Extang Solid Fold Vs Bakflip [Conflict Between Coolest Tonneau Covers]

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Great truck covers come with closely resembled features. It’s your preferences that make the most difference.

For example, if you think 500 lbs of weight capacity is enough for you, then Bakflip will be great. But if you want more weight capacity, go for Extang. It can take up to  600lbs loads.

Just like this, you must consider a few important factors when comparing Extang Vs Bakflip Tonneau Covers.

Extang features drainage tubes but Bakflip features Integrated water drainage rails along with drainage tubes. Bakflip Can withstand 250 to 550 lbs of evenly distributed weight, but Extang Comes with a 300 to 600lbs weight capacity. Bakflip features a secure buckling system to hold the cover in place.

Let’s get to know the other differences that will help you to choose the best tonneau for your truck bed.

Extang Xceed Tonneau Cover

Extang Vs Bakflip Tonneau Covers: Features that make these tonneaus popular

FactorExtang Tonneau Cover Main FeaturesBakflip Tonneau Cover Main Features
MaterialsFiberglass reinforced nylon snaps, Automotive Grade Thermoplastic Skin, EnduraCoat covering, Gloss-black powder coated polypropylene fiber, High-gloss FRP (Fiberglass Reinforced Polymer), Complete matte black powder coat finish with High-Density Foam Core, Rugged DURABAK vinyl, 
PanelsHeavy-duty, rich black anodized rails, aluminum panels, EnduraShield durable polymer panelsAircraft grade aluminum panels, Heavy-duty aluminum panels, 
Look/FinishVinyl Grain, extreme low profile appearance, Black Matte FinishStylish Matte Black Low-Profile Appearance, Gloss Black, 
Safety Features“LeverLock” system, EZ-Lock tailgate clamps, Dual-Action Tailgate SealOverlapping Tailgate Seal, Universal tailgate seal, Advanced hitch and latch system, Dual-Action Tailgate Seal, Automatic Latching Panels
Installation“SpringLock” bows, Hand-tightened clamps and EZLock latches, No drill bolt-on clampsBolt-on clamping and no drill installation, Easy Clamping and No Drill Installation
Weight Capacity300 to 600 lbs250 to 550lbs
CompatibilityFits 97-98 Ford, 1988 – 2000 Chevy/GMC C/K 1500, 1988-2000 C/K 2500/3500, 2019 – 2023 Ford RangerFits 2015 – 2020 Ford F-150, 2002-2018, 2019-21 Classic Dodge Ram 1500, 2003-21 2500/3500
Warranty3-years To Lifetime Limited Warranty3 to 5 years hassle free warranty
Water resistanceDrainage TubesIntegrated water drainage rails, Draining plastic tubes
SealEPDM rubber seals, Rubber corners in triple fin sealsEPDM rubber seals
Foldable AccessibilityFULL BED ACCESS folds up to the back windowCan be folded in the upright position and rest against cab fasten with struts and integrated buckle system, Can be flipped in or out
OperationSecure Rotary Release Latching System, Automatic latching system, two-speed clampsAutomatic latching system

Extang  Vs Bakflip Tonneau Covers: Differences Between Features

Let’s get started with the features in detail. I am sure it will help you to make a more informed decision while choosing the right one for your truck.

Materials Panels Look/Finish

Extang Tonneau Covers are Featured with Fiberglass reinforced nylon snaps, Automotive Grade Thermoplastic Skin, and EnduraCoat covering. These covers are placed on Heavy-duty, rich black anodized rails, aluminum panels, and EnduraShield durable polymer panels.

Extang’s Thermoplastic Skin protects your cargo against extreme heat and cold. The EnduraCoat covering protects your cargo from heavy rain and snow. Fiberglass reinforced nylon snaps featured covering gives great dent and scratch protection. 

These covers come with Vinyl Grain, an extremely low profile appearance, and Black Matte Finish to your truck when you drive with them on your truck bed. 

