top-notch technology. The Gator EFX and FX are two demanding blankets, so today, I will compare them and help you get an idea of Gator EFX vs. FX

Gator EFX for 2021 – 2023 Ford F – 150 trucks comes in three panels and three years warranty, the Gator FX for the 2015 – 2020 Ford F -150 has four panels and offers four years warranty. The EFX is lighter and more affordable than FX. So the EFX is easier to install and buy for your truck. 

These minor differences between Gator EFX and Gator FX can have huge impacts on trucks. Hence, you should know them in detail before deciding which one to buy. So, let’s keep learning about the covers from a quick comparison below.

Gator EFX

Gator EFX vs. Gator FX: Quick Comparison 

In the table below, we included all the information about both the trucks, which will let you know the similarities and dissimilarities of Gator EFX and FX.

FactorGator EFXGator FX
Look/FinishBlack Powder-coatedBlack Powder-coated
Safety FeaturesAuto-lock System, Holding Latches to Unlock, No Access to Truck Bed When Tailgate and Cover are LockedAuto-lock System, Holding Latches to Unlock, No Access to Truck Bed When Tailgate and Cover are Locked
InstallationsNo Drilling RequiredNo Drilling Required
Weight Capacity300 Pounds300 Pounds
Compatibility2021 – 2023 Ford F – 1502015 – 2020 Ford F -150
Warranty3 Years4 Years
After-sales ServicesReliableReliable

Gator EFX vs. FX: Key Differences

Both the cover may seem very similar at first glance, but when checked properly, there are a few differences. Here are some key differences between the both.


Gator EFX 

The Gator EFX cover panels are made of durable aluminum. Aluminum alone works best as an ultimate shield since it’s tough enough that a knife can’t cut through it.

Gator FX

This cover is also made of aluminum. 

As both the covers are aluminum, the blankets will ensure your truck cover stays unbreakable for years.


Gator EFX 

The Gator EFX comes with a black powder-coated finish, which protects items from UV rays and unwanted scratches.

Gator FX 

FX also features a black powder-coated finish. Hence, it looks appealing and can protect your cover from getting scratches and ultraviolet rays.

In this case, both covers will serve you for an extended period.

Safety Features

Gator EFX 

When your EFX cover and the tailgate are closed simultaneously, there is no chance of stealing because the heavy-duty aluminum cover is impossible to cut with a knife or similar weapons. 

Also, when the panels are folded, they automatically get sealed and locked when they reach the tailgate. Without opening the tailgate at first, no one can access the cover latches. But remember first to close your tailgate and then fold the cover.

Gator FX 

Gator FX safety features work the same way as the EFX. The only difference is that EFX has three rigid panels, and FX has four. The more panels mean the more robust construction.

Gator FX is safer than EFX since it has an extra aluminum panel. This additional panel increased the overall strength of the cover.


Gator EFX 

It doesn’t require expensive equipment to install. Also, no drilling is needed.

Gator FX 

Gator FX is also simple to install as it doesn’t require professional installation equipment. However, you would need a wrench. 

The installation process of EFX is more straightforward than FX.

Weight Capacity

Gator EFX 

It can bear stuff worth 300 pounds. However, you need to put the cargo evenly over the blanket. Also, it’s better to store cargo under 300 pounds.

Gator FX 

This cover also offers a 300-pound weight capacity like the EFX. Of course, it, too, requires you to evenly distribute the cargo on it to ensure the cover doesn’t get damaged. 

You can select any between Gator’s EFX and FX if you are okay with the 300 lbs weight capacity.


Gator EFX 

It’s available on Amazon and is for sale at 656.10 dollars.

Gator FX 

Gator FX is a little more expensive than EFX as it offers an additional aluminum panel that ensures extra security and strength. You can get it on Amazon for 859.00 dollars. 

Gator FX is a better option than EFX because that extra panel makes the truck bed cover more sturdy and secure.

Gator FX


Gator EFX 

The EFX is specifically made for the 2021 – 2023 Ford F – 150 trucks.

Gator FX

It is compatible with 2015 – 2020 Ford F -150 vehicles. 

You should get the cover that goes well with your truck model.


Gator EFX 

The EFX comes with a three years warrant.

Gator FX

The FX comes with a four years warranty.

If you want your truck covered with a long-term warranty, choose the Gator FX.

After-sales Service

Gator EFX and FX

Gator is a US-based company famous for selling quality tonneau covers. Both the bodies belong to the same brand that provides excellent after-sales service, according to most users. You can find them anytime on the helpline during working hours.

Which One is Better for You: Gator EFX or Gator FX 

Gator EFX and FX have several similarities. They have almost 90% similar attributes and provide nearly the same benefits. However, it’s not wise to pick one of them as they match a lot. The two covers also vary a little.

 I want to recommend you Gator FX for use roughly. It’s a suitable choice for jobs like shifting cargo. If you are considering starting your own small cargo shifting business, the Gator FX will serve you better than EFX with a more durable body with four panels and a four-year warranty.

The Gator EFX is also a great selection, but using it often for shifting heavy cargo can soon damage the cover as it is divided into three panels. Hence, this particular cover is perfect for regular use.

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Are Gator tonneau covers waterproof?

Some Gator tonneau covers are waterproof. Most Gator covers can restrain water from getting inside the truck bed because they have seals around them that block water and dust.

What is the weight of a Gator EFX tonneau cover? 

The Gator EFX truck bed cover is lightweight. Hence, it’s super easy to carry and Install on your own. The product weighs only 52.9 pounds.

How good is the Gator FX tonneau cover?

One can rely on the Gator FX tonneau cover if one wants to ensure their stored stuff is safe. It can protect your cargo, whether stored inside the truck bed or on the cover because it offers top-notch security and a robust base for heavyweight things.

How much does a Gator FX tonneau cover weigh?

With 4 panels of heavy-duty aluminum, the Gator FX feels a little heavy. It weighs 71 pounds.


It’s hard to pick a tonneau cover from several options of the same brand. Many like us prefer Gator covers, but having many similarities, it becomes complicated to choose the right one for our truck.So, I compared the Gator EFX vs. Gator FX, which have the most similar attributes. After finishing the article, you know you should get the FX for moving cargo daily for work purposes. The Gator EFX is better if you occasionally visit distant places while putting a load on the cover.

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