Bakflip G2 vs VP: Flip The Secrets Of Bakflip Tonneaus?

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Hey, It’s Waylon “Joe” Kite here. I am a West Virginia native and a die-hard pickup truck fan. My story with trucks started with my dad’s 1989 Ford F-150, and it's still going on. I'll share all my trucking experiences (both great and gross ones) with you. I have a garage full of tools to fix and renovate trucks and a freezer full of ales. Do you want to join me?

After reviewing many of my daily readers’ comments, something rang in my mind that, while looking for a tonneau cover, most truck owners were stuck between two of the same manufacturer.

It’s not the covers; the owner’s mind plays the tricks. Are you also facing the same confusion between Bakflip G2 vs Bakflip VP tonneau cover?

Both covers have aluminum construction, but the G2 features polypropylene fiber, whereas the VP has rugged DURABAK vinyl coating. G2 has a capacity of 300lbs, but VP has a weight capacity of 250 lbs. Both require no drill installation, but G2 has bolt-on clamps, and VP has easy clamping action.

There are some other factors you must know if you want to choose the best Bakflip for your truck between these two.

Let me elaborate on them. Let’s get started.

Bakflip G2 vs Bakflip VP: A Quick Glance

Don’t worry, folk; II am not asking you to choose just by glancing at the features. I am putting this only and only for a quick look at the features so that with the elaboration I am about to put; you can easily differentiate between these two Backflips, okay?

Bakflip G2

Bakflip G2: features at a glance

  • BakFlip G2 features Gloss-black powder coated polypropylene fiber on aircraft grade aluminum panels 
  • It has a Low-profile Appearance 
  • Equipped withAutomatic latching system
  • Comes with a Bolt-on clamping and no drill installation
  • Has a weight capacity of 300 lbs
Bakflip VP

Bakflip VP: features at a glance

  • Bakflip VP features Heavy-duty aluminum covered in rugged DURABAK vinyl
  • The material gives it a Sleek and No-Profile Design
  • It is equipped with an Automatic Latching Panels
  • Has an Easy Clamping and No Drill Installation
  • Comes with a weight capacity of 250 lbs

Quick Comparison Table

FactorBakflip G2Bakflip VP
MaterialsGloss-black powder coated polypropylene fiber on aircraft grade aluminum panelsHeavy-duty aluminum covered in rugged DURABAK vinyl
Look/FinishLow-profile AppearanceSleek and No-Profile Design
Safety FeaturesAutomatic latching systemAutomatic Latching Panels
InstallationBolt-on clamping and no-drill installationEasy Clamping and No Drill Installation
Weight Capacity300 lbs250 lbs
PriceBelow $900Below $800
CompatibilityFits 2015 – 2020 Ford F-150Typically goes with Fords
Warranty3 year warranty1 year limited warranty

Bakflip G2 Vs Bakflip VP: Explore the differences

Now you have a more clear idea of the differences. It is time to explore them thoroughly. Let’s dive into it.


As I mentioned, both covers have aluminum construction, but the difference is in the covering material. 

BakFlip VP’s aluminum panels are covered with tough DURABAK vinyl fabric. This tonneau cover is one of the strongest and most impact-resistant on the market, thanks to its vinyl-covered aluminum.

It is lighter than most other Bakflip covers. There aren’t many folding tonneau covers that are as aerodynamic as the VP. In addition to snow, rain, ice, and hail, the VP is also water-resistant. You can use it in hot weather too. BakFlip VP’s vinyl cover ensures that the tonneau cover remains cool during use. 

On the other hand, if I compare the build quality of the G2 with VP, its aluminum panels are covered with glossy black powder-coated polypropylene fiber. This material provides both your tonneau and truck with a superior low-profile appearance. Due to its rigidness, thieves would need a blowtorch to get to your stuff.

At the same time, it provides incredible resistance against harsh weather and saves your stuff from UV rays. It is also equipped with an EPDM seal, so that water can not get into your cargo. You will also have plastic tubes to keep the water out.

If you want to compare just by the material and build quality, the water resistance and drainage can be considered as a reference. So the G2 is a better option.

Weight Capacity

According to the weight capacity of a tonneau, you can decide or tell for which purpose it will be or should be used.

In that case, I think Bakflip G2 is a better option for professionals like Plumbers, HVACs, or the persons involved in construction. The G2 has a weight capacity of 300 lbs distributed weight.

If you are a professional dirt-biker, the G2 is a perfect cover for you. Since dirt bikes weigh 203 pounds (92 kilograms), they’re lighter than street bikes.

