Bak Revolver X4S  Vs. Gator HR1

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As a truck owner, I know how important it is to have a truck bed cover. It keeps all my stored stuff safe and doesn’t allow elements to harm the finish of my truck bed. There are vast options, but we will discuss the best in the marketplace today.

While looking for the market’s most reliable and popular options, I stuck between two models. And after a few intense reviews, I put up a scenario to decide which one is the best among Bak Revolver X4S vs Gator HR1.

The Bak Revolver X4S  is more famous for its overall performance, rough use, and long-term warranty. The Gator HR1 provides better quality, a low price, and improved weather resistance. You can use the latter for older Ford trucks, whereas the Bak goes with the 2021 and newer models.

But only these few lines won’t help you to understand which cover will suit your truck bed the best. Hence, keep reading the entire article to closely examine both covers’ offerings.

 Bak Revolver X4S  vs. Gator HR1

The first noticeable difference between the two, is their patterns. While the Bak Revolver X4S  comes with a matte finish, Gator HR1 has a grainy look. Hence, they look different even if the colors are the same.

Also, the Bak Revolver X4S  is not weather resistant. But it’s designed in a way that it can stop dust and rain mostly from going inside and harming things.

However, the Gator HR1 offers weather resistance, for which we can assure you of no harm from the heaviest rains and winds. Another big difference is that the Bak Revolver X4S  is made of sturdy vinyl, but the Gator HR1 is made of leather and durable vinyl.

FactorBak Revolver X4S Gator HR1
MaterialsSturdy Vinyl and AluminiumLeather, Vinyl, and Aluminum
Look/FinishMatte FinishGrainy Finish
Safety FeaturesTheft PreventionTheft Prevention
Installation5-6 minutes5-6 minutes
Weight CapacityUp to 400 lbsUp to 400 lbs
Compatibility2021 – 2022 Ford F-1502015-2019 Ford F150
WarrantyFive yearsThree years
After-sales ServicesAvailableAvailable

Bak Revolver X4S  Vs. Gator HR1: Quick Comparison 

I compared the Bak Revolver X4S  and Gator HR1 well and have explained various factors which will help you understand which tonneau cover is better for your truck. So, let’s jump to his review of both the caps.


Bak Revolver X4S 

The Bak Revolver X4S  is made of vinyl and aluminum. These two materials combined made the cover super strong. While vinyl will strengthen the body, provide weather protection and make the product simple to keep clean, aluminum makes the product flexible and feathery.

Gator HR1

Gator is made using three different materials: vinyl, leather, and aluminum. It means it will provide you benefits like the previously mentioned product. It will provide further advantages like keeping the cover tear, puncture, and scratch-free since it also has leather.

Comparing the materials, I can say Gator HR1 is better than Bak Revolver X4S  as it is made combining three superior materials aluminum, vinyl, and leather. Although both covers will stay durable and undamaged for an extended period, Gator HR1 will not wear out before the Bak Revolver X4S.

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Bak Revolver X4S 

This particular product has a matte finish and is coated with industry-quality powder-coated paint. It’s a reliable painting material that can last for years, safeguard the product from harm in extreme weather conditions, and is eco-friendly.

 Gator HR1 

The Gator HR1 also has a matte finish and powder-coated paint. Hence, it will provide the same benefits as the Bak industry’s Revolver X4S finish.

 In this case, both will give the same service of keeping your truck cover looking good as new for an extended period.

 Safety Features

Bak Revolver HR1

The locking and opening mechanism ensures the cover will prevent theft, and your cargo will be safe.

When the cover is locked with the tailgate, no one can steal items since it is impossible to cut them using standard theft weapons like a sharpened knife, thanks to the aluminum metal slats.

 It’s secured because one can access the truck bed only after opening the tailgate.

 Gator HR1 

The locking and opening mechanism of Gator HR1 is the same as its rival Bak Revolver X4S.

Comparing the safety features of both Bak Revolver X4S  and the Gator HR1 are considered the best options to me.


Bak Revolver X4S 

The installation procedure of X4S is too effortless. You don’t have to have any experience or professional tools to install it on your truck bed. It also doesn’t require hassling jobs like drilling. 

