Bakflip Fibermax Vs Undercover Flex Tonneau Covers: Differences That Matters To Decide

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Little differences can largely impact your decisions. Just like when you compare the Fibermax and Flex price difference is only $200, and Flex has 100lbs more weight capacity. 

There are so many impactful differences that I will elaborate in this article. And I am sure it will help you to select between Bakflip Fibermax Vs Undercover Flex Tonneau Covers.

Armor Flex features Aluminum Panels with Line-X Matte Black Finish, but Fibermax Comes with sturdy aluminum panels covered in glossy FRP. Fibermax features a hitch and latches locking system, but Flex comes with Dual Action Tailgate Seal. Flex can withstand up to 400lbs, but Fibermax can carry 300lbs.

BAKflip FiberMax

Let’s not waste more time here and start with the differences that matter.

Bakflip Fibermax Vs Undercover Flex Tonneau Covers: Features to keep in mind

Check the differences at a glance. It will make picking the right one a bit easier for you.

FactorUndercover Armor FlexBAKFlip Fibermax
MaterialsAluminum Panels with Line-X Matte Black FinishHeavy-duty aluminum panels covered in high-gloss FRP (Fiberglass Reinforced Polymer)
Look/FinishStylish Matte Black Low-Profile AppearanceGloss Black
Safety FeaturesDual Action Tailgate SealAdvanced hitch and latch system
Weight Capacity400 pounds300 lbs
Price RangeAround $1200Around $1000
CompatibilityFits 2020 – 2023 Chevy/GMC Silverado/Sierra 2500/3500HDFits 2002-2018, 2019-21 Classic Dodge Ram 1500, 2003-21 2500/3500
Warranty5-year warranty3 Years
Water resistanceDraining plastic tubesIntegrated water drainage rails
InstallationNo-Drill InstallationBolt-on clamps & No drilling is necessary
SealEPDM rubber sealsEPDM rubber seals
OperationAutomatic latching systemAutomatic latching system

Bakflip Fibermax vs Undercover Flex Tonneau Covers: Differences that matters

It’s time to get in details. You already know some of the most prominent differences. Let me tell you how they can make a difference in your truck.

Materials Look/Finish

This is the factor that matters the most. And sometimes the preference depends on it alone.

Undercover Armor Flex is constructed of Aluminum Panels. These panels are both durable and lightweight at the same time. You will find them covered with Line-X Matte Black Finish. 

With Line-X finish, you can protect the panels from harsh elements with tough, durable coatings. Your truck will look more stylish and low-profile with the cover. This will also protect your truck bed and cargo from any kind of heavy impact and damage.

On the other hand, Fibermax covers are made of heavy-duty aluminum panels covered in high-gloss FRP (Fiberglass Reinforced Polymer). You can forget about any scratches or dents with this material.

Also, the glossy black appearance of this material makes it look great in the sun on a bright day. With its FRP surface, the surface won’t be too hot to touch.

Safety Features

Bakflip Fibermax features a latch and hitch system you’ll love. You can keep your cargo safe with all these features on this tonneau cover.

The FiberMax cover has a durable aluminum substructure, robust hinges, and a patented slam latch system. You can operate it from either side of the truck with its sleek, contemporary design.

On the other hand, Undercover Flex Tonneau Covers are featured with Dual Action Tailgate Seal. This seal allows you to close and open the cover even with the tailgate locked. 

The action and operation are way simpler. 

Water resistance

No one wants to see a puddle in their truck bed and their stuff wet and damaged. The fully waterproof tonneau cover is a myth, but a tonneau can be amazingly water-resistant. 

Keeping that in mind, these covers are equipped with EPDM rubber seals. This seal resists water from entering the cover. But in heavy rain or snow, a few drops may enter the cover through these seals. 

For that, Undercover Armor Flex comes with Draining plastic tubes. These drainage tubes sit on the cover rails and drain any water that might have leaked through the seals. In any case, there’s no chance of creating a puddle.

