Can You Stand On A Tonneau Cover? (What You Should Consider?)

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Undoubtedly, the tonneau cover offers strong and stable protection to the load, and you may decide to stand on it like other car owners.

But before proceeding to ask yourself can you stand on a tonneau cover? Or can it hold your load properly?

The answer is essential regardless of the safety of both you and the tonneau cover. That’s the topic we have covered today!

There are different styles, prices, and quality tonneau covers available out there. But only the best tonneau cover offers reliable service.

As far as standing on the tonneau cover, there is confusion. It depends on several factors whether you can stand on the tonneau cover or not.

In this guide, we will deeply discuss this topic as well as other relevant information so you can confidently step ahead through the tonneau cover.

The intention is to help you maintain the tonneau cover properly while helping you complete your task conveniently.

Can You Stand On A Tonneau Cover?

Can You Stand On A Tonneau Cover?

A tonneau cover is a soft or hardcover attached to the back of the truck to protect the load and enhance aerodynamics. You can either tilt and lock shut it or fold it.

The main intention of the tonneau cover is to hold distributed weights. So, considering the human weight, it’s not ideal to stand on a Tonneau cover as doing so puts pressure on a certain place.

Though different tonneau covers can hold different weights, you shouldn’t stand on them. Moreover, some alternatives will keep you away from standing on the tonneau cover to continue the job. For example, you can fold one of the panels, which will increase its strength and allow you to complete the job.

But there has a lot of tonneau cover that can hold a lot of weight and you can stand on them.

Weight HoldTonneau Cover
Up to 400 poundsTruXedo Hard Tonneau Cover
More than 500lbsTyger Auto Tonneau cover
Up to 400 lbsBAKFlip MX4 Truck Bed Cover

Why do people want to stand on a tonneau cover?

Most people want to stand on the tonneau cover to wash the car conveniently. People feel that washing cars will be easier if they can stand on the tonneau covers.

However, sometimes people had to stand on the tonneau cover to load or unload cargo and boats. The fact is it can damage the car.

Firstly, if you are around 200 pounds in weight, please don’t think about standing on the tonneau cover, especially if you are concerned about the cover and your safety.

If you had to stay on the tonneau cover, it would be better to fold the cover first. Due to the design of the tonneau cover, it can withstand concentrated weights. So double down the cover to offer it extra rigidity.

Should I Put A Tonneau Cover On My Truck?

How much load is acceptable for a tonneau cover?

Most of the tonneau cover can hold 100lb of distributed weight. However, you should check the tonneau cover user manual to better know the allowable weight of certain covers.

The tonneau cover is designed to withstand the distributed load that is usually put by a wide length and width product. For example, plywood with a dimension of 6 by 10 inches will offer a load around a large area on a tonneau cover.

Conversely, a smaller and stronger tonneau cover can hold concentrated weight. Therefore, if you are planning to stand on a tonneau cover for any reason, use a foldable hardcover.

Besides, fold the tonneau cover twice and secure it with the strap. More importantly, if you are a 150-pound guy, you don’t want the tonneau cover, better let a person climb up who is below 150 pounds.

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Which tonneau covers allow you to stand on?

Which Tonneau Covers Allow You To Stand On?

There are plenty of types of tonneau covers available on the market. Each comes with its qualities and is suitable for a specific purpose.

But ultimately, you should know which tonneau cover can approve the average weight of a human being.

After researching several types of the popular tonneau cover, we collected the results based on type. Here they are:

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Hard one-piece

Undoubtedly, a hard one-piece tonneau cover is durable and sturdier. Made of polypropylene, fiberglass, or aluminum, this hard one-piece tonneau can support lots of weight, especially when a person stands on it.

So if you are looking for a reliable and firm tonneau cover to stand on, you can consider this hard one-piece.

Hard retractable

A hard-retractable tonneau cover retracts into itself though made of similar material like a hard one-piece tonneau cover.

The benefit of using this type of tonneau is it can expose the truck bed as needed. This tonneau cover is suitable for awkwardly shaped trucks or oversized loads to shield the truck bed while keeping other cargo safe.

However, the hard-retractable tonneau cover is durable and studied enough, but most manufacturers don’t recommend standing on it.

Hard retractable allow so much weight

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Hard folding

Hard folding tonneau covers aren’t suitable for climbing on them as they only allow evenly distributed load. So if you stand on it, you are possibly damaging the covers.

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In short, can you sand on the tonneau cover? Mostly no. Though you can’t stand on it, don’t take the tonneau cover lightly. These offer tremendous protection to the load and secure them for the long run.

So use the tonneau cover for what they are intended to do. If you are planning to stand on the tonneau cover for any reason, it is better if you use a ladder to complete the task. It will both keep you safe and prevent damage to the tonneau cover.

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