All the required accessories will be provided, and a few you will get at your garage, like Allen, screwdriver, etc. To tighten the knobs, you can use your hands instead of any fancy tool.

Gator HR1 

There is no significant difference in the installation process of these two covers. So, installing this specific cover is as easy as the first product we discussed earlier.

 If you prefer installing covers that require no effort, then both Bak Revolver X4S  and Gator HR1 are great.

Weight Capacity

Bak Revolver X4S  

You can rely upon the Bak Revolver X4S  to keep some heavyweight cargo on it and travel safely.

It can bear the weight of your stuff up to 400 pounds. The metal part of the body will ensure the cover doesn’t get broken while carrying things worth 300-400 lb.

Gator HR1

Gator HR1 can also bear 400 pounds worth of cargo on top of it. It also has metal slats that ensure both stored things over the blanket and the cover itself will not break if you drive carefully. 

400 lb weight capacity is enormous! Hence, you can put kayaks and other heavy materials on both truck blankets.

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Bak Revolver X4S 

You can get the Bak Revolver X4S  from Amazon for 1,159.88 dollars.

Gator HR1 

Buying this tonneau cover can cost you 949 dollars on Amazon. 

My opinion on this is that if your budget is a little low yet you need to get a high-quality and well-performing tonneau cover, Gator HR1 is what you need. On the other hand, purchasing the Bak Revolver X4S  is wiser, adding some dollars because it can perform excellently in the long run.


Bak Revolver X4S  

This cover is perfect for 2021 – 2022 Ford F-150  trucks.

Gator HR1

If you are a 2015-2019 Ford F150 user, this truck blanket will suit your vehicle the best.

Depending on which truck model you own and the cover’s compatibility, both are considered the best to me.


Bak Revolver X4S  

You will get a five-year warranty with this truck bed cover.

Gator HR1 

It offers you a warranty for three years. 

It is visible; I and anyone would say the truck cover with the most year guarantee is the best, meaning the Bak Revolver X4S.

After-sales Services

Bak Revolver X4S  

Bak will back you up with their customer service whenever you need it. They ensure you, and I get the outstanding experience of their after-sales service.

Gator HR1 

Gator HR1 also promises to provide elite-class customer support.

Both are best regarding after-sales service.

Which One Is Better For You: Bak Revolver X4S  or Gator HR1

After looking at the factors and comparing them, I can say both covers are good. Although if you ask me personally, I would say the Bak Revolver X4S  over Gator HR1 is for daily use because it is not only made with premium quality but also constructed well. 

I got the same review from most users of the Bak Revolver X4S. They say it allows you to distribute things on top of it evenly and feels soft but is super durable. 

I would also say the Gator HR1 is better than Bak Revolver X4S  regarding its superior protective attribute. While Bak will give up soon if it’s overused under extreme weather conditions, Gator will not as it is made of three premium materials.

If you want an ultimate shield for your truck, then I think Gator HR1 is the best section.

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Is the Bak Revolver X4S  secure?

Bak Revolver is a secure tonneau cover because it’s impossible to get access inside the truck bed if one can’t open the tailgate. It’s tightly locked with the tailgate when the latch is closed. Moreover, cutting through the cover is impossible with theft weapons like knives. Without the owner, it’s pretty impossible to get access through it.

Is the Gator HR1 suitable for all types of trucks?

The Gator HR1 is specifically made for some models, including the 2015-2019 Ford F150. Except for these models, the Gator HR1 will not perform well for other trucks.

Is Bak Revolver X4S  durable?

The Bak Revolver X4S  tonneau cover is excellent at durability. It is so sturdy that it can bear up to 400 lb of weight and is made with solid materials like aluminum slats and vinyl.

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Gator HR1 and Bak Revolver X4S  are two outstanding covers for your truck bed. But without the Bak Revolver X4S  vs. Gator HR1 comparison, you would not understand which one to purchase.

Both the covers have many similarities, yet you can understand which one is better for your model truck. If you are looking for my recommendation, I would get the back revolver x4s for fewer disappointments and choose Gator HR1 as you can clean it easily and provide high-quality service.

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