What Will Diesel Fuel Do To A Bedliner [2022 Updates]

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Bedliners are one of the most desirable accessories for truck owners for protecting their truck bed and sometimes the whole cargo.

There is no limit to what you can carry on your truck bed. It can be from heavy tools, chemicals, trees, soils, and whatnot. Among these, chemicals and fuels are the most disturbing elements that can cause significant damage to your truck bed.

Have you ever noticed fuel like petrol or diesel damage your truck bed liner? Well, it does, and now you must wonder what diesel fuel will do to a bedliner.

It’s not easy to answer in short. So stay with me for all the details.

What Will Diesel Fuel Do To A Bedliner? 

Typically diesel won’t harm any type of bedliners in the short term. However, it can harm drop-in liners in the long run. Let me explain in detail.

Both drop-in and spray-in bedliner give complete safety from diesel fuel or patrol. However, drop-in bed liners can face more damage if in touch with diesel fuel for a long time. It’s because of the synthetic ingredients.

Plastics are diesel. Nevertheless, they will start to crack down after approximately six months.

This problem does not arise with spray-on bed liners. You can use them for years without worrying much until they get damaged by other sources.

Note: since diesel is flammable for safety concerns, be careful about spilling them out.

What Will Diesel Fuel Do To A Bedliner

How Does Diesel Fuel Act Differently On Bedliner According To The Types?

Chemically diesel is different than the other compounds that a truck typically carries. Thus, it will behave differently on flexible spray-on and durable drop-in liners. Because of their difference in chemical composition, diesel will behave differently on those surfaces.

Diesel Fuel On Drop-in Bed liner 

Drop-in bed liners are plastic sheets made with polyethylene composite. Because of its ruggedness, low cost, and easy availability, this bed liner is very popular.

As they are used in trucks or cargo, there is a chance of spilling diesel fuel on them, and you may get afraid if they cause any harm to the bed liner.

Diesel fuel or any other chemical does not cause any harm to the plastic drop-in bed liner. If you unwillingly or intentionally spill them, then nothing will happen to your bed liner as long as you clean them quickly.

But diesel can affect the plastic if they stay for too long, about six months or more.

Six months is considerable, but if you do not stay careful and your bed liner stays with some diesel drum, this can harm your bed liner.

Apart from this, one significant incident is that diesel and plastic are incredibly flammable. So, keeping both of them in contact can be very dangerous sometimes.

Diesel Fuel On Spray-in Bed liner

While spraying bed liners, you need to spend a lot of money. But every penny is worthy because of its highest safety nature.

This is another big reason people spray on bed liners over drop-in. Spray-on bed liners are beneficial in every aspect, and when it comes to any chemical solution, nothing can be better than them.

Spray-on bed liners are chemical and diesel fuel or petrol-resistant. This means nothing will happen if they spill the spray on the bed liner. If you put a gallon of diesel fuel on them, still nothing will happen.

However, do not try it because the price of diesel fuel is at its peak.

Does Bed liner Give Protection From Other Chemicals?

Does Bed liner Give Protection From Other Chemicals

Diesel fuel and drop-in and spray-on bedliners also protect the truck bed from almost any chemical.

However, some highly acidic or toxic chemicals may damage the drop-in plastic bed liner and sometimes the spray-on bed liner as they are made with polyurethane or polyurea.

All you need to do is be careful while carrying any chemical or liquid. If you have a bed liner, you will not need to get extra tensed, but carefulness can prevent any unwanted damage.

Since drop-in bed liner is of plastic, try not to use flammable things or fire beside them. This is only for safety concerns.

How Bedliner Protect From Other Damages?

Bedliners are used for their high ability to protect trucks or truck beds. Unlike diesel fuel or oil, bed liners are also the boss to give the highest safety.

Here is some point we are highlighting, so you do not need to take extra stress.

  • Save the truck from engine oil containers, transmission fluid, gasoline, diesel fuel, or other chemicals unless they are highly toxic.
  • Prevent rust from damaging the truck parts, mostly the truck bed. Any chemical spill or moisture on vehicle parts can affect rust.
  • UV protection from getting the color fade away.
  • Water-proof, and for this, there is no chance moisture can cause rust to your truck.
  • They also protect from sudden rain.
  • It can easily be repaired if necessary.
  • Protects from dents or scratches. Your truck will stay new for a long time.
  • Some liners can bear the shock, so any unwanted vibration will not disturb you.

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Is Bedliner fuel resistant?

Bed liners are fuel resistant, especially spray-in bed liners are both fuel and chemical resistant. However, the drop-in bedliner is also fuel resistant. They can get damaged after a long time if they stay with oil or gasoline, fuel container and they spill and remain on them.

How long does the bedliner last?

Spray-on bed liners last for one or two years; after that, they start getting fadeaways or scratches, etc. Drop-in bed liner does not last long for a long time. They get rusted or torn apart after a few months or weeks.

Is bed liner flammable?

Drop-in bed liners are made with plastic material, and plastics are flammable. So, drop-in bed liners are flammable.

How do you get spilt diesel out of a truck bed? 

If diesel spills into your bed liner, let it absorb for some time, then wipe it with cotton material. If you are using a drop-in bed liner, you can also wash it.

Final Verdict

One of the most asked questions is, what will diesel fuel do to a bedliner? This is because about the bed liner, many do not have a clear idea about the bed liner—especially those who are not truck owners or newly bought trucks.

Bed liners are highly effective for protecting trucks. Both drop-in and spray-on bed liners ensure safety from chemicals.

However, spray-on bed liner offers some extra benefits and lasts longer than drop-in bed liner. 

Ultimately, we hope you get your answers correctly with our additional tips about other safety problems with bed liners so that you can be careful next time.

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