Bakflip MX4 vs Undercover Armor Flex: Features that make the differences

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While looking for a tonneau cover for your truck, the most irritating situation you face is the similarities between two of the best tonneau covers. And if I am not wrong, you are facing the same issue with MX4 and Undercover Armor Flex.

Line-X Matte Black Finish makes the Flex more unique than any other tonneau in the market. LINE-X, made of pure polyurea, provides strength and flexibility to maximize toughness.

I will give you a closer and more detailed look at the features. And there are many differences based on which you can choose which one is better Bakflip MX4 vs Undercover Armor Flex.

The MX4 is compatible with the 2015 – 2020 Ford F-150, but Armor Flex is compatible with the 2020 – 2023 Chevy, GMC, Silverado, and Sierra. The MX4 features a matte black powder coat finish, but the Flex features Line-X Matte Black Finish. Both have aluminum panels and feature a Dual Action Tailgate Seal.

Let’s concentrate on these differences and find out which will protect your truck bed better.

Bakflip MX4 Vs Undercover Armor Flex: Quick Look At The Features

Let’s glance at the features. It’s not to choose a winner, not right now. It will give you an idea of what you want on the covers.

Bakflip MX4

Bakflip MX4: features at a glance

  • Bakflip MX4 features Complete matte black powder coat finish with High-Density Foam Core
  • The material gives it a Sleek and No-Profile Design
  • It is equipped with an Automatic Latching Panels and Dual-Action Tailgate Seal
  • Has an Easy Clamping and No Drill Installation
  • Comes with a weight capacity of 400 lbs
  • Compatible with Fits 2015 – 2020 Ford F-150
  • Comes with 5-years warranty
Undercover Armor Flex

Undercover Armor Flex: features at a glance

  • Armor Flex features Aluminum Panels with Line-X Matte Black Finish
  • The material provides a Stylish Matte Black Low-Profile Appearance
  • Features a Dual Action Tailgate Seal
  • Comes with No-Drill Installation
  • Can withstand up to 400 pounds
  • Costs Around $1200
  • Compatible with  2020 – 2023 Chevy/GMC Silverado/Sierra 2500/3500HD
  • Has a 5-year warranty

Feature Table

FactorBakflip MX4Undercover Armor Flex
MaterialsComplete matte black powder coat finish with High-Density Foam CoreAluminum Panels with Line-X Matte Black Finish
Look/FinishLow-ProfileStylish Matte Black Low-Profile Appearance
Safety FeaturesDual-Action Tailgate SealDual Action Tailgate Seal
InstallationInstallations without drillingNo-Drill Installation
Weight Capacity400 lbs400 pounds
Price RangeAround $1200Around $1200
CompatibilityFits 2015 – 2020 Ford F-150Fits 2020 – 2023 Chevy/GMC Silverado/Sierra 2500/3500HD
Warranty5-year warranty5-year warranty

Bakflip MX4 Vs Undercover Armor Flex: Know The Features

As you have a better idea about the features now, it will be easier for me to explain them to you. 

Materials Look/Finish

As a truck owner, the first thing you must be looking for in a tonneau cover is the materials it is constructed with and the look it will provide to your truck. In that case, there are two similarities. 

The construction panels are made of heavy-duty aluminum. And the appearance. Both tonneaus give your truck a Stylish Matte Black Low-Profile Appearance on the road. 

At this point, you might ask, where is any difference then? 

The MX4’s panels are covered with a Complete matte black powder coat. This material is so durable that the panels will not get any dents or scratches from heavy hail storms. It is scratch, UV, weather, and thief resistant as well. Someone would need a blowtorch to get to your cargo. 

On the other hand, Undercover Armor Flex’s panels are covered with Line-X Matte Black Finish. These LINE-X coatings create an impenetrable barrier between valuable equipment and nature’s harshest elements.

This means the cover will protect your cargo with advanced protection from dents and scuffs. 

Advanced material means advanced features, and both tonneaus share similar advanced features. For example,

Weight Capacity

The MX4 has a High-Density Foam Core, which provides your cover a weight capacity of 400lb. The Undercover Armor Flex is also featured with a 400lbs weight capacity. 

