How To Remove Oil Stains From Truck BedLiner: Don’t Let Dad Know!

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How To Remove Oil Stains From Truck BedLiner? I always carry extra oil containers on my truck bed – well, it’s a great help while on the road for a long. However, one container spilled, which I didn’t check earlier. Now, I ended up with a stinky oil-stained bed liner.

Does the affair sound familiar – well, oil spilling on the truck bed liner is common. Cleaning the spilled oil is not that tough, but removing the stains is a hell of a job! Just imagine removing ink from a white shirt – the terror is obvious.

That’s when you need to know how to remove oil stains from the truck bedliner in a simple yet sure way.

Degreaser is the most common and famous way to remove oil stains from a truck bed liner. But if you want something simpler and DIY, washing detergent or soap can help too. You can also use a vinegar wipe to clean the stain. Likewise, you can use alcohol, a great stain remover, to rub off the stain.

In my article, I will get you through the process of using these items and how you can remove stains from truck bed liners. So, let’s get started.

How To Remove Oil Stains From Truck BedLiner
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How To Remove Oil Stains From Truck BedLiner In 5 Ways?

Let’s straight get to know the processes.

Using A Degreaser

Degreasers are great for removing oil stains from almost any surface.

The chemicals react with the oil and break the bond sticking it with the surface.

All you need to do is apply enough degreaser on the oil spill and let the degreaser work. You will see the oil is unsticking within the next five minutes. Keep your scrubbing brush and a lot of clean water at the ready.

Just a small piece of advice – use water-based degreasers. They are great for stains.

How To Remove Oil Stains From Truck BedLiner? Washing detergents or soaps

If you want to remove the satins with what you have at home, washing detergent or washing liquid isn’t a bad idea either.

Washing liquids are basically designed for cutting through stubborn oil and stain. But unlike degreaser, you need to scrub it with a good amount of water.

Often, you may find the stain is still there. In that case, you may need to apply this method a few more times.

After you are satisfied with your wash, use a wipe or Mopar to get rid of excess water.

Using Vinegar

Speaking of what you can use from home, vinegar is also a great way to do this. Remember, vinegar is great for removing stains but not for removing stickiness. So you must use paper towels first to remove any excess oil.

Use a plastic scraper to scrap the stain from the bed liner. You can use a metal scraper, but I would say “don’t” – it might harm the bed liner. Use about 100ml of vinegar and a soft cloth to wipe the oil off.

Rubbing Alcohol

Rubbing alcohol is also an excellent solution for removing oil stains from almost any hard surface. You will need a sponge as a helper.

Soak the alcohol in a sponge and start rubbing it on the stain. But it will take more time than any other substances I mentioned.

However, after ribbing for a while, you will see the oil stains start to disappear slowly. Don’t hesitate if you have to use a bit more alcohol if needed.

In addition, make sure to use a new sponge; otherwise, it may scratch the surface.

Taking It To A Car Wash

Car wash is a great way to clean the truck bed. The washing chemicals are great for any oil spill and stain. Also, the car wash brushes clean off stains like a pro. Just remember – don’t use industry wax, as it may leave white stains on the bed.

If you ask me, a manual wash is more effective. The cost of a car wash might make you hesitate, but it will clean off the stains like none.

How To Remove Oil Stains From Truck BedLiner: Precaution To Take While Removing Oil Stains From Truck Bed Liners

Cleaning oil stains from truck bed liners is not that challenging if you know the methods correctly. But if you do it harshly, there are possibilities that the bedliner may get harmed.

So, learn what precautions you need to do the task perfectly.

How To Remove Oil Stains From Truck BedLiner? Follow Manufacturer Instructions

Always choose your cleaning solution based on the bedliner material.

Using high-alkaline cleaners is never a good idea, as they are corrosive. So, follow the manufacturer’s instructions while using a cleaning solution.

In the case of high-alkaline cleaners, wear skin and eye protection while using them. In addition, store them in well-ventilated spaces.

Be Aware Of Washing Brush.

If you have decided to wash the bed liner in a car wash, be careful about the washing brush.

The brush cleans well, but you might often find scratches on the cab body. Besides, the wax they use might only sometimes be good for your cab and bed.

Be Aware Of Fire

While you use rubbing alcohol for cleaning stains, do not bring any fire near the bed liner. Alcohol is more prone to be caught on fire easily.

Do Not Use High-Pressure Water

When you use a pressure washer; the water will flow more quickly through your hose.

For truck undercarriages and engines, it’s perfect. But for the bed of your truck, the pressurized water may damage the paint. Furthermore, it’s also possible to push the paint particles away from the truck bed.

Instead, spray water at a normal pace, like water from your garden hose pipe.

How To Remove Oil Stains From Truck BedLiner: A Few Best Degreasers/Oil removers

If you don’t know what degreaser to use to remove the oil stains from the bed liners, here are some suggestions.

Degreaser/Oil removerFunctionalities
Oil Eater OriginalIt quickly dissolves grease, oil, and grime on engines, power equipment, tools, concrete, asphalt, floor mats, and even upholstery.It is biodegradable, non-flammable, and contains no acids, abrasives, or petroleum solvents. It penetrates rapidly, rinses off easily, leaves no residue, and will not harm the skin.
CLR Multi-Surface Degreaser SprayQuickly cut through dirt, calcium, lime, hard water deposits, and soap scum. Cleans surfaces including ceramic tile, shower doors, sinks, bathtubs, white grout & caulk, toilet bowls, fiberglass, and kitchen countertops. Will not remove rust; do not use vinyl, marble, mirrors, plastic laminates, wood, fabrics, painted surfaces, colored grout, or wall coverings.
Incredible! Stain RemoverGood to remove-pet stainsblood stainsCosmeticsCoffeeFoodWineGreasetea stains
RMR-86 Instant Mold and Mildew Stain Remover SprayGet Rid Of Stubborn Mold And Mildew StainsRemove Unwanted OdorsFast-Acting SprayNo Scrubbing NeededSafe To Use On Multiple Surfaces
OxiClean Versatile Stain Remover Powder.Removes Tough Stains in LaundryFreshens Trash CansCleans Patio FurnitureLifts Carpet Stains.

FAQs: How To Remove Oil Stains From Truck BedLiner

What’s the point of washing wheels first?

Since they’re usually the dirtiest part of your car, you’ll want to wash them before painting thoroughly. You’ll splash dirt & brake dust back on the clean paint if you wait to clean them until the end. It means you might have to wash and clean all over again! 

Is OxiClean safe to use?

The manufacturer says OxiClean shouldn’t be used on wool, wool blends, silk, silk blends, leather, or dry-clean-only fabrics. If you want to use it on a truck bed liner, ensure it does not have these materials.

What’s the most effective way to clean truck bed liners?

Cleaning dirt and debris with soap, water, and a stiff brush is easy and effective. Under 1000 psi, ensure the pressure washer is sprayed in a wide fan pattern. You may use LINE-X in a car wash without any safety concerns. In addition, remember to clean up any chemical spills immediately.

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Conclusion: How To Remove Oil Stains From Truck BedLiner

Oil stain is not only a nasty thing, but also it may cause harm both for you and your cargo. Unconsciously you could slip over it. As well, your cargo can get stains from it.

So, it’s crucial to know how to remove oil stains from truck bed liners in the correct way.

You can remove the stains using 5 methods – choose the one that suits you best. All the methods work great on hard surfaces; they will also work on your truck bed liner. Just follow the instructions correctly and get rid of the stinky stains.

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