On the other hand, Fibermax comes with Integrated water drainage rails. It is more effective to drain water with these drainage rails. With these integrated drainage systems, water is channeled away from your bed and covered, so there will be no puddles on your bed.

Weight Capacity

This is the game-changing feature when comparing two great tonneau covers.

BAKFlip Fibermax is capable of carrying evenly distributed 300lbs of weight. It is one of the favorite choices of professional truck owners. They can easily carry their stuff on the cover if necessary.

Professional mountain bikers can carry their bikes on the cover if wanted. As mountain bikes are super lightweight, you can carry multiple bikes on them. You can also carry your professional tools on the cover if evenly distributed.

On the other hand, Undercover Flex has a weight capacity of 400lbs. A 100lbs more weight capacity may not seem like a lot. But the preference based on this small difference can change entirely.

For professionals who always have to carry their heavy stuff and are always in a hurry, this is the perfect tonneau for them. Moreover, if you don’t want your truck bed to get dirty by carrying them on it, Flex is the best choice.

Price Range & Warranty

This factor is the second decision-making factor you will face while comparing Bakflip Fibermax Vs Undercover Flex Tonneau Covers. Because budget and value for money are extremely important when choosing a tonneau.

If you want to go for  Bakflip Fibermax, this tonneau may cost around $1000. Along with this, you will get a 3-years warranty. As it is a product of Bakflip, you will also get hassle-free after-sale services.

For extended warranty time, Undercover Flex is a perfect choice. It comes with a 5-year warranty. However, it might cost you around $1200.

But keep an essential factor in mind-actually three.

  • The cost can vary due to some situations. It can vary from website to website. You may find a price stated on website A, which may seem different on website B.
  • The cost can also vary from shop to shop. You might get the best price if you get your tonneau from an official dealer. But if you are getting it from a local auto shop, you could get a sale offered by luck. Otherwise, these shops might put a higher price tag than the dealerships.
  • Last but not least, the weather conditions or season. Because of the weather or season, the demand for covers may rise as well as the price. 


Based on compatibility, you should make your decision.

If you own a  2020 – 2023 Chevy or GMC Silverado or Sierra 2500/3500HD truck, then Undercover Flex Tonneau Cover will be the best choice.

But if you want to go for Bakflip Fibermax, you have to have a 2002-2018, 2019-21 Classic Dodge Ram 1500, or 2003-21 2500/3500 truck.

Now it’s up to you for which truck you want to choose a tonneau for. 

Bakflip Fibermax Vs Undercover Flex Tonneau Covers: Just a Few Similarities

There are just a few similarities between Bakflip Fibermax & Undercover Flex Tonneau Covers. 

Take the installation, for instance. Both covers have no drill bolt but are on clamp installation. You will need just a few simple tools to get it installed. 

Another similar feature you may notice is the latching system. When you close the cover, the panels will automatically latch. It saves time and you from extra hassle. 

And as we already mentioned, the EPDM seals are featured on both covers. These seals amazingly resist water.

Bakflip Fibermax Vs Undercover Flex Tonneau Covers: Which is a better tonneau cover?

Some of you must have chosen the desired cover based on the elaboration described in the article.

Yet, if you are having problems making a decision, let’s have simpler and briefer details that might help. 

If you consider the material, both covers have aluminum panels. But Bakflip Fibermax is equipped with Heavy-duty aluminum panels covered in high-gloss FRP (Fiberglass Reinforced Polymer). And the Undercover Flex features Aluminum Panels with Line-X Matte Black Finish.

An important consideration is the weight capacity. The Bakflip Fibermax is capable of withstanding 300lbs & Undercover Flex can carry up to 400lbs of distributed weight. 

This extra weight capacity may cost you around 200 dollars more if you choose Undercover Flex than Bakflip Fibermax

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It is our brain that always looks for contrasts, differences, and the odds. But sometimes, it gets hard to determine the difference. It is also common while comparing two tonneaus.

I hope this guide has helped you, and I have tried to elaborate on all the differences that matter.

Best of luck!!

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