These tonneaus are preferable to pros like HVACs, Construction Personals, and even professional off-road racers. They can carry their light off-road vehicles on the cover if they want. 

Water Resistance

Both of these tonneaus are equipped with EPDM rubber seals. This rubber seal provides superior resistance to water and keeps your truck bed dry even in heavy rain, snow, and hail. It is true; there are no fully waterproof tonneau covers

Just like that, Bakflip MX4 and Undercover Armor Flex are not fully waterproof. During extremely heavy rain, few drops might get through the seal. 

But these covers are prepared for that as well. There are draining plastic tubes in the clamping rail which drain the water out. There is no chance of creating a puddle in the bed anyhow.

Dual-Action Tailgate Seal

Another excellent build quality that these tonneau covers have. Whether your tailgate is locked or unlocked, the cover can be shut. Thanks to the automatic latching system, which works automatically on closing the cover.

Bed Access

Another amazing feature of these tonneaus is bed access. Both covers have the advantage of allowing access to the entire bed without removing the cover. 

You will need to fold the cover, panel by panel, to the front of the bed and secure it in an upright position using the prop rods. You can drive the truck safely at highway speeds with the cover in this position.


Truck owners like you are most worried about the compatibility of a tonneau cover. In that case, Bakflip MX4 is appropriate for any 2015 – 2020 Ford F-150.

Undercover Armor Flex is a few steps ahead in the category of compatibility category. This tonneau is remarkably compatible with 2020 – 2023 Chevy, GMC, Silverado, and Sierra.

So if you are a proud owner of these trucks, Flex and MX4 are great choices.

Warranty & Price Range

It is no use if there is no after-sale service in case of any manufacturer defect.

Keeping that in mind, both MX4 and Flex have a 5-year, hassle-free warranty. You can have any services if you find any manufacturer defect with your covers.

But what about the price? Both of these covers’ price range starts from around $1200. You can also call them tonneau covers under fifteen hundred dollars.

Of course, you must remember that the price goes up and down according to the game, hunting, and weather season. The website or shop also matters because they fix their price according to their marketing strategy and company procedure.


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Bakflip MX4 vs Undercover Armor Flex: Want to choose the better one?

It always gets confusing when the two tonneau covers you are comparing have almost everything the same in features. But you must think and look out of the box, just like I did. In that way, it gets easier to choose.

Let me show you how;

As you have gone through my article, you already know that these tonneau covers have similar features in Appearance, Safety Features, Installation, Weight Capacity, and Price Range categories.

So you have to find the difference in the material category. Both are constructed with heavy-duty aluminum panels, but the MX4 features a Complete matte black powder coat finish with High-Density Foam Core.

On the other hand, with Armor flex, you will have Matte Black Line-X spray-on material. This coating is so durable even the heaviest hail storm won’t be able to leave a dent.

Additionally, the MX4 is compatible only with the 2015 – 2020 Ford F-150, but the Armor Flex is compatible with the 2020 – 2023 Chevy/GMC Silverado/Sierra 2500/3500HD.

Now you have to decide your preferences. If you have different truck models and want to spend only on one or two tonneau covers, consider Undercover Armor Flex as the winner.


Does weight capacity make any difference?

Well, of course, it does. Based on weight capacity, you can decide whether you want to use the cover for professional or recreational purposes. Covers with higher weight capacity are preferable to professionals.

Do car wash damage tonneau covers?

It is recommended that you must remove your tonneau before going through a car wash. The spinning brush is very harmful to the material that covers the tonneau. But if you are confident about keeping it on while washing, it’s okay.

Does a tonneau save your cargo from getting wet?

It depends on which cover you are using. Hard tonneaus like Bakflip MX4 or Undercover Armor Flex have EPDM seals to resist water. Even if water gets in, draining tubes are featured on the clamping rails to keep the water out.

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I know it is hard to choose a perfect tonneau for a truck bed, and it gets more challenging when you can not decide between two of the same featured tonneau.

But I hope my article has helped you a lot as I have entirely focused on the difference that will help you to choose the best between these two fantastic tonneau covers.

Best of luck!!

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