On the other hand, Bakflip VP has a weight capacity of 250 lbs, which makes it perfect for truck owners who want to use it for recreational purposes.

For example, if you carry your fishing gear on the cover, you have to distribute them evenly on the cover. Remember, only the gears, not the boat, okay?

So as I mentioned, if you are looking for a cover for professional purposes, go for the G2. 


Most truck owners worry about the installation process long before they are about to choose a cover. Even they back out from looking for a hard tonneau assuming a lengthy and complex installation process. But with Bakflip G2 and VP, you won’t have to hassle a bit.

Take the G2, for instance; it has a no-drill, bolt-on clamping installation. You will only need a few essential tools and about half an hour to install them. 

The VP has a simpler installation. Along with no-drill installation, it has an easy clamp-on action. 

Just a general instruction for these two tonneaus:

You must install a weather strip if your truck is not equipped with a drop-in bed liner.

To ensure the painted surface is clean, wipe it with isopropyl alcohol before applying the paint. There will be no need to seal the bed if the truck is equipped with a drop-in liner. 

To ensure a secure grip, ensure the clamp teeth align with rail slots and are inserted into the rail. While tightening the clamp on a BAKFlip rail, apply downward pressure to ensure the rail sits flush and is sealed correctly.

Price & Warranty

While looking for tonneau covers, many truck owners look for covers with a price range under thousand dollars. You can put Bakflip G2 and VP in that category.

You can get a Bakflip G2 cover for $880. Along with that, you will also get a hassle-free 3-year of warranty. 

But with the VP, you can only get a limited 1-year warranty. Yes, the price is a bit reasonable as well. It starts from $709.

If you are not worried about the warranty, then the VP is a perfect match for your truck. But as the price is not too much different, with a 3-year warranty, Bakflip G2 is a better choice. 

Bakflip VP

Bakflip G2 vs Bakflip VP: a few similarities that may confuse you

Now, you have to know the difference between the major features of these two tonneaus. As I mentioned, a few similarities confuse you when choosing one out of two from the same manufacturer’s tonneau cover. Let me make it simpler for you.

First comes compatibility. Well, both of these trucks are very much compatible with your Ford. Specifically, the G2 is compatible with the 2015 – 2020 Ford F-150, and the VP typically fits any Ford.

Next comes the safety feature. Both tonneaus have an automatic latching system. When you roll out the cover, it automatically locks the latches. For better security, you can always use a tailgate lock; that’s up to you.

Last but not the least, the appearance. Due to the build quality and suitable mechanism, both covers will give your truck a sleek, tough, and low-profile look. 

I have put these similarities packed in one place so that you can choose without getting confused. So consider the differences and choose the best for your truck.

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Bakflip G2 vs Bakflip VP: Which one is better?

Every truck owner is irritated by asking this question themselves. It’s kind of tough ain’t it? But don’t worry, let me make it easier for you.

Suppose you want to consider the materials. In that case, the VP is more lightweight and rigid. The G2 is not falling behind; it has super resistance against weather, UV, and thieves. If you want a cover that drains out the water from the rails, G2 is a perfect choice. But remember that the VP stays cool even in the hottest weather.

In the category of weight capacity, of course, if you want to consider it, the G2 is more appropriate for professionals as it can withstand up to 300lbs. But the VP will be preferable for recreational purposes.

Nothing much to talk about the installation process. Both of the models have amazingly simple, no-drill installations.

But if you think about the price and warranty, I will say the G2 is preferable as it comes with 3-years of hassle-free warranty.  

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Is BAKFlip G2 waterproof?

Yes, the G2 has a waterproof feature. To prevent rain from leaking through the individual cover panels. It is also equipped with plastic tubes to keep the water out of the rails.

Is it safe to drive with the BAKFlip up?

Yes, it is safe. A part of the BAKFlip’s design is to flip it against the cab. When you lock the prop rods on both sides, you can drive with the cover open on the highway at safe speeds.

Is BAKFlip tonneau covers worth it?

The BAKFlip truck bed covers may be more expensive than other available options. But it’s worth the money for the quality, workmanship, and convenience. For an affordable, long-lasting tonneau cover, I recommend BAKFlip tonneau covers.


Choosing one tonneau cover between two famous is always a hassle-full task. But If you can look the other way, it is effortless, just like I did.

I have put all the possible differences elaborately so that you can come up with a decision with choosing the best Bakflip tonneau cover, between Bakflip G2 and Bakflip VP.

By the end of the, it is up to your purpose preferences, which tonneau is more preferable for you. I hope you will get the best. Good luck!!

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