Ford Tonneau Cover vs Aftermarket [The Money Spending Gamble!]

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A deep exploration of various truck cover markets would let your options flow in many directions. You should be avoiding any clouding up of ideas with some right and clear facts. The best outcomes come when you compare the most impactful features. 

So let’s try the way while comparing ford tonneau cover vs aftermarket

Ford Tonneau covers come with better materials, higher security features, and more effective weather resistance than aftermarket. The ford cover also enhances fuel efficiency with better gas mileage efficiency. The aftermarket covers, in the contrary, is a cost-friendly alternative.

I know you are looking for more details. Ok, let’s move there. But wait, I would recommend looking at the quick differences first. 

Ford Tonneau Cover vs Aftermarket [Quick Comparison!]

FeaturesFord Tonneau CoverAftermarket
Materials UsedSoft vinyl-covered aluminum slatsMostly polycarbonate
SecuritySingle to Dual rail integrated lock pointBasic Integrated locking system
Weather ResistanceYesNo
Gas MileageImproves with efficiencyModerate 
Price Ranges$390 – $2250$150 – $1200

In the quality vs quantity comparison, Ford Tonneau covers lean towards quality. The aftermarket covers are diverse in the product range. You will find numerous models of aftermath covers in the market.

This does not reflect any difference when the ideal Ford Tonneau covers are there. This is for maximum benefits, something we will explore more in the later sections. 

Ford Tonneau Cover vs Aftermarket [In-Depth Comparison!]

The ford tonneau covers are known for implementing quality production scenarios. Certainly, it is evident the good name of the Ford brand cannot be negotiated. This is the reason why buying from the main brand producer is a recommended deal.

However, many people do choose to acquire aftermarket products. This is for some simple reasons including budget-friendly approaches.

Let us go further into exploring some key comparison points.

Materials Used

Aftermarket covers do experiment with varieties when it comes to constructed materials. For example, the synthesis of outward shiny fiberglass and hard plastics cannot be avoided. 

Mostly, polycarbonate materials improve the overall texture of the cover products. Something, the aftermarket dealers would talk about. 

Moving toward the Ford Tonneau cover, the aluminum slats outlining are quite fancy. Some of the covers do have polycarbonate constructions. If you want to defy the comparison of quality, the Ford Tonneau covers should have the upper hand. 

They look gorgeous too and just a little inspection will make you feel good. This is in terms of the guarantee the products offer.


As inspected earlier, the mode of guarantee involves security issues. Which covers will give you the most security? The aftermarket does not do badly, but a few factors make them lean backward.

The ford covers integrate a single-point to the dual-point locking system. This keeps the bad guys with not-so-pure intentions away.

The aftermarket security guarantee is quite basic. It has been mostly reviewed to lose its function after a certain while. This is where you will be conflicting with the padlocks system which is highly inefficient. 

Weather Resistance

Weather resistance is a very important factor, something which goes in many directions. On a certain day, you would want the cover to deal with extreme heat. On the other days, it may have to deal with massive down poring.

In a realistic scenario, both types of cover varieties don’t get impacted much. This is in terms of resistance toward fluctuations of external temperatures. 

The main question is if the covers are good enough for holding the goods inside. Long hours of driving may make you endure strong winds. Are the cover holding on enough? 

The answer is simple, which involves popular reviews.

Many users said that they have found the cargo drenched in water, mostly with aftermarket covers. Not a good deal, if you have pricey stuff inside. A break or tears may just happen.

This is when the quality and heaviness of the Ford Tonneau come in. They do a fabulously good job at absorbing such wind pressures and preventing any water penetration. 

Gas Mileage

To discover the gas mileage efficiency, the compatibility function flares in. This is to indicate that you have a Ford truck, why use an aftermarket product then? The ford cover designs are implemented to support the truck’s mileage efficiency. 

Maybe, if you are running a truck from a different brand, your country aftermarket.

However, the Ford covers are loaded with aerodynamic designs. For this reason, the bed is going to be less impacted by air drag. 

This simply improves the gas mileage by 5 to 10%.

Furthermore, many ford cover products are designed for wider angled compatibility. They are compatible with truck brands such as Nissan, Toyota, Chevrolet, and Dodge RAM.


The construction of the heavy Ford Tonneau cover products is heavy. They are also smoothly flexible. This directs a straight relationship with durability.

Ford cover varieties last longer than the aftermarket covers. They are also easy to maintain due to the smoothness on the surface.

If you have spent more on quality, you would be asking for a longer life span. You would also be asking for lesser headaches in the maintenance department.

This is something Ford covers promises with utmost efficiency. 


Price Ranges

The price variations in accordance with product features vary mildly for Ford covers. It usually reaches a level where finding the most cost-friendly approaches becomes difficult. In such a concern, a lot of people look for a low-price option.

This is how the aftermarket products are floating around in the market. The marketing ensemble gambles around a few specific benefits for the users. Many aftermarket products are quite low in price, it can just bring about more customers. 

The ford covers do not die out with this due to a very important reason. This is when we go towards the next segment. 

Value for Money

A cost-friendly choice may not be a good value for money indication. At some point, value for money may not just involve any money at all. 

Your happiness levels cannot be measured with quantified numbers. When you are feeling good about a good quality product, the low-priced endeavors lose out. 

As mentioned previously, there is a real demand concerning the case of gas mileage efficiency with Ford covers. It does not matter if you are spending more.

In addition, you may feel more secure and also find a few things easier to do. For example, you are worry-free with loading and unloading items. 

The low-cost option, aka aftermath may just filter out such scenarios.

Which One to Choose: Ford Tonneau Cover or Aftermarket?

An essential fact to notice is that aftermarket products do not compete. This is what the top brands do and so they offer the best experiences.

All throughout, the discussion has favored Ford Tonneau covers the most. And so, it can be easily suggested that you choose the ford covers. 

We cannot stress the fact of how satisfied you are going to be with these products. 

Important Features

There are a few factors that do not differentiate any cover varieties. At the end of it all, a few good features of the back truck cover are pointed out.

This is to ascertain how good quality covers help you in the longer run:

  • Easy to roll-up features with high-end coverage
  • Strong concealment.
  • Ford covers have proved to assist more with cargo sensitivity. This also includes the ability to react positively to uphold important and confidential files. 
  • The soft vinyl constructions are more favorable concerning the Ford brand
  • The Portability features of Aftermarket covers are there in the low-cost option. The only benefit you can endure. 

In the race of winning the hearts of consumers, the Ford tonneau covers should stand tall. This is purely due to the reasons applied all over this platform. 


What is the most secure type of tonneau cover?

The cover that provides the most secure function is the one-piece painted item. The anti-theft lock design is constructed with the tailgate overlapping position. The upright position unlock system is there only to help the owner. 

Does the vinyl provide the most value for money?

The vinyl covers promoted by Ford Tonneau are quite excellent. It provides the best value for money lasting long alongside an elegant look. The best gas mileage efficiency can be achieved here.

What is the difference between a hard and a soft cover?

Hardcovers provide maximum security features and can be easily maintained as well. Soft covers are also easy to maintain and also much easier to roll. However, for better security, hardcovers are better.


There are some outlays that carry good points for any type of truck back cover. On a contrary, you would be benefited as a consumer when you are wise. This should directly reflect your wants and needs supported by how you are spending. 

We sincerely hope that this article has provided the right insights. This is to assist you in making the perfect buying choice. 

Do surround yourself with expert opinions all around. Hope you are the best version of yourself, each day.

It is time to go, bye for now!

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