On the other hand, Bakflip features its covers with Gloss-black powder coated polypropylene fiber, High-gloss FRP (Fiberglass Reinforced Polymer), a Complete matte black powder coat finish with High-Density Foam Core, and Rugged DURABAK vinyl covering.

These coverings are set on aircraft grade Heavy-duty aluminum panels. As a result, these panels are very much protected from any kind of impact from outside. These materials are scratch-resistant and protect your cargo from all weather conditions.

As well as these material-featured covers can provide your truck with a stylish matte black,  low-profile, and gloss black appearance.

Water resistance Seal

Extang tonneau covers feature EPDM rubber seals, Rubber corners, and triple fin seals. These seals are not only sturdy in themselves, but they are strong enough to resist any weather conditions like heavy rain or snow.

As these seals can resist water from coming in, there could be leakage due to heavy rain, and a few drops may get into the cargo. Drainage tubes are featured with these covers to get rid of that and prevent any puddles from forming.

These tubes channel the water out of the truck bed and keep your cargo safe and dry.

On the other hand, Bakflip Tonneau Covers are featured with EPDM rubber seals. But the difference is these covers also feature Integrated water drainage rails. Some truck owners reported that these rails are more useful than the tubes for draining the water out.

Weight Capacity

A tonneau cover is also used by most truck owners as a quick carrying tool. That’s why the weight capacity factor is critical. In this case, I will say Extang has the upper hand.

Extang Tonneau Covers can withstand up to 600 lbs of distributed weight starting from 300lbs. That makes it a favorite choice of all kinds of truck owners.

Bakflip Tonneau Covers are not falling that much behind. They provide up to 550 lbs of weight capacity starting from 250 lbs. So if someone does not need a cover with a higher weight capacity, Bakflip can also be a good choice.

Safety Features

Both tonneaus are in head-to-head competition to provide the best safety feature possible.

Extang covers are featured with the “LeverLock” system, EZ-Lock tailgate clamps, and Dual-Action Tailgate Seal. These seals and locking systems come in different models, making them amazingly safe from thievery.

For example,  the universal Dual-Action Tailgate Seal. You can keep your tailgate shut or closed; that won’t affect closing the covers.

On the other hand, Bakflip Tonneau Covers come with an overlapping tailgate seal, universal tailgate seal, advanced hitch and latch system, dual-action tailgate seal, and automatic latching panels.

Bakflip also features an integrated buckling system with its Fibermax model. The cover Can be folded upright and rested against the cab fastening this buckle.

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Extang  Vs Bakflip Tonneau Covers: Which Manufacturer You Should Go For?

Both of these covers are featured with almost all similar features. But some features are different between these two tonneaus. Based on those, you can decide which manufacturer you should go for. 

For example, compatibility. Both covers are made for different truck models, right?

So if you want to choose the Extang, you must have a 97-98 Ford, 1988 – 2000 Chevy/GMC C/K 1500, 1988-2000 C/K 2500/3500, 2019 – 2023 Ford Ranger truck model. 

Again, on the other hand, Bakflip amazingly goes with  2015 – 2020 Ford F-150, 2002-2018, 2019-21 Classic Dodge Ram 1500, 2003-21 2500/3500 truck models. So you can choose it if you own these.

You will also find differences in weight capacity. Undoubtedly Extang can provide more weight capacity than Bakflip.

So based on this and your preference, choose the cover you need.

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Any Questions?

Should I compare between brands to get the best tonneau cover?

Of course, you should. This can open an ocean of options to choose from. But that can also make it challenging to select. So, in my opinion, comparing two models that fit your truck is a better idea than comparing brands.

Do Bakflip covers drain water better than Extang covers?

Most truck owners who used Extang and Bakflip have reported that they found Bakflip’s drainage system better than most other covers. Due to featuring integrated drainage rails in Bakflip, it is incredible at draining water out of the cargo.

Final Words

Never take your preference and need for granted. You could be flattered by the features of any of these tonneau brands. But your preference matters the most.

So choose the tonneau that you think is best for your truck bed and will also fulfill your need.

Best of luck!!

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